Hibernation Weekend Roundup

It’s a rather late weekend roundup, folks, as I was busy writing my thoughts on The Cape on Sunday night. Have you read it?

Well, it’s January… right smack dab in the coldest time of the Winter months. I don’t mind the cold I suppose as I prefer this weather than tropical sweltering heat with humidity levels in the 70s, but still, the well below zero windchill makes me want to just curl up in my couch as much as I can. Hence I forgo the theater this past weekend, though I’m sure glad many people packed the cinemas to see True Grit instead of that abysmal Little Fockers (please, Ben Stiller, give the franchise a rest already!) The Coens’ Western remake grossed nearly $15 mil over the weekend, bringing the total gross to $110 million in 19 days (per Box Office Mojo), which is the most financially successful film from the Minnesotan brothers to date. Good for them, it really is a great film that I’m glad to call one of this year’s best.

To color my hibernation weekend was Beauty & the Beast on Blu-ray, arriving from Netflix just in time for Friday night viewing.

A few people have been tweeting the past few weeks about how gorgeous that Disney flick looks on Blu-ray, and wow, this one definitely lives up to the hype. The colors and details are ever so vivid, and the part I look forward the most, the waltz sequence between Belle & the Beast is still as impressive as the first time I saw it. I love how the camera swooped in from behind the chandelier and then focuses on the two characters on the dance floor. It used a then groundbreaking technology to give it that 3D effect to give it much more depth than the usually flat-looking animation. This isn’t my favorite Disney princess movies of all time (that’d be Sleeping Beauty), but Beauty & the Beast is still fun to watch and merits its 1992 Best Picture Oscar nomination (the first bestowed to an animated feature).

Another one I saw was a decade-old sports comedy The Replacements. Apparently I had bought it a while ago when Blockbuster’s brick & mortar store went kaput, but just realized it when we were going through our dvd collection. It’s as cheesy and goofy as ever but one that probably makes a lot of football fans’ guilty pleasure list. The gist is that the professional players have gone on strike, which forced the league to call a former NFL coach out of retirement to find replacement players to finish the season’s last four games. It’s fun just to watch Gene Hackman coaching a bunch of misfits as well as watching Keanu Reeves did his best quarterback impersonation. Oh, and for fans of the Matrix star, there are plenty of slo-mos of him running with his hair blowing in the wind 😀

Well, not going to the cinemas also gave me a chance to finally finish the romance mystery novel I’ll be adapting for Castor’s blog’s Hollywood Fantasy Draft II. I’ll be posting my dream cast list on Wednesday, exactly a week before my scheduled pitch on January 19th. I’m so looking forward to this event, which will be the second time I’ll be participating. If you haven’t read my first pitch, click on the Hearts Want poster on my sidebar, or click here to view my first dream cast picks.


That’s the roundup, folks. So what movie(s) did you manage to see this weekend?

33 thoughts on “Hibernation Weekend Roundup

  1. I look forward to seeing your cast. I might post my cast before posting the ptich, but i am mainly trying to get the other aspects of the story done first since the main actors i want weren’t picked by anyone(It is still Amy, Thomas, and Nelsan)

    1. Well, I hope you like it. It’s mostly British and no major movie star in sight, though the main lead is quite famous here and internationally. It’s easier this time since I’m adapting a novel. My first one was quite consuming that I won’t have time to do that kind of thing again where I have to think of everything from character development to detailed storyline.

  2. here in Europe we are currently having some unusual springy temperatures of almost 15*C 😦
    Ah, I didn’t get to watch many films this weekend, just some romantic flick with Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston, which wasn’t bad at all, it almost made me cry a bit in the end 🙂 But I do love me some romantic flick on Sunday evenings 🙂 they give you energy for Monday.

    1. Ahah, funny how we both prefer cold weather, Dezzy. But I can’t say I love these sub-zero temps, I mean I don’t mind cold only if it doesn’t make my face hurt!

      Oh you mean Love Happens? Hmmm, I’d only see that for Aaron but not sure I can stand an hour and a half of Anniston. Ah, you’re such a hopeless romantic, Dez!

  3. I rewatched In the Good Old Summertime, which is a remake of The Shop Around the Corner. (Another remake, for modern audiences, is You’ve Got Mail. The first has Jimmy Stewart, the second has Judy Garland. You decide which one is the weakest link.)

    We also watched Jaws. Whee?

    1. Wow, what a mix of romance and nail-biting horror. Jaws still scares the s*@^ out of me and when I swim and think of that big fish, I still shudder, imagine that.

      Oh, glad to hear you like You’ve Got Mail, too. I’ve never seen the original but I love Hanks + Ryan combo, the banter is fun and sweet and it’s refreshingly funny, too. That part when Hanks is afraid to see who his blind date was never fails to make me laugh. Dave Chappelle is actually pretty good here.

      1. You’ve Got Mail is ok. HIGHLY recommend seeing “the original,” which stars Jimmy Stewart, and the secondary (In the Good Old Summertime), which is a musical version starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson. Both of those are really good. I’ve been thinking of writing a post on the three films, but I’m about to do that (in the coming month, maybe) with another story, so I’ll just have to save this one. 😉

        1. PrairieGirl

          banana: loved the Jimmy Stewart Shop Around the Corner. Was so interesting to see how they actually wrote letters on paper, put them in a mailbox and their intended recipient actually put them in a pocket or purse and read them! Quite a contrast to You’ve Got Mail, but nice to see human nature doesn’t change much though ;-O

  4. We are in Atlanta and, thus, trapped in the house. I have decided to celebrate by watching some older stuff. I rewatched John Frankenheimer’s 1964 film “Seven Days in May”. Great film about political paranoia and it’s consequences. I’m thinking about some film noir this afternoon. Probably “The Asphalt Jungle” or “Laura”.

    1. Hey Keith. I heard you guys got a bunch of snow, you poor thing, you must not be used to it like we are here. Ah well, I guess Winter is hibernation time for a lot of us.

      I have never heard of any of the films you mention… sorry, I’m not well-versed in classic movies. Asphalt Jungle looks like a good heist movie though.

      1. I lived in New York until about 13 years ago and I used to be able to handle snow and ice. A little southern living kills that quite quickly. Since 4 inches is enough to shut down my life for weeks I believe I am now, alas, officially a Southerner.

        Asphalt Jungle is a great film. It has aged extremely well. Great pacing, amazing characters, and super dialogue. If I were to pick one great example of film noir to introduce the genre, that’d be it.

        Frankenheimer’s early ’60s films are worth seeing, but they are an acquired taste. His work is a deep exploration of what makes people irrationally frightened. “Seven Days” is great, but if you are looking to check his work out the best one to start with is probably “Seconds”. That film blew my mind.

        1. Yeah I can see that I’d be the same way too if I live in a warmer state. I don’t know if I can give up the four seasons now as I’ve grown accustomed to the drastic swing of temps. In fact, when I went back to my home country (Indonesia) I got heat rash… so I guess my body prefers cold over hot now, he..he.. Well, it’s not exactly the BEST place on earth, but I like it. So do you + your wife visit MN often?

          Hey thanks for the recommendations. I’ll put those in my must-see list. There are far too many to catch up on, still haven’t even seen some of the greats like Citizen Kane 😦

          1. My wife and I (and our two crazy little kids) go up there for 2 months a year. We are both teachers and my wife is quite close to her family there, so it gives us the opportunity to visit with them AND miss the heat down here. We stayed in St. Paul last year and up in Stillwater the year before. I miss it when we leave.

            1. Oh awesome! So you must be quite familiar with the Twin Cities area then. People often don’t know how hot it can get here as they probably think we live in igloos 😀 Well it’s great to get to know you a little better, Keith. Btw, looks like the weather is improving there for you… very envious of the sunny conditions and temps in the 30s. Oh that’d feel great to forgo the gloves for a while.

        1. PrairieGirl

          Hi Keith, we here in the TC share your pain with the snow, only we usually need a lot more of it than you to begin needing the Percocet ;-D

  5. PrairieGirl

    So glad you finally finished the novel – can’t wait to hear what you think, and really looking forward to your next pitch.

    The Replacements is a fun romp of a movie.

    Other than The Mayor of Casterbridge, I saw The Third Man (1949 on TCM) with Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles. A very interesting mystery in the aftermath of WWII Vienna. It was filmed in Vienna, and rubble from the war is still very evident. Quite a unique and memorable musical score, and I understood the director wanting a score other than what would have been typical Viennese, but was so annoyed with it by the end of the film I was glad it was finally over.

    1. Hey, I was going to come over to your desk to ask you about the ending. I might have to go back and re-read some of it as I’m doing the character development part.

      Oh you’ve seen The Replacements? Yep, a romp is what it is.

      I have yet to see any Orson Welles film, isn’t that terrible? I am intrigued by ‘Casterbridge’ because of the cast. I’d have to watch that for Purefoy and Hinds.

      1. PrairieGirl

        Well, when you do decide to finally see Welles, just be sure to see Citizen Kane first ;-D The Third Man would be my second choice. You know he was Rochester in the 1943 version of Jane Eyre?

        And Casterbridge is exceptionally good because of Purefoy and Hinds.

  6. I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I was somewhat disappointed by it, I didn’t find it all that funny or even amusing. I can see why it didn’t make much of a ripple at the box office because it’s a very nerd/geek oriented film.

    1. Funny, Vince just said a friend of his just lent him that movie today. I still might give it a shot because of Edgar Wright, but I’ll keep my expectation in check in regards to your comment.

    2. Scott Pilgrim ends up being a “cult classic” of sorts. Either you like it, or you don’t I am finding. Actually, a second viewing is not that bad of an idea in determining that. Glad you saw it, Castor. But you’re right, it is a “nerd/geek oriented film” and I think its boldness to be as such with its creativity is pretty impressive!

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