THIS JUST IN! The Adventures of Tintin Trailer

Y’all should know by now I’m a huge Tintin fan, I own pretty much every copy of the comics translated in my native language Indonesian and still read it from time to time even today! I even read one last night after seeing the newly-released posters! Suffice to say I’ve been watching this project pretty closely for a while and it’s also one of my highly-anticipated movies this year. You can read more detailed info about the film here and here,

So finally, we’ve got a glimpse of what Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s been working on the past decade!

Y’know, I gotta say I’m a bit worried about the ‘dead eyes’ look of the motion-capture animated 3D films like The Polar Express which creeped the heck out of me, but I think it doesn’t look too bad here. In fact, this trailer makes me excited even more! Of course I’m naturally inclined to like this one because Tintin is just such a huge part of my childhood, so there’s the nostalgia factor. Whether or not the entire movie works and do the comics justice remains to be seen obviously. Hergé’s work are also well-written and full of great characters going about in spectacular adventures, there’s ‘magic’ every time I dove into each comic and imagine Tintin, Snowy, Haddock, etc. come to live… and now I can actually see and hear them literally come to live on screen!

Oh, here are the two posters that was just released this past weekend? I think they’re pretty elegant looking and I love the blueish gold color scheme.

I realize people in the US probably aren’t as familiar (if at all, as my colleagues keep confusing Tintin with Rintintin!) so I’m really curious to see how this movie will do in the box office here come December. I’d think kids will enjoy this and the adults might be swayed by the names of the filmmakers involved, but it probably will be more of a hit in Europe and Asia.

So what do you all think of the trailer and/or posters? Are you a fan of Tintin comics?

19 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN! The Adventures of Tintin Trailer

  1. “adults might be swayed by the names of the filmmakers involved”

    Definitely! I don’t know… well, anything at all about Tintin. Or is it Tin Tin? I don’t even know how to spell it.

    But Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish is enough to get me to theaters. Or at worst, I’ll see it on DVD, but I will be seeing it.

    1. He..he.. it’s Tintin. No worries, at least you know who he is! 😀

      Don’t forget your favorite Nick Frost and his buddy Simon Pegg as the Thompson twins! I think the cast is awesome, but the biggest appeal to me is the comic characters themselves.

      1. Yep, that’s how I found out about it being made a few years back. I bought Simon Pegg on the Hollywood Stock Exchange and it was one of his upcoming movies.

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  3. Ted S.

    I’m not into these motion captured films but since I’m a big fan of Spielberg, I’ll probably check it out.

  4. hmmm I want to like it but I get so suspicious of trailers lately, always promising the earth and under delivering with the main film.

    We will have to wait and see.

    I am doing a big rant on trailers tomorrow Ruth you will have to come and check it out!!


    (I say that like you never do, but we both know you are the hardest working blogger on the planet)

    1. Hey Custie… so you’ve got time to blog and you spend it on… ranting? 🙂 Just kidding mate, I know what you mean, lots of trailers do promise us the moon, when in reality the films are below par (well except Thor in which case the movie is actually better than the trailer)

      I always pop over FRC dearest… I mean, what else is there to read about? 😀 Speaking of coming back, Ted and I are collaborating on a trilogy post… starting w/ a really good one from Ted (I’m not just sayin’ that ’cause he’s my guest blogger) 😀

  5. It really doesn’t show much at all. Thankfully, the animation looks good, unlike previous movies using the same CGI technology. Given that Tintin is basically unknown here in the US, they should have done a better job introducing the character and its world.

    1. I suppose, it’s a TEASER 🙂 Yes, I’m glad you feel the same way. It’s not as horrid as the previous mo-cap animation stuff, that’s why they showed the close-up of Tintin at the end I think. Good point though about character development, they should just focus on his character and then dwell more on the story on the actual full trailer. Good call, Castor.

  6. My initial reaction is… I liked it. I don’t have that nostalgia factor since I didn’t read Tin Tin when I was younger, but for someone who doesn’t like this kind of animation, it doesn’t look bad at all.

    But I was ALWAYS going to check this out due to the immense talent behind the camera, so I’m still in.

    1. I don’t like this type of animation, either, but I think PJ and Spielberg did a decent job improving the realistic look of the characters. I think those two filmmakers are gonna be the major draw here in the US as Tintin himself isn’t as well-known.

  7. I was also planning on posting it today, but I got my hands on the mesmerizing trailer for ABC’S ONCE UPON A TIME new show, and posted that, so I’ll do TINTIN tomorrow 🙂
    I didn’t like the TINTIN trailer, it left me quite unexcited 😦 Looks like a flop, I hope they will convince us that it’s not a boring film with a second, improved trailer?

  8. As one of my favorite all time digital animation is Final fantasy advent children, I have no complain about the animation. They seemed to have done a pretty good job.

    I am so eager to see this…but, I agree with your last words,it will hit big in Europe and Asia rather than US.So many people read the book here.

  9. Vince

    I’m not big into the 3d animation cartoon thing but this one looks like it may get over the hump of the dead eye look. part of me still wishes it was given the Miyazaki treatment of classic 2d animation but I will give it a chance. Should at least be a good intro to Tin Tin (for me at least).

  10. I am glad that you can be so excited about this one and enjoy the nostalgia. But for me I can take it or leave it. The posters look pretty cool but I, like others, agree with you in that Europe and other parts of the world will love this one more than the US…

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