THIS JUST IN: ‘Three Musketeers’ Trailer

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alexandre Dumas’ 17th century classic tale The Three Musketeers. Now, I haven’t seen any of Paul W. S. Anderson’s movies (for better or worse), as he’s known for movies like Resident Evil, AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Death Race, etc., none of which is my cup of tea. So this’ll be the first movie of his I’d watch. Check out the trailer below:

This is one of my anticipated movies of this year, and as I said in that post, I particularly like the cast that make up the Three Musketeers themselves: Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans and Matthew Macfayden. Oh and of course there’s Christoph Waltz — as well as German actor Til Schweiger — who were both great in Inglourious Basterds. As for D’Artagnan, I’d rather see someone like Aaron Johnson in the role but I guess Logan Lerman would do, I thought he was pretty decent in 3:10 to Yuma as Christian Bale’s son. Oh, Anderson’s wife Milla Jovovich (the heroine of Resident Evil) also plays one of the movie’s antagonists. I hope both she and Orlando Bloom as the Duke of Buckingham have just a small screen time here.

Oh, and how could I forget Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who is another reason to watch this movie! The Casino Royale baddie once again has something in his eye, donning an eye patch this time 🙂 Mads and Christoph are playing Comte de Rochefort and Cardinal Richelieu respectively.

Now the trailer is obviously way more bad ass and explosive than previous Three Musketeers‘ adaptations. I don’t have much of a problem with that, just like I didn’t mind that Guy Ritchie’s action-packed Sherlock Holmes. We’ll see if this will replace The Man in the Iron Mask as my favorite adaptation so far, but at the very least, it looks like a fun swashbuckling entertainment as the weather cools off come October. If I’m feeling generous, I might even check it out in 3D (at least it was shot in 3D, not a conversion like they did with Clash of the Titans).

What do you think folks? Would you watch this one?

26 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: ‘Three Musketeers’ Trailer

      1. Although she’s from my country and I should be on her side :), Mila really is the most horrible actress 🙂
        But when it comes to Musketeers, I still can’t decide which one I like better – Evans, McFadyen or Stevens! 🙂

  1. Ted S.

    Sorry Ruth, Paul W. Anderson and Orlando Bloom, two names I despise so this one will be the one I will avoid at all costs. Since you haven’t seen any of Anderson’s film, you’ve been warned, the man has ZERO talent. Like dirtywithclass said, it looks like the film will just be all action and no story.

    1. Can’t stand Bloom either, that’s why I hope he has limited screen time here. Ha..ha.. yes I know you won’t watch this one and that’s fine. Some movies I’ll watch because of the cast and this is one of them, the guys playing the musketeers alone are enough to entice me and then there’s Christoph. I’m not expecting much story-wise, but should be entertaining enough for a matinee.

  2. I think I would watch this one too 🙂
    I always love this 3 musketeers movie. And just like you, The Man In The Iron Mask is my favorite so far

    1. Yay! Another ‘Iron Mask’ fan. Which character is your fave, Nov? Mine’s got to be D’Artagnan, as he’s played by Gabriel Byrne.

      1. I love all 4 of them, Leo was so lucky to play with those 4 great men.
        If I have to choose, I’d say Artemis…I have a thing for Jeremy Iron 😉

        1. Oh yeah, Jeremy Irons… I love his voice, too. Glad you said Leo’s the one lucky playing w/ them. Even though he’s got top billing as he’s so popular after Titanic, the rest of the cast are what made the movie so special for me.

  3. Oh dear. I have to say this looks pretty dreadful. I can see the ghost of Dumas scratching his head and thinking ‘I don’t remember writing a scene with a flying ship’. 😉

    1. Well Richard, a bit of artistic liberty in the name of fun isn’t a crime, is it not?

      @Scarlet – Tim Curry is the only good thing about the 1993 film. But now with Christoph playing the role of Cardinal, we should expect some memorable performance as well I reckon.

  4. This looks pretty middling at first glimpse and really just an excuse for many action set pieces 😉 The cast doesn’t really interest me either except for Mads Mikkelsen.

    1. Oh Castor, thank you for pointing out my gross omission of Mads from my post… I mean, he is definitely one of the reason to watch for the cast. I’ve rectified the situation and added a photo of him looking all menacing on a horse 🙂

      1. Funk

        Thanks for putting the pic of Mads up.
        Mads the only reason I’ll go and see this film, for the swagger he will bring with him for this role, plus I have a feeling he will most likely steal every scene he’s in.

  5. This trailer sneaked its way onto the web! I’m not sold on it yet though. Will wait for more before passing judgment. I actually like Milla but am not sold on Orlando Bloom. we’ll see soon! 🙂

    1. Well T, I don’t know who’d be ‘sold’ on Bloom other than giddy 12 year-old girls! I’d watch this one despite of him, not because.

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