The Flix List: A dozen “rotten” movies we secretly adore

Let’s face it, not every movie we love is going to be embraced by everybody else on the planet. And how many times you go to a collective movie reviews site and go ‘xx%???’ Are you kidding me?? That movie is awesome! Or the other way around of course, that movies that gain critical acclaim might actually leave you scratching your head. But today we’re going to take a look at movies that we love that others don’t, or specifically those that are trashed by critics (we’ll use RottenTomatoes Tomatometer and we’ll link the RT page for each movie). Today’s post is a collaboration with FC’s regular contributor Ted S.

So below is a list we each come up with, most of them barely make half of the Tomatometer 😦

Ted’s List:

1. Another 48 Hours

I actually enjoyed this sequel much more than the first film. Why you ask? Well first off, I thought Eddie Murphy wasn’t as annoying as he was in the first movie and Nick Nolte wasn’t too serious as he was first time around. These guys seemed to be more comfortable playing their roles so it was fun seeing them on screen and having a good time. Also, I thought it was a great idea by Walter Hill and the writers to add more action into this one, the first film didn’t really have a lot of action in it.

I know that the first film launched the interracial/buddy cop action genre throughout the 80s and some part of the 90s but I just really like the second one better. This film actually was a box office hit when it came out but it was widely panned by the critics, as you can see on the RT site.

2. Meet Joe Black

Ah yes, the film about death taking a holiday and fell in love, it was actually a remake of Death Takes Holiday. I didn’t see the original version but I thought Meet Joe Black was quite good, I’m not into romantic movies so this was a surprise when I enjoyed it more than my ex-girlfriend who made me take her to see it in theater back in 1998. Brad Pitt recently made some comments saying that his performance in the movie was pretty bad but I thought he was good in it. The film cost around $90mil to make and it tanked and of course the critics weren’t kind to it either. The film has some flaws, mostly it was way too long and I just feel the filmmakers didn’t know how to end the movie. But I thought all of the performances were great, especially Anthony Hopkins and the music by Thomas Newman were quite moving.

3. Mission: Impossible

It’s safe to say that a lot of people hated this movie when it first opened in theaters back in 1996, I remember fans of the TV show were furious that they made Mr. Phelps the main villain. I’m also a fan of the TV show and I didn’t have any problems with that at all, in fact I thought the film was one of the best of that year, I’m not kidding. The film was a lot of fun and I love that helicopter and bullet train chase sequence near the end of the movie. I actually went to see it three times in theater.

Now of course the film has plot holes and some scenes just didn’t make a lot of sense but it’s a summer flick so I was able to look past those flaws. RT has it at 59% rating. I remember Rex Reed hated this film so much that when he was on TV reviewing it, he looked like he was about to explode. It’s so funny to see a grown man get so upset about a film, it’s priceless.

4. Mortal Kombat

I grew up in the 90s so I was huge fan of the video game and of course when they announced that the movie was on the way, my friends and I were quite ecstatic. To our surprise, the film didn’t stink when we saw it in theater the summer of 1995. In fact I thought it was a lot of fun and went back to see it again with my brother that same weekend. Of course that was a long time ago, so I decided to watch the film again about a year or two ago and to my surprise, I still enjoy it. I love the fight scene between Johnny Cage and Scorpion, was hoping Scorpion was going to kick Cage’s ass since Scorpion is my favorite character from the video game. The film has a 35% rating on RT.

Last year, a short film version of the new Mortal Kombat went online and it created some big buzz. I saw it and thought it was quite good, they’re basically rebooting it by the ways of Batman Begins, make it more realistic and gritty. This time the hero will be Scorpion, so of course I was excited that my favorite character will be the main guy. Warner Bros. is now turning it into a web series hoping that if gets a lot views on-line, they can remake the movie. I’m keeping my fingers cross, I hope to see a truly great movie version of this video game.

5. National Treasure

I went to see this movie with little expectations after reading the dismal critical reviews. But boy I was surprised how much I enjoyed the movie. It was great action fun ride and as long as you don’t think too much about it, you’ll have a good time. One thing that bugged about the film was Nic Cage’s fake hair, I was hoping to see his toupee fall off during one of the action scenes but it never happened.

6. Superman 3

Yes I like this Superman flick and I can’t defend it either. It was nice to see Superman fighting Superman and I didn’t even mind seeing Richard Pryor as the annoying funny guy side-kick either. Although I was not happy that they reduce the role of Lois Lane in this one. (Margot Kidder voiced her displeasure when Richard Donner was fired from Superman 2 so the producers decided to cut down her part in this movie). The movie has a dismal 24% rating on RT

Ruth’s List

1. A Walk in the Clouds

Keanu Reeves is not exactly the critics’ darling, especially when the movie in question isn’t a sci-fi or action thriller of some kind that he’s mostly known for. But y’know what, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this romantic drama. I like it so much I included this in one of my favorite unconventionally romantic movies list.

Reeves is quite convincing as a young GI returning from war who falls for the daughter of a vineyard owner and the movie is beautifully filmed on location in Napa Valley, CA. He has a wonderful chemistry with Spanish-Italian actress Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and the story is quite lovely as Reeves’ character is trying to do the honorable thing despite their undeniable attraction. The grape stomping scene is delightful to watch, followed by a very passionate scene that makes me think Keanu is a capable romantic leading man. I also like the contrast relationship he had with the woman’s father and grandfather, played by Giancarlo Giannini and Anthony Quinn, respectively. It only got 43% score on RT, but at least Roger Ebert agrees with me and gave this one four stars.

2. Equilibrium

The consensus on RT reviews says ‘Equilibrium is a reheated mishmash of other sci-fi movies.’ Yeah ok, but other sci-fis don’t have Christian Bale in top Bateman/Batman form going all bad ass, but with a heart. Oh, not to mention the criminally-underrated Sean Bean, though I wish he had a bigger role.

Bale is perfectly cast a top government agent who’s sole job is to maintain order in a fascist futuristic world. His transformation from a cold, robotic being to one slowly finding his humanity is reason enough to see this film. Any action flick fan would undoubtedly appreciate all the exhilarating and dynamic fight scenes with a fictional type of martial arts called Gun-Kata. But for me, my favorite parts of the movie are between Bale and Emily Watson (such as this one), with all those repressed sexual tension, wow. I could watch their scenes several times over! Bale’s emotional breakdown in this scene is powerful stuff. Someone on Youtube made this music video with all the scenes I love about this film.

I lost my Equilibrium dvd for some reason, but that means it’s time to get the Blu-ray! 🙂

3. Multiplicity

Now, by no means am I condoning the science of cloning people. People should know better NOT to play God. But the concept certainly makes for a good comedy and shows just how many things could go wrong should one goes through such procedure.

I love Michael Keaton, he’s such an under-appreciated actor who’s a much better actor than people give him credit for. He’s pretty compelling as Batman and in dramatic roles, but I think his strong suit is in comedy (remember Beetlejuice?) and he’s in top comedic form here playing four totally different personalities of one character, Doug Kinney, the overworked contractor who just wants to have more time for work and family.


The fourth clone is the funniest, he’s obviously much less sharp than the original being a copy of a copy of a copy… at one point the first Doug finally responded “Ok, we’re done with the Doug-making business!!” Ha! This movie is such a hoot from start to finish. Andie McDowell was pretty good as Doug’s wife who’s constantly perplexed by her husband’s antics and it’s darn hilarious to watch how she never found out there had been four different Dougs she’s had sex with! Anyway, apparently less than half of the critics think highly of this one.

4. Octopussy

As a fan of Bond films, I’ve got to include at least one of them in here. It’s no secret Roger Moore isn’t the most believable 007, especially compared to my two favorites. But having grown up watching Moore’s Bond flicks, I have to admit I have a couple that I have a soft spot for: For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy. Perhaps the fact that both have strong female Bond girls have something to do with it. FYEO wasn’t more well-received than this one but I actually enjoyed it and still watch it occasionally.

Bond with his nemesis Kamal Khan

The setting in India is exotic and there are quite a few fun chase scenes with the three-wheeled motorized auto rickshaw (we call them Bajaj in Indo) and though I’m not a big fan of circus stuff in general, it was quite fun to watch the festivities here. Louis Jordan as the Bond baddie Kamal Khan is the kind of cultured and elegant villains I like in Bond flicks. The critics didn’t think very highly of this one though, it only scored 47% on RT.

5. P.S. I love you

This is another film in this list that I can’t disagree more with the critics. A dismal 23% RT score?? Seriously, are people so cynical they can’t even be moved by a story of love and loss? As I mentioned on a previous post, seems like everyone I’ve talked to, even my guy friends, enjoyed this movie. It’s got rom-com sensibilities but the story is pretty deep and profound with a really satisfying and realistic conclusion, nary of a fairy tale happy ending in sight.


Initially I thought Hilary Swank was miscast, but upon several viewings I changed my mind. I think she gives the role of Holly, a woman grieving over her dead husband more weight and complexity than a lesser actor would’ve done. Yes, I’m not ashamed to say I love this movie mostly largely because of Gerry Butler, who’s perfectly cast as a charming and gregarious Irish singer who brought his wife out of his shell, even from the after life. This movie is warm, touching and funny, with gorgeous scenery of New York and Ireland, accompanied by a terrific soundtrack. What’s not to love? All the supporting cast are all great too, I especially like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lisa Kudrow, and Kathy Bates as Swank’s no-nonsense mother.

6. Phantom of the Opera

Yet another Gerry Butler’s movie the critics didn’t embrace, but given it’s directed by Joel Schumacher, can’t say I’m surprised. When I saw this movie, I had no idea who Butler was, I only went because I adore the Andrew Llyod Webber’s music and it still is my favorite stage musical. I was spellbound the first time around but it took a second viewing before I became a fan (or ‘phan’ as the die-hards would say).


From the moment the chandelier was revealed in the opening scene, it was a thrilling ride. You watch this movie for the beautifully haunting music, the gorgeous sets and costumes, and the scorching chemistry between Phantom and Christine, played wonderfully by Emmy Rossum. Their forbidden romance still titillates people the world over as POTO still reigns as the most successful musical ever produced ever since it opened in 1986. I think the story translates quite well as a feature film and the movie looks ever so lush and seductive, especially that underground lair, that it’s impossible not to fall for the Phantom. Butler certainly cuts a mesmerizing figure on screen as the ultimate tortured-soul hero and I also enjoy his singing voice, which was heavily criticized as well, whatever! In fact, ever since this movie, I’ve now prefer to hear him sing those beautiful POTO songs, especially Music of the Night, rather than listening to the original singer Michael Crawford.

Honorable mention:

The Saint

The critics’ consensus on seems to be directed at the script, but I like Val Kilmer so much as Simon Templar that I even featured this on my guilty pleasure post!

Well, what have been some of your own favorite ‘bad’ movies? Surely we all have ’em. Please share in the comments!

62 thoughts on “The Flix List: A dozen “rotten” movies we secretly adore

  1. The Tomb Raider movies. Love ’em. Most of the great fantasy flicks of the 80s, like Krull, Flash Gordon, Labyrinth (hey, some people think it’s bad) …

    Oh, I know. Tank Girl. I love that movie.

    Very fun post idea! 🙂

    1. Hey, I like Tomb Raider too, that’s when I still like Angelina. I especially love the second one for obvious reasons. That moment he’s doing push ups in his jail cell… [swoon] Have you ever seen his screen test, Sam, he still had his long hair then, absolutely mesmerizing 😀

      Oh and Flash Gordon! Long live Prince Barin!! I should see Krull, that’s the movie that made GB wanted to be an actor.

  2. There are some shockers in those lists alright. But also some I love. Equilibrium is one and mission impossible.

    I have a little thing for cheesy American comedies at the moment- the house bunny and fired up spring to mind.

    Great post flixers! As always.


  3. I’ll have to look through some of my favorite films that got rotten reviews, but from both list I agree on Mission Impossible, National Treasure, and Phantom of the Opera.

    1. Yay, a guy who loves Phantom, awesome! I was going to put Timeline here as well, but I figure three GB movies might be a bit much 🙂

      1. Hm. I saw Timeline but for the life of me I can’t really remember any detail about the film. But I wracked my brain for a “rotten” movie and I’ve finally come up with one… CRUEL INTENTIONS. I *love* that film. Still do. Ryan, SMG, Reese were all fantastic in it.

  4. Ted S.

    I too enjoyed Equilibrium, Octopussy and Multiplicity. Also, great call on The Saint, I really liked that movie. Just wish they had a big action scene for the climax instead of the bad guys just got arrested. I hope someday they release another version where Emma was killed and the last half hour of the film, Kilmer’s character went after the Russian mob and there was big action scene in the finally. The director decided to go with a more romantic ending.

    1. Hey thanks for your contribution man, always a fun read! I like Mission Impossible and Superman 3 is bad but there are some parts that are awesome, especially the Supes vs. Clark battle, it’s a classic!!

      I’m surprised you have Meet Joe Black on here since you’re usually more into sci-fi thrillers or action stuff. Sorry but I thought the movie is utterly boring. Perhaps ’cause I didn’t care for the male lead. I agree that Hopkins is wonderful though.

      1. Ted S.

        No problem, there’s no shame in admitting you like “bad” films. Ha ha.

        I think I like Meet Joe Black was because it’s actually has that supernatural/sci-fi feel to it. Death took over a body and fell in love. Pitt doesn’t bother me as a leading man, as long as he doesn’t do accents, his Irish accent in The Devils Own was pretty awful. I also like the production design of the movie, a $90mil drama should look great.

        1. No, I’m not ashamed 😀 I’m forgetting another movie I should’ve put on the list: The Bodyguard. It only got 40% on RT but I love that one, the music is obviously great but I love Kevin Costner in this as well and he and Whitney have such palpable chemistry.

  5. National Treasure is one of my favorites and I still think it’s one of the best adventure films. I haven’t seen the majority of flicks from this list.

    1. In any case, hope I didn’t type in the wrong window and it ended up on someone else’s blog ahah…

      I liked Equilibrium’s potential but the movie definitely needed a much bigger production budget. The other movies, well I guess there is a reason they are “rotten” ahah

      1. Hi Castor, perhaps you left it on someone else’s blog? 🙂

        No, I think the biggest beef I have w/ Equilibrium is Taye Diggs! I mean, Bale and Diggs together is just not right! Now, have you seen any of the other movies? If no, you can’t say they’re ‘rotten.’

        1. Hi, Ruth, Ted, Castor and company:

          Always thought ‘Equilibrium’ was a superior film to the CGI, gimmick laden ‘The Matrix’.

          Leaner,. cleaner story line in the former offset by Bale’s ‘Gun~Khana’, Sean Bean’s ennui riddled mentor and a dreary, quasi-steam punk world with serious shades of ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’.

          I’m also with Ruth’s feelings about Taye Diggs. Who seems oddly miscast and average in an otherwise bold, exceptional film.

          Also enjoyed ‘Multiplicity’, just to see where Keaton’s career was taking him after his ‘Batman’ franchise, ‘Pacific Heights’ and his brief appearance as Dogberry in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.

          Keaton is at his best with hints of the psychotic and it was fun watching him coming up with stories and excuses as his slowly regressing clones start showing up unexpectedly in this little known treat.

          1. Glad you love Equilibrium too, Jack. I really wish Sean Bean had more screen time. I also like William Fichtner’s role in this.

            Multiplicity is such a hoot, it’s so under-appreciated but I think Keaton’s performance is fantastic. Unlike Eddie Murphy’s The Klumps, the multiple Dougs are not annoying at all, in fact they’re endearing and one is funnier than the next. When I’m watching him play #4 I can’t believe this is the same guy who plays Batman!

  6. Flixy, I’m not sure why you put A WALK IN THE CLOUDS and especially EQUILIBRIUM in the rotten films list, since most people (not counting ignorant fanboys whom do not exist in my world 🙂 ) like them. I haven’t met a single person so far who know something about films and didn’t love or at least like EQUILIBRIUM. And WALK IN THE CLOUDS is such a warm, beautiful, atmospheric film. Although Keanu wouldn’t know how to act even if he played himself in a biographic movie 🙂 he was very charming beside lovely Aitana!

    Some of the truly rotten film 🙂 which I personally enjoyed were IN THE NAME OF THE KING and DOA:DEAD OR ALIVE and LEGION 🙂 All bad bad films, but they were made to be bad and thus they were actually good 🙂

    1. My dear Dezzy, I put ’em here because the critics didn’t like ’em, I used the tomatometer on RT site and those that fall below 60% are considered ‘rotten.’ Now of course, the smart and wise people don’t think they’re bad 😀 Ha..ha.. come on, Keanu can at least play himself, no? But yeah, Aitana is lovely, I’ve never seen her before but she’s quite confident as an actress in that one, not sure why she hasn’t gotten other prominent roles after that.

      I haven’t seen any of those movies you mentioned, but I do remember reading how the critics trashed those.

  7. Can I say I also like PS I Love You and maintain my masculinity. It was one of those films I was dragged to but ended up being surprised by it. Multiplicity is good too.

    From Ted’s selection I think Mission Impossible gets unfairly criticised…I prefer it to any of the sequels, and I also thought National Treasure was a really good adventure (shame about the sequel).

    1. Ted S.

      Yes I also think the first Mission: Impossible is the best one, we’ll see what Brad Bird can deliver for the fourth entry this holiday season. I didn’t enjoy the second National Treasure film that much either.

    2. @ Dan – why of course you can say it man, say it proudly and yes you’ll still be a manly man for it. My hubby and our guy friend both enjoyed it seeing it in the cinema, and whatever qualms they had about it before going in disappeared within a few minutes! It’s such a charming movie right from the start, now THAT is the kind of rom-com I don’t mind GB is involved in.

      Glad you like Multiplicity, too, I really think Keaton should’ve at least taken a Golden Globe for that performance!

  8. rockerdad

    First of all, kudos to both of you for thinking up this post – genius. I will add Resident Evil to your lists. I thought it was great…

    1. Ted S.

      Yes I almost included one of the Resident Evil films on my list. I particularly enjoyed the third one, haven’t seen the newest one yet.

        1. Ted S.

          Yeah he directed the first one, which wasn’t too bad for that kind of film. But the one I really enjoy was directed by someone else, the third in the series. I think Anderson directed the latest one that came out last year.

  9. I kinda liked ‘Mortal Kombat’ also. ‘Multiplicity’ has its moments. ‘Superman 3’ is worth watching if only for the good-Supes versus bad-Supes fight. And Annette O’Toole.

    1. Yup, that good vs bad Supes is absolutely fun and entertaining indeed. Oh yeah, Annette O’Toole as Lana is cute, I love that homecoming dance thing w/ Clark too, him at his dorkiest 😀

  10. PrairieGirl

    I LOVE Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell, why have I not seen Multiplicity?! It’s now in my queue. And absolutely agree with you on A Walk in the Clouds, P.S. I Love You, and POTO. POTO has to be one of my all time favorites ever now, and I’ve seen it an almost-a-record-for-me three times. The critics need to be severely criticized for giving it only 33% on RT. But the audiences got it right: 86% in favor.

  11. National Treasure is an entire bag filled of fun in my eyes. I could watch that movie every day if I had to. Same goes for Equilibrium as well.

    1. Not sure about every day, but I definitely agree that it’s fun. I really enjoyed that movie. From the action/thrill-ride to the mystery and code-cracking of it, all the way to Bartha’s comedic relief lol

      It was just a really fun movie. I liked the second one as well. It was like The Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones (which I liked both of those as well).

      There’s a few others on here I enjoyed. Moreso Ted’s list. I’d say out of all of them, though, National Treasure is my favorite on these lists.

      I still haven’t seen Equilibrium, though. Have it in my Netflix Instant queue, though.

      1. Ted S.

        @JL when you see Equilibrium, just remember this was a couple of years before Bale was The Dark Knight but he was quite a bad ass in the movie.

        @Red yeah I agree, I have National Treasure on Blu-ray and I usually watch it once or twice a year.

      2. @ Red, glad you agree on Equilibrium, watching those clips make me want to see it again real soon.

        @ JL, let me know what you think once you see it. It’s not as well-executed as The Matrix but I love it almost equally because of Bale.

    1. Ted S.

      Well ID4 currently has a 61% on but in my eyes, it’s a “bad” movie but very entertaining. So I guess it qualifies.

  12. Love this topic.
    First of all on Ted’s list, I like Meet Joe Black even though I hate Pitt but I truly enjoy that movie. But for MI, I hate it so much.

    For Ruth’s list, A walk in the cloud is one of my favorite Keanu’s movie and PS.I Love You is the movie that made me realize that Gerry is good looking…hehe kinda late heh? 😉

    My own list…hmmm…I don’t read much critics so I can’t remember a movie hated by critics (or considered as rotten) and yet I love it so much.

    1. Hey Nov, why do you hate MI? Just the first one or the entire franchise? I think the first one is perhaps way too complex for its own good, but it’s still got enough going for it to be entertaining.

      I’m so enamored by ‘Clouds’, I even bought the dvd. I think the setting is just so romantic and that whole forbidden romance thing is always beguiling. Ha..ha.. I think lots of girls like GB’s clean-cut look in P.S. and he’s still so buff as he did it right after ‘300’ but what I love most is his gregariousness and how full of life he is, kinda like the actor himself, at least when I see him in talk shows and such.

      1. Not the entire franchise…Only the movie.

        I love the series a lot, when they decided to make it into a movie I was so excited…BUT they killed them all except Ethan Hawke. At that time I was like WTH? and somehow the movie turned into 1 man show. I never liked a movie based on TV series that changed so much, that is why I love The A Team so much because it stays true to the origin

  13. I don’t think there’s enough hours in the day for me to list all of the movies with bad RT scores that I’ve liked. Then again, I like most of them for all of the wrong reasons- mainly, because it’s fun to laugh at them. I enjoy them out of schaudenfreude.

    I guess I’d say that you could start with Ed Wood’s “Glen or Glenda”. That’s probably the worst movie I’ve ever really really enjoyed.

    1. Ha..ha.. but you balance ’em out w/ the Bergman’s and Scorsese’s stuff, right? 😀 Oooh, I learn a new word today, thank you!

      Schadenfreude… wow, I don’t think I can even say it. I took German in High School (not sure why they taught that in Indonesia, it’s not like we had many German folks around to practice with), but all I remember is ‘danke schoen’

      1. Would it be called Germonesian? It is very odd- but cool- that they were teaching it there.

        For whatever it’s worth, “schaudenfreude” is one of about five German words I know.

        1. Germonesian, ahah, well I think that’s what my mom spoke. She went to school in Hamburg for a couple of years so she spoke enough German, but just like we Indonesians do here, we switch back & forth to our native language a lot, hence it becomes IndoEnglish sometimes 😀

  14. Hey,

    I didn’t expect to like National Treasure, Nic Cages’ film choices of late are suspect to say the least. But I thought it was really entertaining. As action adventures should be, with a little cheese, but not too much.

    As for National Treasure 2…………..


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  16. Meet Joe Black had me right until the cop out ending. It is now the yard stick against which all completely pointless crap endings to movies are measured. In my house, they are officially referred to as Joe Black’s. Meaning they totally lost it and sold out for a happy ending when they could almost had something there for a minute.

    As for Equilibrium. I wont have a word against it! No way does that deserve to eb in a bad movies list. Yeah, it rips off The Matrix, 1984 and Brave New World so completely there is nothing really original in it, but it does it so brazenly and, more importantly, so well that you end up with a pretty wicked movie. It’s one of my “see before you die” films.

    I wrote a similar post a couple of years ago if you’re interested:

  17. Ted, Enjoyed the fact that you listed films that may not be all that great but you still love to enjoy. Thank you for putting MI and National Treasure on your list! I agree!

    Ruth, Equilibrium is a great choice. For the action scenes alone!

    My list would include The Island, GalaxyQuest, Behind Enemy Lines, and The Proposal. I actually enjoy watching these not-well-received films!

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  19. Cool idea for a post! I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that qualifies for me. Maybe Vanilla Sky? It has been years since I have seen it, but I remember liking it at the time.

  20. I’ve said it before but I am a fan of PS I Love You. I went to see it at the cinema as it was chick flick date night with my wife with very low expectations. But it won me over.

    I like Ted’s list…I like all those movies. Superman III was a favourite when I was younger – I think it was my favourite film of the series when I was a kid. Now the first film trumps it but it is still enjoyable. Love the ending and I do quite like Richard Pryor. I also really like Mission Impossible. There’s was talk of doing it “right” when the sequel came out but I think the first film is far superior.

  21. Wow. Some real dirty secrets! I may have to dig deep to match you guys. Thanks for sharing though. The lead actress in my student film was in phantom of the opera actually and I still didn’t bother watching it. Is joel schumacher still allowed to make movies?

    1. Ahah, well we all have some ‘dirty’ secrets, I don’t think anyone is immune from liking ‘bad’ movies. What role does your classmate play in POTO?

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