Everybody’s Chattin’: Top ten reviews from other bloggers

Happy Friday, everybody! For the first year’s edition of Everybody’s Chattin’, I thought I’d do something different and list ten instead of the usual five. Inspired by Luke @ Cynicritics’ It’s the Most Wonderful Posts of the Year, and the fact that I find review writing the most challenging part of blogging, I selected 10 reviews of 2010 movies I either haven’t seen and/or haven’t yet reviewed.

Writing reviews takes a special skill and these bloggers have done a great job in presenting a critique that’s engaging, a joy to read, as well as informative without giving away spoilers. The last one is crucial as my dental hygienist just spoiled a pretty critical plot about Black Swan as she shared what she thought about the film!! 😦

Anyway, without further ado, here they are in alphabetical order:

  1. 127 Hours
    Review by Castor @ Anomalous Material
    “Should you see 127 Hours? Absolutely, it is one of the year’s best film and a triumphant affirmation of the human spirit.”
  2. Another Year
    Review by Andrew @ theFILMblog
    “A real testament to the rich and enthralling talent currently found in this particular era of British cinema. Mike Leigh: Another Year. Another Hit.”

  3. Black Swan
    Review by The ScarletSp1der
    Black Swan inventively and impressively depicts the individualized stories and struggles of the characters in a manner that is rarely seen. Aronofsky tells the tale through his film that is its own brand of movie: a unique blend of romance, music, self-discovery, suspense, and horror.”
  4. Easy A
    Review by Sam @ BananaOilMovies
    “Chalk another one up for literary staple turned teen movie. With an excellent lead, a strong supporting cast, some solid, non-dated humor, and several nods to the classics of the genre, Easy A is a worthy addition to both unconventional adaptations and to teen movies.”

  5. The Fighter
    Review by Aiden @ Cut the Crap Movie Reviews
    “It’s a poor man’s Rocky, but it does have the best ensemble cast of the year and that goes a long way.”
  6. Monsters
    Review by Richard @ Celluloid Zombie
    Monsters is the alien invasion movie with an Indie sensibility. And, like Signs, the presence of the aliens is a backdrop to a far more human story. There are moments of carnage, but these only occur whenever the military make an appearance, which begs the question of who the title of the movie really refers to.”
  7. Somewhere
    Review by Andy @ Fandango Groovers
    “One thing that can’t be faulted is the acting, Stephen Dorff perfectly captures his character and makes him totally believable, probably even more so than Bill Murray’s Bob Harris in Lost in Translation. Elle Fanning looks as accomplished as her older sister did at a similar age.”
  8. The Disappearance of Alice Creed
    Review by Marc @ Go-See-Talk
    “Leave it to the Brits to tell so much story with so little information and exposition. This is a near perfect film and one that shows you don’t have to make it overblown like Ransom to make it effective and impacting.”
  9. The Town
    Review by Luke @ Cynicritics
    “Out of its countless surprises, The Town saves the best for last, which is proving that Ben Affleck, as a director, is not even close to done baby, done.”

  10. True Grit
    Review by MadHatter @ The Dark of the Matinee
    “This movie takes those Coen-isms and dots a grim and classic tale with them. In many ways it contains touchstones of all their greatest films, while still being very faithful to the source material.”

And since we’re on the subject of critiquing movies, Fitz @ NeverMindPop Film wrote an insightful essay on a controversial film critic: Armond White or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Ignore the Troll


But before you click over to these wonderful posts, first tell me: what are your movie watching plans this weekend and if you happen to be a movie blogger yourself, what have been the toughest review to write in 2010?

27 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’: Top ten reviews from other bloggers

  1. Oh, you! Thanks for the plug, Ruth! Much appreciated.

    As for this weekend, going to see Somewhere and Inside Job, maybe borrow a friend’s copy of The American if I’m lucky (or unlucky depending on what you’ve heard). And as for the hardest review of the year, the ones that come to mind are THE SOCIAL NETWORK (solely due to the extent of how much praise you can throw to so many aspects of a movie), WAITING FOR “SUPERMAN” (quickly learned after posting that there’s two sides to every story) and I AM LOVE (still don’t quite understand that movie).

    Great post, lot of love going around the blogosphere at the moment.

    1. Hey thanks for taking the time from basking on your Total Film nomination to stop by, Aiden 😉 Congrats again!

      I haven’t written my review of Social Network but I’d imagine that’d be a tough one for me to write. I’ve read mixed reviews of I Am Love. Kinda makes me curious to see it though.

      Well, all the love is well-deserved as you’re a phenomenal writer!

  2. I’m honored to be on your top 10 reviews of the year. Thanks Ruth! My movie plans for the weekend include seeing Scott Pilgrim vs The World and maybe reviewing an odd movie I saw recently called Valhalla Rising.

    1. Well the honor is all mine… congrats again on the TF nomination, way to go!

      Oh I haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim either, gotta do that soon. As for Valhala Rising, I heard good things about it from my buddy Vince.

    2. can’t wait to see your thoughts on Scott Pilgrim AND on Valhalla Rising. I reviewed S.P. and it continually gets mixed reviews from my readers. Valhalla Rising I hadn’t checked out yet. I believe its Netflix streamable. I can’t wait to hear from you about that one!

  3. mcarteratthemovies

    I didn’t spy “Winter’s Bone” anywhere in that list … how sad. Right now that film is bucking for number 1 on my top 10 list. It’s a quiet film, but the acting is spectacular, the cinematography sets the mood perfectly and the dialogue — what little there is of it — is pitch-perfect. Really, even with “Black Swan” and “True Grit” in the mix, I can’t see any movie of 2010 doing any of those things better.

    1. Oh boy, my bad! I actually had that on the list to find the review for, not sure why it got left out. Well, here’s one way to rectify the situation:

      Winter’s Bone
      Review by Meredith @ M. Carter at the Movies

      “… Or maybe it’s the setting that amplifies the noir, since the best films of the genre turn setting into a character all its own. The elements are there: the conflicted, dogged hero; the crime in the past that thrives in the present; the bystanders who know more than they’ll say; the truth that’s dredged up no matter how deep the criminals buried it or how closely they guard the grounds.”

  4. Thanks, Ruth! Glad you enjoyed the review, and hope you see the movie sometime soon. (You haven’t yet, right?) I kind of want to see it again, actually (mostly for Tucci/Clarkson!)

    I have to admit that there are a bunch of the movies being talked about right now that I kind of want to see. I ought to get ahead of the curve this year, instead of being behind. hehehe

    Oh yes. Happy New Year!

    1. No I haven’t seen it yet, Sam, but will do so at some point. Tucci is always fun to watch on screen.

      As for catching up on movies, well you’ve got a legitimate excuse, unlike me 🙂

  5. Awesome collection of reviews, Ruth! Definitely some of the highest quality bloggers on the net. I suppose it’s time for me to put on my unnecessary glasses and get to work… maybe I’ll make your list next year 😉

    1. With a list like this, I’m always going to be guilty of leaving out other quality blog posts such as yours. I think you’re one of the most gifted writers in the blogosphere, Uni… but you don’t need me to tell you that!

  6. Ruth,
    Thank you! I feel very priviledged to be included in your list! Appreciate the plug! I, like Castor, feel very honored to make your top 10 of 2010 movies you haven’t seen yet!….sorry that your dentist ruined part of it for you. (they often do that while you are unable to talk and tell them to STOP before spoiling anything!)

    Movie plans for the weekend: Country Strong and Never Let Me Go.

    1. You’re welcome, T! Yeah, next time I have to be cautious when she’s talking about movies I haven’t seen, but it’s ok, I’m still curious to see the film.

      Looking forward to your reviews, especially the latter.

  7. Boy oh Boy, thanks so very much for highlighting us for this Ruth:) *gushes* I’d rather be on your list than that old IMDb Hit List any day of the week!!

    P.S. Please excuse all the typos and weird comment as of late…that’s what happens when you try to keep up blogging on a smart phone…the phone has a way of making you appear so not smartXD

    1. Anytime, Marc, anytime. Funny you always say ‘us’ in regards to G-S-T even though it seems that you’re the only one keeping the blog up. Ha..ha.. I doubt I give even a splinter of hits compared to IMDb, but what a lovely thing to say, so thank you!

      Ahah, I get ya about those darn smart phones. I hate those auto-correct thing, too.

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