FlixChatter’s Most Anticipated 2011 Movies – Part II

Here’s the second part of the movies I’m anticipating this year. Again, I only list those that I’d most likely be seeing in the cinema. The release dates information is courtesy of Movie Insider and The-Numbers. I will update accordingly if there are changes, as the information becomes available.


August 31 – The Debt
Twenty years after World War II’s end, three Mossad agents learn that a Nazi war criminal is still alive and set out to pursue him across Europe.

I’ve been anticipating this movie for a while since I saw this intriguing trailer, oh and what a cast! Relative newcomers Sam Worthington and Jessica Chastain are quite privileged to be acting alongside seasoned thespians like Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson and Ciaran Hinds. Chastain who’s also in The Tree of Life and Coriolanus is quite possibly one of the hottest (and luckiest) young actress working today! I was afraid this movie would go straight to dvd when Miramax went kaput last year. Glad it ends up getting a theater release.



September 1 – Straw Dogs
James Marsden as a Hollywood screenwriter who accompanies his wife (Kate Bosworth) as she returns to her hometown in Mississippi. Her ex-boyfriend (Alexander Skarsgard), a former high school football hero, sees her return as an opportunity to reclaim glory.

Wow, September is a slow month indeed, I kept looking at the list and the only one that I’m somewhat interested is the one above (as I like James Marsden). He’s back together again with Bosworth, who was his love interest in Superman Returns. Depending on the reviews, this could be worth seeing in the theater, but I’m waiting for the trailer/reviews first.

The only other one I might be interested in is Brighton Rock, a UK gangster-themed thriller starring Helen Mirren, John Hurt and Sam Riley, which probably will get a limited theater release here in the States. It’s got mixed reviews when it opened in the UK and premiered at last year’s TIFF, so it could be more of a rental-quality.


October 14 – Three Musketeers
A modernized re-imagining of the classic novels written by Alexandre Dumas that follow the story of a young d’Artagnan, who longs to become a great musketeer — one of the personal guards of the French crown. He encounters and befriends the contentious Athos, Porthos, and Aramis — three musketeers of legend and folly.

I’ve always had a thing for this classic tale, I mean one of my favorite guilty pleasures is The Man in the Iron Mask. Most likely I won’t be as enamored by this d’Artagnan (Logan Lerman) than I was with Gabriel Byrne in the titular role, but I quite like the cast of the three musketeers themselves: Brits Ray Stevenson, Luke Evans and Matthew Macfayden. I sure hope this won’t be as bad as the other Paul W.S. Anderson‘s films and at the very least it’d be a fun swashbuckling entertainment worth a cinema ticket price.

October 21 – Contagion
An action-thriller that takes place in a worst case scenario of a deadly virus.

I don’t know much about this Steven Soderbergh movie but check out the cast: Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and recent Oscar nominee John Hawkes. I’d watch just for the amazing cast. The premise kind of reminds me of the Dustin Hoffman movie Outbreak, but I’m curious what Soderbergh has in store for us in this one.

TBA – The Rum Diary
Based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson with the same name, Depp plays an American journalist named Paul Kemp, which is loosely based on the author’s own life journey. Kemp moves from New York to the Caribbean with the hope of finding adventure, but instead finds himself tangled in love, jealousy, and violence, amongst his alcoholic American peers who staff the run-down newspaper.

This movie was actually in my 2010 most anticipated movies list, but it just kept getting delayed. Not sure what the problem is, can’t imagine a Johnny Depp movie not getting a distributor?? The premise sounds interesting and tailor-made for Depp, especially his connection to Thompson. I also like Aaron Eckhart who’s his co-star in this movie. Check out some of the on-set photos that my co-worker shot whilst vacationing in Puerto Rico. Hope the trailer will be released soon.


November 11 – Immortals
Synopsis: A mythological tale set in war-torn ancient Greece where the young warrior prince Theseus leads his men in a battle against evil that will see theGods and Men fighting against the Titans and Barbarians.

Freida Pinto as Phaedra with Theseus in the background

It’s like Clash of the Titans but Kraken-free and hopefully much, much better. Indian director Tarsem Singh first came to my attention when I saw the visual feast that is The Fall, which was filmed on location in 18 countries, including Bali for the Kecak dance sequence. I have a soft spot for the leading man Henry Cavill (the new Superman) and coupled with Tarsem’s knack for a glorious visual spectacle, this is definitely one to see on the big screen.


TBA – Coriolanus
Synopsis: A modern Shakespeare historical thriller on a banished Roman hero (Ralph Fiennes) who allies with a sworn enemy Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler) to take his revenge on the city.

Coriolanus greets his mother Volumnia as Menenius looks on

Despite Vanessa’s dismal review from Berlinale, I’m still hugely anticipating this. Yes, I’m a big fan of Butler as y’all already know, but I’m also curious to see Fiennes’s directing debut and all the fuss is about Vanessa Redgrave’s performance as Coriolanus’ mother that there’s already talks of Oscar nomination for next year. I also love Scottish thespian Brian Cox who plays Coriolanus’ mentor Menenius.

Check out the behind-the-scene photos and additional stills and info about the movie. The screenplay is by John Logan (Gladiator, Last Samurai) so I’m still hoping the dialog would at least be pretty solid.


December 23 – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
Synopsis: Tintin and his friends discover directions to a sunken ship commanded by Capt. Haddock’s ancestor and go off on a treasure hunt. Based on the Belgian comic series The Adventures of Tintin from Georges Rémi, a.k.a Herge that is beloved all over the world (but largely unknown in the US).

As a huge fan of the comic books that I still even read from time to time in my native language, I’m beyond thrilled that this is getting a big screen treatment, from Spielberg and Peter Jackson no less! I realize the motion capture thing can be a concern as it did with the ‘dead eyes’ problem with The Polar Express, as Darren pointed it out on his blog post about it. But I’m cautiously optimistic that it’ll be a huge improvement from the previous motion capture films and it’d look more realistic like Avatar.

TBA – Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Synopsis: In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6’s echelons.

I’ve always had a thing about retired spy being called back to mission again, hence the protagonist in my first fantasy movie pitch Hearts Want. So the premise based on John le Carré’s novel intrigues me even before I saw the cast. But when you’ve got this kind of lineup: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, Mark Strong, Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock Holme), and Ciaran Hinds, it’s hard not to include this in my most-anticipated list. Oldman plays George Smiley, a middle-aged, taciturn, perspicacious intelligence expert in forced retirement. He is recalled to hunt down a Soviet mole in the “Circus”, the highest echelon of the Secret Intelligence Service (info from the Wikipedia page of the novel). There was a BBC miniseries back in 1979 starring Alec Guinness, so if any of you have seen it, I’d love to hear what you think.

I’ve been waiting for its release for quite a while but finally I heard news a few weeks ago that Universal will distribute this in the US (perhaps the fact that Colin Firth took home an Oscar had a lot to do with it?). A bit of casting trivia, Michael Fassbender was originally cast but was replaced by Tom Hardy. Not a bad trade, no, not bad at all 🙂


December 16 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
I quite like the first one (read my review), I thought Guy Ritchie did a decent job adapting this with a modern feel and keeping it light and funny. I’m not a Holmes’ purist so I didn’t mind Ritchie taking a lot of liberty with the material. I think having Robert Downey Jr. as the famous character is inspired casting, and his rapport with Jude Law is Ritchie’s bromance at its most entertaining. So I might check the sequel even just to see them back together again.

Well, turns out there are more movies I want to see in the second half of the year. There might be a few I’m missing here but I’ll update this list periodically.

So, any one of these movies you’re eager to see? Do share what movie(s) you are anticipating that are not on this list.

60 thoughts on “FlixChatter’s Most Anticipated 2011 Movies – Part II

  1. Ted S.

    Wow Ruth, I’m surprised you’re interested in Straw Dogs, I take it you’ve never seen the original with Dustin Hoffman? It’s a brutal film by the great Sam Peckinpah and from I read the remake will stay with that tone.

    I think the films I most looking forward to in the fall/winter season are Mission: Impossible 4 and Tin Tin. M:I-4 is Brad Bird’s first live action film and he shot a lot of the action with IMAX cameras so they’re going to look specular on the giant screen. As for Tin Tin, it’s a Spielberg film so it should be good.

    1. Vince

      Ted, I offered to lend her the DVD (which you graciously left with me – Thank you!) but told her to read about it some more.

      1. Ted S.

        Oh yeah I totally forgot I gave you the DVD, I only watch Blu-ray now so hopefully they’ll release the Blu-ray version soon. They’ll probably release it around the time the remake comes out in theater.

    2. Well now that you mentioned it, I’m surprised as well. I had never heard of the Peckinpah version but after Vince told me what it’s about, I had to look it up. Suffice to say, I don’t think I’ll be seeing it. I might give this one a watch depending on the reviews though, if it’s a hard R I might just rent it.

      Btw, speaking of Peckinpah, I replied to your comment on the Part I post. Sorry Ted, I tried to like that movie but I just couldn’t.

      Oh I forgot Brad Bird’s doing M:I-4, might see that if the reviews are good, but it’s not high on my anticipated list. I hope you’re right about Tintin, Ted.

  2. What? No interest in seeing Smurfs 3D??? 😛 Looking at the August slate, I’m very disappointed at what I’m seeing, it seems all the summer blockbusters are coming in spring instead. The movie I would want to see most in August would be Disney’s The Help.

    In September, I might give Drive a shot since Ryan Gosling stars. Moneyball also could be a potential Oscar contender.

    The big one for the end of the year is obviously Tintin 😉 Also looking forward to Sherlock Holmes 2 although with Guy Ritchie directing, I’m not sure what to expect…

    1. Ahah, Smurfs 3D!! Y’know that could be a fun one, but I never was into the comics even growing up, so it wasn’t even on my radar.

      You’re right Castor, there are tons of movie opening in May and June, which is not the heart of the Summer months yet.

      Oh, The Help sounds interesting (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1454029), Emma Stone is so hot right now. Again, Jessica Chastain! Wow, that girl is on a roll!

      I might rent Drive as well. Btw, Moneyball is with Brad Pitt right? So more of a rental for me, one Pitt movie in a year is more than enough for me 🙂 Just kidding, I don’t hate him seriously, how can I hate someone I don’t even know?), as I said before, I just prefer to see someone else’s movies.

      I forgot about Sherlock 2, I’d add that one under ‘maybe.’

      1. More importantly, Moneyball has Phillip Seymour Hoffman. That’s the draw for me. I love his work.

        Ritchie did the first Sherlock, so I imagine it will be on par with that. And I rather enjoyed that one. This coming from a hardcore Sherlock Holmes fan (from the novels and short stories).

  3. PrairieGirl

    Though not a huge Depp fan, The Rum Diary sounds very promising.

    Is it just me, or is Helen Mirren in EVERY movie? 😉
    Not complaining, mind you, I love her. She is one lucky actress to still be getting role (The Debt), after role, after role – good for her!

    1. I’m not either, Becky, but the premise is what intrigued me.

      Ha..ha.. yeah, she is indeed. In fact, last year alone I think I saw three of her movies! I love her too and am glad someone of her age is getting lots of great roles. Now if only she could get a man of her age to play her love interest in a romantic thriller … y’know, like Dalton? 😉

  4. Is it wrong that apart from tintin I know nothing of any of the other films?

    I really need to start swatting up if a am going to carry on this film blogging lark!!

    Great list Ruth, I have seen a few in there that I am very interested in and am now off to go learn more.


    (I dont know why it is still linking to the other site sorry)

    1. Well you’ve heard of Brighton Rock right, as we just tweeted each other this morning? 🙂

      You’ve never heard about ‘Soldier Spy’? A few of my Brit blogger friends tweeted me that there was BBC miniseries starring Alec Guiness (in fact, I’m gonna add this on my post).

      Btw, now your URL goes to the correct Frontroomcinema site 🙂

      1. oops, yes I have heard of Brighton Rock.

        I am a silly Custard.

        Oh I am glad it goes direct to where it should!

        Everything is sorting itself out.


  5. well, you could’ve at least mentioned CORIOLANUS was shot in Serbia 🙂
    You already know what’s my most anticipated film of the year – IMMORTALS, I think I’ll die before I finally see at least a trailer. Speaking of which, we also haven’t seen any pics from CONTAGION so far, just some bad photos from the set.

    1. Oh sorry Dezzy, but I have mentioned that many times in my previous Coriolanus posts 🙂 That is one good reason to see it for sure!

      Ha..ha.. yeah I know, Tarsem is really making us wait, doesn’t he? But wouldn’t you know it, perhaps Coriolanus and Immortals trailers would be released on the same day and we’ll both die from hyperventilation 😀

      Yeah, I was looking for stills from Contagion but all I saw was Jude Law wearing a plastic bag mask 🙂

  6. There are a few movies i forgot to mention in my comment on the earlier list. One of them is the Mothers Day remake. Even with a lack of Deborah clips, the second trailer for it heightened my excitement for it greatly. And i would rather see her in a supporting role in a good movie than a staring role in a bad one.

    I’ve also thought about checking out Lincoln lawyer. The plot seems alright, and it seems like Mathew actually acts in this one, rather than just taking his shirt off and the supporting cast of Marisa Tomei and Ryan Phillipe also seem solid.

    Red State seems like it might be interesting. Kevin Smiith recently did a interview on a show i watch, and it seems like he is trying to step up his game with this one. Hopefully it won’t be all talk.

    1. Well, I saw the Mother’s Day clip on your blog, VERY disturbing.

      Ha..ha.. I had to laugh at your comment about Matthew. I’ve been giving him the moniker Matthew McCantwaittotakemyshirtoff I don’t know if he’ll be acting or not in this one but it sounds more of a rental to me.

  7. I had a ticket to see The Debt at TIFF but did not end up making the screening. I passed the ticket onto a friend who really enjoyed it. Tintin and Contagin are high on my “to see” list.

    1. What, what? You had a ticket to The Debt but you didn’t go? Oh I wish I live in Toronto, then you could give it to me 😀 Glad to hear your friend liked it. Did he review it by any chance?

  8. Funk

    Pretty good listing you’ve put together.
    Movies I’m bitting at the bit for are, Jane Eyre, Tree of Life, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and the Immortals, gosh watching Tarsem’s movie “The Fall” just blew me away with with his style of the visually rich scenic shots and use of colors, so the Immortals like you say should be a visual feast, I’m thinking it will be a great story and he may just very will set the standard for that genre of movies.
    I did see the BBC’s 1979 mini series with the great Alec Guinness early last summer, and thought it was most outstanding, kinda wished it could’ve been longer, so with this new remake coming out, with this great cast it should be a good one.

    1. Why thank you Funk. It’s kinda a subjective list but glad you agree with a lot on my list. Yeah, The Fall is amazing… you could practically frame every single shot. I do hope there’s a strong story there unlike Clash of the Titans, ugh!

      I really should check out the Alec Guinness version of ‘Soldier Spy’ – heard great things about it from a lot of people.

      Sorry this is a silly question but I can’t tell if you’re a guy or a girl… I know you live in Seoul, right? I hope these movies get released soon over there.

      1. Talking about greek mythology movies, am i the only one who feels Medusa has gotten the short end of the mythological stick?

        I mean, her backstory is always either she had sex and was turned into a monster for it, or she got raped and still got turned into a monster, yet she is always a villian.

            1. Medusa Loves Chachi; The Medusas of Hazzard; Punky Medusester; Dr. Quinn, Medusa Woman

              There was an old Hammer Studios horror from the 60’s called ‘The Gorgon’ that’s about a woman who turns people to stone. I don’t think she had snakes on her head though. That’s the only one I know of, though (and Jason and the Argonauts).

      2. Funk

        LOL, I’m a guy, from the midwest… Currently living and working about 20 or so Km north of Seoul, do get a majority of my movies from Itunes.. Plus the base I work at has a decent movie theater, they get the first run movies pretty fast these days.
        Here’s another BBC recommendation you may want to give a go, “The Fortunes of War”, runs for 7 episodes, with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, it’s based on 3 novels by Olivia Manning. Starts in the Balkans, Sept 1939, and real goooood.

        1. Oh, sorry Funk, I figure you’re a guy but I don’t want to be presumptuous 🙂 Ah, from the Midwest too? Where exactly if you don’t mind me asking? You said ‘base’ you mean as in the army? Well glad to hear Hollywood movies get released pretty quickly in Seoul. I grew up in Jakarta where sometimes the movies were released months after it’s played in the US, very annoying. But I think nowadays it’s a lot better even though my friend said there’s a new tax law for imported movies being enforced which may threaten the availability of foreign movies being shown there 😦

          Oh, I’ll check out ‘Fortunes of War’ The two actors are very good (and they used to be an item I believe). Thanks Funk!

  9. Ted S.

    Yeah, it’s not an easy film to sit through, even for a Peckinpah film. Not sure if Vince told you but there’s a very disturbing scene in it that involves the leading actress. Apparently in the remake, Kate Bosworth was up for it and they shot the scene that’s very similar to the original. The remake was supposed to open last fall but apparently the test screening didn’t go too well so the studio asked the director to tweak it. I assume maybe the people who’ve seen it were disturbed by it, who knows.

    Yeah Peckinpah was one of those directors where you’ll either enjoy his films or you won’t, kind of like Kubrick or Malick. I guarantee that if you didn’t like The Getaway then you won’t like his other work. Ironically, The Getaway was his biggest hit at the box office. Had he directed the original Superman, suffice to say that it would’ve been a very different film than Donner’s version.

    From what I read so far, M:I-4 could be a huge hit because some of the people who’ve seen some of the finish work were quite impress by it. But again these people are probably working for the studio so of course they’re going to like it.

    1. No, Vince hasn’t told me about that scene but I kinda gathered that from some of the reviews I read about it. Definitely not my cup of tea, and I don’t think I like his style as a director.

      Well I’m glad he didn’t direct Superman, I don’t think I’d have liked his version.

      As for M:I-4, I’m still open to that. I know Ivan likes M:I-3 though I like the 2nd one with Dougray Scott a bit more, so I might check this fourth one in the theater if the reviews are positive.

  10. Glad to finally see a new release date for The Debt! so upset it’s been pushed back so far! Thanks for the word on that!
    Also glad to see Contagion getting some love lately. It seemed for a while, that no one knew much about it.

    No Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel or The Muppets on your list? Not even Twilight Breaking Dawn?! 😀

    I can’t wait myself for The Debt, Contagion, and I am interested in learning more about NOW with Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, and Cillian Murphy!

    Another great list. with a few surprises!!

    1. Yeah, I know! I had been talking about it for about a year now and still have to wait for quite a while for it. Not even sure this’ll get a wide release, which means in my city it’ll probably only play in smaller cinemas for only a few weeks 😦

      Ha..ha.. no, Real Steel looks like a boxing Transformers movie to me.

      I hadn’t heard about NOW, so thanks T and Julian for letting me know. Sounds interesting. I’d watch it for the same reason Novroz will watch it, Cillian 🙂

      1. *High Five* Glad to know you will also watch Now because of Cillian 🙂
        I’ll be at the at the release day (just like Inception).

        I almost forgot about Tintin. So…that makes 2 most anticipated movies in 2011 🙂

  11. Oh wow, I’m REALLY excited for ‘The Rum Diary’ and have been ever since Depp started making noise about it getting made in… 2005? 2006? I just put it out of my mind because it had been so long.

    I hope ‘Straw Dogs’ isn’t a re-make of the one from the early 70’s. Admittedly, I haven’t seen it, but as I understand it, it’s very good… which means Hollywood needs to leave it alone.

    I’m starting to get really excited about ‘Attack the Block’ because of all of the buzz it’s getting coming out of SXSW, though who knows when it’ll get an American release.

    1. Ted S.


      Straw Dogs is a remake of the 1971 version, the only difference was that they moved the setting of the film from England to the deep south here in the States.

    2. It is ridiculous how long ‘Rum Diary’ been sitting on the shelf, there are a handful of newer Depp movies that have come and gone in the cinema and this one still hasn’t got a release date!

      What’s ‘Attack the Block’ about John? It’s interesting how there are increasingly more movies premiered at SXSW.

      1. ‘Rum Diary’ is a lot like the Spielberg Abraham Lincoln biopic. That one’s been in the works forever, too.

        ‘Attack the Block’ is an alien invasion thing wherein the aliens invade the London ghetto. For lack of any better way of saying it, it kind of looks like ‘Independence Day’ meets ‘Boyz in the Hood’ or something. It was directed by Edgar Wright’s good friend, Joe Cornish; Wright and longtime collaborator Nira Park are the executive producers; and it stars Nick Frost. So… yeah, my inner-Wright Fanboy is getting the better of me here.

          1. According to Entertainment Weekly, he’s starting filming in fall 2011. But who knows if that’s still accurate (it’s from last fall).

            I thought the trailer looked sort of ‘meh’ but the reviews it’s getting at SXSW are high praise.

  12. They’re remaking Straw Dogs! I curse all involved. I already hate the film before I’ve seen it. The original is one of my favourite films and doesn’t need a remake, especially since it was directed by one of the all time greats. How can any remake live up to that?

    1. Ted S.

      I agree Dan even though Straw Dogs is not one of my favorite films of Peckinpah. From I know so far, the remake is basically a shot for shot of the original with exception of the setting is now in the deep south instead of England.

  13. The Debt is very much like Boys of Brazil, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I can’t believe I’m anticipating the Freida Pinto movie more than the Kate Winslet movie.

  14. Again, not many of these that I’m actually looking forward to. Contagion and The Rum Diary I’m looking forward to, but the rest I could either do with or without or just flat out don’t want to see.

    Sherlock Holmes on the other hand is another one of my most anticipated. I’m a HUGE Holmes fan (the books) and I actually liked what Ritchie did with the movie. I really enjoyed Downey’s portrayal of Holmes as well. If anything bugged me about the movie it was (well first that they made Holmes a “ladies’ man” which he’s far from), but that they totally missed the mark with the Watson character. That being said, Law and Downey did have excellent chemistry in the movie, so I couldn’t be too mad about it.

    Others not mentioned: I’m curious to see Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Moneyball looks like it could be good too (has a pretty good cast as well).

    I’m absolutely hyped about Paranormal Activity 3. I loved the first two. At the same time, I’m curious to see more about Dibbuk Box. I want to see what this franchise is that Lionsgate is high on and looking to replace Saw with.

    Hugo Cabret I want to check out and Harold and Kumar’s Christmas I want to see (yea I know, just for a stoner laugh lol).

    1. Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark is too scary for me. I put the trailer up a few months ago and couldn’t bear to watch even the entire thing. Haven’t seen any of the Paranormal Activity movie so not exactly enthused about it.

      Well, glad at least there are a couple we both are looking forward to, JL.

      1. That’s pretty much why it appeals to me (Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark): it genuinely looks scary. Not many good scary (as in terror, not gore) movies are made these days. And even fewer actually scare me. Call me masochistic but I actually like being scared like that from time to time lol So this one shows promise.

        Paranormal Activity I enjoyed and thought they did a fairly good job with instilling terror by building tension and all. Of course, if you’re not into horror movies and being scared, I wouldn’t recommend it. I got a couple of friends like that and I would never recommend it to them.

        1. I don’t mind scary movies as long as it’s more suspenseful but not bloody or gory, I just don’t have the stomach for those. This one looks more like an intellectual horror, but still, it scared me out of my wits just watching that trailer! What do you think of Katie Holmes casting?

          I might give Paranormal Activity a chance, it doesn’t look too gory but I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares afterward as it looks so darn realistic.

  15. I’m looking forward to The Rite with Athony Hopkins and There be Dragons. Also, Kung Fu Panda 2. The wife and I loved the first one, hope the sequel is as funny.

    1. The Rite looks terrifying, can’t stand anything about exorcism since I’m still haunted by The Exorcist after more than a decade of seeing it.

      I’m curious to see There Be Dragons as well, at least the Catholics aren’t portrayed as evil in the movies for once.

  16. Yeah I’m excited for a bunch of these, mostly The Rum Diaries and Sherlock. But really, above all Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is the most alluring and even more so when you put up that stunning actor line up! It’s all kinds of awesome:)

    1. Yeah, too bad we still have a long wait for ‘TTSS’ But perhaps it’s close enough for award season so that Oldman would finally some overdue recognition.

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