A prelude to a post…

Allow me to indulge in my hopeless romantic side and unabashedly girly side of me… It’s been said that I’m not ‘girly’ enough as far as my movie choices go and in fact, my friend Novroz sent me  a link via Twitter to a Gender Analyzer site and based on the content of my site, they determined that my blog is written by a man! 😀

Ha.. ha.. well after these upcoming posts, you’ll know I’m very much a girly girl who loooves romantic period dramas! In fact, a two part collaborative post related to this swoon-worthy video below is imminent. It’s taking me longer than I thought to finish them and I wouldn’t want to do a half-@$$ed job on any post, especially one on this scale so in the meantime, and I found this clip that serves as a very appropriate and fun prelude to ’em.

Special thanks to DreamyViper who made the video, I definitely be checking her channel more often as we have a very similar taste!

Clips are gathered from the movies below:

  • Amazing Grace 2006
  • Casanova 2005
  • Emma 1996
  • NorthAnger Abbey 2007
  • North & South 2004
  • Persuasion 2007
  • Pride & Prejudice 1995, 2005
  • Sense & Sensibility 1996, 2008
  • The Shadow in the North 2007
  • Wives & Daughters 1999

Well, stay tuned for a Flix List special post! Guys, get ready to get in touch with a little more of your feminine tender side 😉

18 thoughts on “A prelude to a post…

  1. Apparently my blog is written by a women 😛

    But i think you cover a good mix of romantic and “manly” movies on your blog. Then again, i find assigning either gender a type of movie is outdated. I like a good action movie, but i also like a good romance movie too.

    1. Ahah, I don’t think those things are accurate anyway Julian, I don’t take much stock in it. I just mentioned it as it’s quite amusing. I like a lot of genres, just not horror or hyper violent/vulgar stuff.

  2. Thanks Jupiter, my site is written by a man!! Not that it would be wrong to be written by a ladies hand, but I would definitely be in trouble with the wife if I were a lady. Not to mention learning new skils when going to the loo!!!

    I look forward to the full post!! As ever it will be a proper read!


    Bring it on Flixers!!

    1. Ha..ha.. you’re too cute, Custard. We both would rather be in our God-given gender don’t we? 😀

      Well now doesn’t it make you want to watch Sense & Senbility so badly after watching that clip? Ahahahaha…

  3. ah, I wouldn’t say you don’t have a ladylike taste in films 🙂 You like period flicks, Jane Austen adaptations, many of the famous dashing hunks 🙂 and you have a tender female touch in corresponding with your readers and friends.
    My blog is probably written by a Martian …

    1. Why thank you Dezzy, I knew you’d vouch for me on that. Yes I love all things romantic, just not banal rom-coms Hollywood’s prone to. Well I learn from you about responding so kindly and attentively to people who comment… so thank you!!

      If you’re a Martian then I’m from Venus… 😀

  4. This is hilarious. Mine turned out being written by a woman (my content is 52% female… whatever that means). I have no clue what would’ve earned me that score. It was probably the photoshop job of Boba Fett’s head onto Julia Robert’s face in “Pretty Woman”.

    1. Ahahahaha… so I guess we should’ve written each other’s blog according to that stat! Yep my content is 57% male… well I certainly blog more about guys here on my blog than girls, more like 75% of the time 😀

  5. Yummy video!!! My blog is only 54% girl…it’s so pink…I would have expected a higher certainty 😉 I guess my content isn’t girly enough…

    Looking forward to the posts!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it girl! Part I is coming up soon… curious to hear what you think of it.

      As for that analyzer, I don’t think it’s very accurate anyway.

  6. I think I’ve only seen one film on your list, rtm. Hmm… The scanner reports that it was 60% likely written by a man. Now I can relax ;-). I wonder what determines their estimations? Some writing aspects, grammar (or lack there of), etc? Interesting. Fun post.

  7. That is class Ruth. Just watched it with the wife and she is a HUGE Mr Darcy fan (the Colin Firth version). I go her the Pride and Predjudice DVD box set of the BBC series and she made me stay up very late watching till the end as each time an episode ended she would say: ‘Just one more!’. Haven’t done that analyser thing, I bet I come out as a chick 🙂

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