THIS JUST IN: Russell Crowe cast as Jor-El in Man of Steel

WHOA!! File this under bombshell news. This totally hit me out of left field! I’ve heard other rumors the past few months of other actors rumored to have been ‘courted’ to play Superman’s Kryptonian father, the likes of  Viggo Mortensen, Sean Penn and even Daniel Day-Lewis (which would be VERY cool indeed if that were true!).

But this afternoon I saw a tweet from FirstShowing’s Alex Billington that my fave Aussie actor RUSSELL CROWE has been cast as Jor-El! The news seems official according to the FirstShowing’s article, which quoted Variety that producer Christopher Nolan had always wanted an A-list thespian to fill that small but pivotal role.

Well, I had a half an hour to kill in between projects so I made this image in Photoshop as I imagined what he would look like as Jor-El. In the photo I found he kind of already has that hair curl thing going on 😀

Well, Mr. Crowe has big shoes to fill considering Marlon Brando was the last actor in that role, including in Superman Returns by way of special effects. It’s definitely a VERY interesting choice… I didn’t know what to think the first time I heard it but I’m warming up to the idea now. Both Brando and Crowe are acting legends who’ve won at least one Oscar and multiple major nominations under their belts. They’re both also known for their antics off-screen (most recently for Crowe, he was under fire for his Tweet about the practice of circumcision in which he’s issued his apology).

Connie Nielsen as Lucilla

Having Crowe in this definitely makes me anticipate this Zack Snyder flick all the more (if that is even possible!) He doesn’t look at all like Henry Cavill a.k.a Kal-El, but I’m sure that’s a non-issue w/ makeup technology these days. Oh as if one Gladiator alum is not enough, and apparently Connie Nielsen (whatever happened to her??) who played Lucilla in the Roman movie has also been offered the role of Lara, Superman’s mom (per Latino Review). I wonder if the Gladiator reunion is intentional? So I guess Maximus and Lucilla did get it on after all, huh? I wonder how bad ass our new Superman would be with a dad like that? 😀

Well, what do you think of this news? Are you even excited for Superman reboot?

30 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Russell Crowe cast as Jor-El in Man of Steel

  1. Ted S.

    You know I feel really old now, two former A-list leading men are playing father to a young Superman. I remember when Costner was the man in the 90s and then Crowe in 2000s. I’m curious as to how much screen these two will have in the film.

    That’s a cool trick the way you rendered the photo, you have to let me know how to do that in Photoshop.

    1. Ha..ha.. Ted, well I’m older than you so what are you saying? 😀 You’re right, it seems like Costner and Crowe were the young studs not too long ago, now they’re playing dads!! I hope Crowe will have a lot more screen time than Brando, as you said in your tweet.

      Oh you just have to google ‘how to change hair color in Photoshop CS4’ I clicked the first link that popped up. It’s actually pretty easy.

  2. Nice job Ruth! I like the idea of Maximus & Lucilla getting back together but i hope they don’t make Cavill look more like Crowe. There is no reason to tinker with either of their looks IMO 🙂

    1. Yeah, the idea of mixing two of my all-time fave characters — Maximus and Superman — in one movie just makes my head spins! Oh no, no need to make Henry look like Crowe, I mean it’s just not possible anyway and like you said, both look fine the way they are!

    1. Wow, I hardly think a role in superhero movie is beneath Crowe. I mean, the likes of Michael Caine obviously has no problem starring in 3 Batman films, and Geoffrey Rush is in those Pirates movies and also part of Green Lantern (voice only). You DON’T have to watch it, Sam, nobody is forcing you to 😀

      1. Eh, I kinda know what he means. I want to be able to dismiss this as just another Zack Snyder movie, but it’s getting harder and harder to do so.

        1. I think Sucker Punch makes people think Zack is a hack but I like Watchmen and 300 so I think he’s a good choice to do this, obviously Nolan thought so too. I have faith in the project… but we’ll see I guess.

    2. Whoa, now, nobody said anything about it being beneath Russell Crowe. I just said that I didn’t care about the Superman remake, but if Russell Crowe is in it, I will feel compelled to watch it, because he’s my favorite actor. Easy there.

  3. I am not completely sold on this re-imagining in spite of the cast that is assembled (sorry) … But this is a coup of sorts for the producers – well done them.

    I just think I have had my fill of comic-book adaptations. It is no longer a sure fire way for me to part with my dollar.

    1. I have a soft spot for Supes so I’m totally behind this project and VERY excited for it as a matter of fact. I do know what you mean about having my fill of comic-book adaptations, that’s why I’ll be skipping Green Lantern (and a bunch of others). But Batman and Superman are two of my fave superhero characters, so I’ll always be inclined to watch those. Fortunately the talents behind these two projects are first-rate.

  4. Mr Crowe I love. Before I lost lots of weight I was known as a FAT Russell Crowe, so I have a little connection to him, especially now I am on my way back up weight wise.

    I am still pretty nervous about how this is all going to turn out. I will keep my pinkies and my toes crossed for a good film!


    1. I can’t imagine you used to be a big guy, Custie, I mean you seem very slim in the photos I’ve seen of you. But kudos to you for losing the pounds, it’s not easy and it’s cruel for people to call you names!!

      He..he.. yes I’ll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed as well, Custard! Thanks for the positive comment.

  5. I generally have zero interest in the SUPERMAN character and films, but I’m also forced, as someone said above, to watch this one, since I worship Cavill, adore Amy Adams and love Snyder.
    Lane, Costner and Crowe never had any appeal to me, so I’m impassive about their roles.

  6. That’s probably worth a look just to see big rus with a grey wig (presumbaly). I can picture Russell as Jor-el actually. They got Brando for the original. So why not another ‘actor’ for the part.

    1. Exactly Ronan! I mean, if Brando was ok doing a Superman movie, then why should Russ have a problem with it? I think superhero movies are no longer some rinky-dink production these days.

  7. One thing is for sure, Snyder wants his cast to be star-studded! Crowe probably won’t have much screen time at all but it’s nice to see him pick up a small supporting role for once. As I said before, doesn’t matter what the cast is with a shaky director like Snyder at the helm.

    1. I beg to differ, Castor, I think the cast DO matter in this case. I think [hope] with Nolan’s involvement, this might be on par more with his Batman movies than Sucker Punch.

    1. Ted S.

      Let’s hope Snyder go easy on his slo-mo sequences (he’s still trying to imitate Peckinpah’s style), not cool to see Supe flying in slow motion. Funny enough Peckinpah was offer a chance to direct the original Superman film, always wonder how that film would’ve turned out had he directed it.

      1. Hey Ted, I had no idea Peckinpah had a chance to direct a Superman movie. Wow, I’m curious to see how that’d turn out too, probably an R-rated version??

        1. Ted S.

          Oh I’m sure Peckinpah somehow would want to make it into an R-rated film. He didn’t get the job because when he came in to meet with the producers, he brought a pistol with him. I think I mentioned that in my Past & Present directors article. Also, he and Brando would certainly clash on the set, both has huge ego and I’m sure Peckinpah won’t tolerate Brando’s antics on the sets.

    1. I don’t think I need anymore reason to go see this one but hey, the idea of Maximus as Supes dad is just, well, super cool! 😀

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