Poster of the Week: The Debt … and the latest trailer

This upcoming thriller is one of my anticipated movies coming out in August. It stars one of my favorite seasoned actors, that is Dame Helen Mirren. So I’m thrilled that they feature her face in the poster instead of some of the younger cast.

As I’ve mentioned in my post above, The Debt is an action thriller set twenty years after the end of WWII. Three Mossad agents learn that a Nazi war criminal is still alive and set out to pursue him across Europe. A newer trailer has also been released since I posted this one last year  (wow clearly I’ve been waiting for this movie for quite a while!). I like the flashback storytelling style, though the tricky part is obviously finding the younger counterparts of the actors already chosen for the more mature ones, or the other way around depending who’s cast first. In this case, obviously Sam Worthington as the younger version of Ciarán Hinds’ character is the most jarring IMO, I mean they look nothing alike even when you see pics of Mr. Hinds twenty years ago! 😀 Ah well, it happens all the time in movies I suppose, and there are worse cases so I’m not gonna hold it against them too much here.


The cast is very promising, obviously Mirren is the biggest draw for me, but I also like Tom Wilkinson and Hinds a lot. All of the three younger actors look good, too. Jessica Chastain is one of the new ‘it’ girl apparently, she’s starring in the Terrence Malick’s upcoming Tree of Life, as well as Coriolanus, another of of my anticipated movies that’ll hopefully come out this year. I’ve been sort of on and off about Worthington. I like the guy in Avatar and even in Terminator Salvation, but he was disappointing in Clash of the Titans with his one-note performance. But I haven’t given up on him yet. I read this interview yesterday with a title saying that he’s more than an action star, well I sure hope so. I think he’s got charisma, so I hope he’ll do well here.

What do you think of the poster and/or trailer, folks? Are you interested in seeing this movie?

28 thoughts on “Poster of the Week: The Debt … and the latest trailer

  1. Ted S.

    So they’re actually going to release this film finally? I somehow thought it’s already out, not a good sign when the studio kept moving the release date. Also, didn’t Worthington film this movie before Avatar?

    Anyhoo, I might give a rent. The trailer looks interesting.

        1. No I haven’t, I’ve been meaning to though. Oh I have no doubt he’s excellent in it. I heard Giammatti was great as well.

  2. This should be okay… Not holding out for too much, especially with a title like ‘The Debt,’ which is a perfect name for an action movie. Helen Mirren should do it justice, though.

    1. It doesn’t strike me as a run-of-the-mill action flick, it seems deeper than that, and seeing the likes of Mirren and Wilkinson is always a plus.

    1. He..he… your comment makes me laugh, Nov. Well Sam and Helen aren’t gonna be in a scene together as they live in two different times. Sam’s involved w/ Jessica’s character in the 60s who’s played by Mirren in contemporary times.

  3. I am still awaiting this one. disappointed it has been pushed back. Helen Mirren is great!

    I like the recent poster and am glad you showed it. The poster reminds me of films of old.

    1. I know, I can’t believe the last trailer I posted was from a year a go. But as long as it’s got a theatrical release I’m fine w/ it. Yeah, I like the vintage look of the poster as well, T.

  4. Looks alreet that! Trailer seemed cool too, shame about the silly voice over at the end saying the title of the film!

    You know I love Mirren, She is a true Icon (see what I did there?). What is spooky is Tom Wilkinson may be this weeks icon…Its like you knew or something!


    1. Ha..ha.. I know! What is it w/ the need to put a VO just to say the darn title? It’s not like it’s the kind of word that has to be pronounced a certain way or anything.

      Oooh Wilkinson is your next icon? You’re gonna like my upcoming post too, then 😉

    1. I know Fitz, it’s a shame considering all the talents involved! But hopefully in less than half a year our wait would be over.

  5. I saw this at TIFF. Morton Csokas needs to be more famous so my eyes will be better. This movie is very Boys of Brazil, if you know what I mean.

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