Musings on the Razzies 2011 nominations

Just a day before Oscar nominations are announced tomorrow morning, the Golden Raspberry Award, best known as the Razzies released their own list of *honorees* 😀 The third Twilight installment The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and M. Night Shyamalan’s fantasy flick The Last Airbender tied for the most nominations with 9 each. I think both of them are shoo-ins for the worst movies, as well as Sex and the City 2 and Vampires Suck (let’s face it, the filmmaker of that vampire spoof flick might actually be dismayed if it weren’t nominated!). Check out the Razzies official site for a full list of nominees (ironically, I think their site should be nominated for the worst web design!)

One name I wish I didn’t see among the nominees is my fave Gerry Butler (nominated for Worst Actor in The Bounty Hunter). Now, I think there are far worse actors that belong in that category (i.e. Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans, Sylvester Stallone or Jason Statham in Expendables), but y’know what, I can’t exactly disagree it was just a terrible role. After all, it prompted me to write this open letter to him. I think he’ll probably just laugh this one off, but I also hope this will motivate him to be involved in much better quality stuff in the future, such as the two of his upcoming roles in Machine Gun Preacher, Coriolanus and hopefully Burns!

I personally think the Razzies is a fun diversion from all the typical award shows, and those who have a sense of humor like Sandra Bullock (who won an Oscar AND a Razzie in the same year) can appreciate and just have fun with it.  My pal and blog contributor Ted explains why he prefers to watch the Razzies over the Oscars:

I’m not a big fan of award shows, especially the Oscars. To me award shows are just pretentious and aren’t entertaining to watch. The Razzies on the other hand is a fun and very engaging show. I mean they nominate the worst of the worst in Hollywood and it’s actually entertaining to watch, well more like read about since no network on TV broadcasts it. I hope someday a network like Comedy Central will pick it up and show it, I’ll definitely tune in but I might be in the minority here.

The last time I watched the Oscars was probably back in 2000 or 2001 season and boy it felt like I was watching a UN Summit or something. I mean come on, why are these entertainers so serious on the show? I mean they’re entertainers, they’re supposed to entertain us the viewers! It’s not like they’re changing the world with their films or anything. I’m a huge film geek, but man, lighten up for once! I believe both Steve Martin and Chris Rock host the show once and never asked to come back to host again because they were criticized for being too funny, right? Someone correct me if I’m wrong since I don’t pay attention to the Oscars much.

Again, I’m probably in the minority since I’m a film geek but don’t care for the Oscars. I mean it’s great that high quality films and filmmakers are getting recognized for their work but why does it have to be so serious, have some fun. You guys are entertainers!

So what do you folks generally think about the Razzies? Thoughts on this year’s nominees and who you think deserves to be on this list?

50 thoughts on “Musings on the Razzies 2011 nominations

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  2. PrairieGirl

    My biggest agreement with you is that the Razzie Web site is the worst. No nomination necessary, just hand them the Razzie right now! And Ted, I’m with you – would love to watch the Razzies on Comedy Central 😉

  3. Moreso than LAST AIRBENDER, ECLIPSE, or even VAMPIRES SUCK, I want SEX AND THE CITY 2 to win every single award so they don’t feel inclined to make another one of those horrible, horrible films.

    Do they show the Razzies on any channels? Like Spike or MTV?

  4. Tamsin Louise Parker

    Some people actually thought that Dev Patel was quite good in ‘The Last Airbender’. Why couldn’t they have nominated Matt Lanter for Worst Actor ‘Vampires Suck’? Him and Crista Flanagan for Worst Supporting Actress.
    And Eclipse was the best of the Twilight Series- yet why did it have to get nominated for the Worst Movie of 2010.
    What bugs me is that the nominees for the Golden Raspberry Awards are chosen by the audience, not the critics.

    1. I haven’t seen either films so I can’t comment on that. Interesting how far down Patel went from Slumdog… from 94% to 7% on Rotten Tomatoes!

      Well sometimes the audience know a bit more than the critics 😀

      1. Poor Patel.

        When i first saw the trailer for the airbender movie(After having seen the tv series through netflix) i got as bad vibe. It seemed like Shamylan forgot the humor of the tv series.

  5. I haven’t seen any of those films either, but I did see Clash Of the Titans, that was a contender for worst film I saw last year. It robably didn’t help that I was stung for the cost of watching it in virtually non-existent 3D as well.

    I like the spirit of the Razzies, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and helps keep the importance of Oscars and the value of the movie industry in perspective.

    1. Yep, Clash is an abomination, kind of like Expendables. Too bad you actually paid for the 3D, I heeded the reviews that say the 3D was bad but still, I wish I had waited for the dvd!

  6. Glad to see Twilight and The Bounty Hunter stars nominated. That’s what I think the Razzies do best, put really popular, awful movie and performances into check. Aniston is just…. ugh.

        1. LOL I was wondering about your thoughts on GB’s nom after I saw it. I laughed to myself after reading! but, hey…the bad performances just make us appreciate the good ones even more…no matter how few and far they may be! 😉 Like Ashton Kutcher…I thought he was great in The Guardian, but hasn’t done TOO much well since.

          1. Ha..ha.. I laughed about it, too and probably so did Gerry. That guy’s got a good sense of humor so he might even show up a la Sandra Bullock and entertain the crowd 😀 I know he’s not even close to being a bad actor, I just think he probably has to turn it down a few notches to play against Jen Aniston!

            Kutcher on the other hand, always have that smirk on his face that he had in That 70s Show, he’s just so unbelievable unless he’s playing a variation of himself.

  7. Why isn’t Portman nominated for a Razzie??? Her acting is a cinematic atrocity!
    And I think people who hate SEX AND THE CITY are just haters 😛 I mean, it’s not a great great film, but it’s far from being bad … it’s fun and witty.
    HAve you heard that the blogosphere is calling my awards Dezzies :):)

        1. PrairieGirl

          Oh, how ever could I have missed it, it was spectacular! And especially since Ruth is one your four angels ;-D. It goes right up there in my calendar for next year so I don’t ever skip over it again. And I love the way “Hollywood” gained an extra “L” for the special occasion 😉

    1. Oh boy Dezzy, you’re gonna make a lot of people upset with that comment (not me, as you’re entitled to your opinion). Haven’t seen the film but looks like she worked hard for the role.

      I don’t ‘hate’ things Dezzy, but I have no interest in SATC nor can I possibly endorse what it stands for.

      Ohhh, the Dezzies, I like the sound of that! So I guess I’m a Dezzy angel then 😀 😀

      1. but you haven’t really watched SATC, have you? 🙂 I’m not supporting some of the superficial things either, but there was much much more depth in the show than superficiality.

        1. @ Dezzy, yes I have watched the TV version a few times actually, and the movie is just an extension of the show. It is funny at times and well-written (the TV show I mean), I just can’t find myself enjoying it as I’m cringing too much 😦

      1. ah, Castor, I believe even you would play a BLACK SWAN better, although I’m not sure how you would look like in a tutu 🙂 But I’d pay to see it 😛

  8. I’m glad there’s a “Worst Use of 3D” category. It seems like 3D misses a lot more than it hits these days – outside of the animated 3D movies, anyway.

    1. Yep, exactly! At least GB was fun and expressive in TBH whilst Sam looked bored the entire time, even when he was fighting the giant scorpion!

  9. So glad that Kristen Stewart looks like she will be receiving an award. I will have something to say if she doesn’t win! Her acting bothers me….she sits there and stares with her mouth wide open more than Keira and Olivia do and calls it acting!! haha

        1. Not trying to defend her or anything but I think the script is what’s so dismal about Twilight. I’m sure Kristen’s not half bad in other films as I heard critics praised her in the two movies Julian mentioned.

    1. when it comes to Vampires Suck…it was a brilliantly done parody, honestly! They did a great job mimicking all that it was making fun of. very few parodies get it as spot on as they did. The look-alikes, the bad acting tributes, the hormonal teenage twi-hard groupies! Vampires Suck was a good parody in its on regard….it was just a bad movie based on another! I laughed rarely during the film, but had some fun writing my review!

  10. Shabaz

    Re: Kristen Stewart, R Pattinson, Sam Worthington, J Aniston, all people who when interviewed you want to change channels. Not so G Butler, S Bullock, …always entertaining to watch.

    The point of watching a movie is not excellent acting, script, editing, directing, whatever. The criteria should be: Did you get your money’s worth(unless bootlegged) ? Were you entertained? Did you want to fall asleep or leave theatre? Did it leave you feeling better after ?

    My criteria:
    The movie was worth more than the price of the tickets
    The drive was easy.
    Parking was easy.
    The seats were comfortable.
    Snacks were cheap , varies, no queue (spelled right?).
    Audio and video were good.
    Some nudity (actual or implied)
    No Fidgety/squirmy moments.
    Suspense, Humour, Drama all in the right places
    Possibility of a sequel.
    The hero DOES NOT DIE!!!
    The actors could actually act,.. if not, at least interestingly bad.
    Some plot twists..
    Possibility of a sequel.

    1. Umm what does the theater that you see a movie in have to do with the quality of a movie?

      I don’t think the presence of nudity automatically means a movie is good. One of my favorite movies, Ip Man, had no nudity. And a movie called 9 songs had plenty of nudity, but overall the movie never really grabbed my interest.

      I don’t see how fidgety/squirmy moments automatically makes a movie bad. Another one of my fav films, The Piano Teacher, had a couple of squirmy moments but i still rank the movie as one of my favs.

      IMO not all movies allow for suspense, humor, and drama all in one. I don’t think a good movie has to have all three.

      I don’t think a good movie has to leave open the possibility of a sequel. Also, i don’t think just because a movie has the hero dying at the end means its a bad movie.

      Yes, i agree acting is a important aspect. Plot Twists i sort of agree with you, although i think just having plot twists makes a movie good.

      IMO the definition of a good movie s one that satisfies the expectations it sets up. If it sets itself up a a fun action flick, i expect a fun action flick. If a movie sets itself up as a serious drama, i expect a serious drama. There have been a few movies that went a direction i didn’t expect that i’ve enjoyed, but usually as long as a movie satisfy s the expectations it sets up i’m good.

      I realize this response may have come off as insulting, but that wasn’t my intention. I just feel your criteria leaves out a lot of good films. THis is all my opinion of course, and you have the right to your own criteria for good movies, i just disagree.

  11. I think they went for easy targets rather that nominating the movies that were REALLY bad. I honestly think that there should be a Worst Non-Action, Non-RomCom Picture.

    1. You’re right Marshall, they really didn’t put too much effort in nominating. I mean, the movies on the list are bad, but I’m sure there are dozens that are far worse.

  12. vony

    Tom Cruise in Knight and Day.. Was he getting desperate or what ??
    Anything Resident Evil .. enough is enough, how many bad sequel they need to make ??

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