The Flix List: Top Ten Favorite Trailers Released in 2010

Well this is an easy one. Sometimes a week go by without me seeing a single movie—yes that’d be a lousy week indeed—but I almost see at least one trailer per week. I go to for posters and for my trailer fix, I’d go to Apple trailers page. The best trailers not only do what they’re supposed to, that is entice us to really see the movie, but they’d also have the power to tickle our minds and move our hearts. Or they’re just simply a heck of a lot of fun and entertaining, often much more so than the movie they’re promoting. Some trailers are also pretty addictive. If I like one, I have to resist myself from watching it over and over again to prevent overexposure. But usually I’d have already watched my faves more than a half dozen times by the time I sit down to see the movie themselves.

So without further ado, here are ten of my favorites that are released this year:

1. Jane Eyre

Intriguing, romantic, unearthly

2. Toy Story 3

Moving, lively, uproarious

3. The Social Network

Timely, witty, fascinating

4. Cowboys & Aliens

Bizarre, out-of-this-world, downright awesome!

5. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

Dark, stirring, magical

6. Cairo Time

Lush, unconventionally-romantic, poignant

7. Inception

Enigmatic, cool, dynamic

8. Rango

Fun, hilarious, playful

9. Battle: Los Angeles

Compelling, eerie, relentless

10. A-Team

Fun, frenetic, frivolous

Honorable Mentions:


Now your turn to tell me your favorite movie trailers of the year!

37 thoughts on “The Flix List: Top Ten Favorite Trailers Released in 2010

  1. Ted S.

    My favorite of the year has to be Inception, I think I watched it like 5 times the day they officially released the final trailer. Before that I watched the crappy bootleg trailer for like 3 times.

    The Tree of Life is another one that I’ve watched over and over but then again I’m a huge fan of Terrence Malick.

    I definitely agree that Battle: LA trailer looks great, hopefully the movie itself will be good.

    Tron: Legacy, The Social Network, Robin Hood (I didn’t care for the actual film) and Iron Man 2 round out my faves of the year.

    1. Vince

      I agree with Ted – the Tree of Life trailer looks beautiful. I gotta put my 2 pennies in and say Black Swan is up there for me…

      On another note, how ’bout the worst trailers of the year? My vote is Am I Alone?

      1. Ahah, I knew you’d say Black Swan, Vince. It’s beautiful and haunting at the same time, but I don’t think I’d want to watch that over and over.

        Not sure I’ve seen Am I Alone trailer. But if I were to do a worst list, I’d probably put Thor and I Am Number Four.

      2. Ted S.

        LOL, you can now get Am I Alone on DVD Vince. ha ha.

        Ruth, here’s the trailer the “movie” we’re talking about:

        It’s probably the most awful thing you’ll ever see, trust me.

    2. Yeah, Inception is definitely one of the most addictive.

      I like the idea of Tree of Life and Malick, but since I don’t care for the two main actors, let’s just say I’m not as psyched about that film as others do.

      Battle: LA better lives up to that awesome trailer!

      I actually like the trailer of the first Iron Man better than the 2nd flick (same goes for the movie).

      1. I saw the trailer for the Tree of Life a couple of days ago. While i am not a huge Brad fan, i haven’t seen a bad performance from him(I think my fav performance of his so far was in The Assassination of Jesse James). I’m a bit surprised about your indifference to Sean Penn tho.

        1. It’s just a preference thing, can’t explain it. But movies are after all entertainment, if I don’t think particular actors just don’t do it for me, I don’t HAVE to watch their films. Of course I make exceptions every now and then if the subject matter is interesting or if I like other actor(s) in the movie. I still might see Tree of Life eventually.

    3. Mine is also Inception. Love the trailer as much as the movie.

      How powerful the trailer was? let’s just say that it drove me away from Cillian. The moment I saw that trailer, I want to watch it more than just because he is in the movie.

      It was just like when I saw The Matrix Trailer.

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  3. I was really partial to the True Grit trailer. The combination of it being a Coen brother film; Dudester Cogburn; and Johnny Cash singing during the trailer put a grin on my face from ear to ear.

  4. SUCKER PUNCH would be my favourite from your list.
    When it comes to me, I was more excited, this year, about the first trailers for 2011 historical shows like CAMELOT, GAME OF THRONES,BORGIAS, SPARTACUS …. THOR also had a cool trailer. It’s strange that you didn’t put TREE OF LIFE trailer in the list since you love that director 🙂

    1. Ahah, I knew you’d like Sucker Punch. That Zack Snyder sure knows how to promote his movies, 300 and Watchmen were my faves also.

      I actually didn’t care for Thor trailer despite my anticipation for the movie. Can’t pinpoint why exactly I just went ‘meh’ after I saw it.

      Yeah I like Malick but I think you could very well guess why I didn’t LOVE it (hint: I think you’re not crazy about one of the actors, too)

  5. Can’t argue with a lot of these. My favorite was The Social Network. My second, which I don’t think was mentioned, was Somewhere. Brilliant in its simplicity. I wasn’t all that looking forward to the movie (not a huge Sofia Coppola fan), but the trailer helped boost my anticipation for sure.

    1. Y’know I actually watched the Somewhere trailer last night as I was working on this post. It’s good but not as good as any I’ve selected. The premise sounds intriguing though. I’m not all that familiar with Sofia’s work having only seen one, Lost in Translation.

  6. I was actually not blown away by the “Jane Eyre” trailer, but I agree with most of the other choices. I’d say that “Battle LA” deserves a special mention for me because I knew nothing about that film before seeing the trailer, and now I’m looking forward to it a lot.

    1. Hi Danny! I love Jane Eyre so I’ve naturally been anticipating it for a while. Having Fassbender as Rochester is icing on the cake! Yep, I feel the exact same way about Battle LA, hope the actual movie is as good.

  7. I really love Inception trailer! It got my attention, without even giving me what the movie really was about. All anyone would say when talking about the trailer was: “That one movie with Leo in it and the builidings are going upside-down. You know, where they steal your ideas in dreams or something like that!” haha A well done trailer.

    I also gotta give some attention to Super8’s trailer and just how everyone wants to see more and/or looks for clues in the trailer. Amazingly, the trailer launched way before production on the movie even began.

    One of my favorite trailers got pulled years ago due to the unfortunate attack on our country on 9-11-2001. But I cannot begin to describe the amount of excitement I felt when I saw the very first Spiderman movie trailer in theaters. I had NO idea the movie was coming out and to see the helicopter stuck in a web between the Two Towers just made me giggle like a little girl! An absolute favorite!

    Great post Ruth! I’m gonna have to link to it on next week’s “Trailer Time Thursday!” With your permission of course!!

    1. Yeah, that’s the genius part about it. It’s incredibly intriguing but mind boggling at the same time. Glad the film lives up to it, too.

      Ah yes, Super 8, I remember that one. But it seems very Godzilla-ish that I didn’t really want to see the movie.

      Yeah, what a bummer about the Spidey trailer. Man, that’d be just too sad to watch even though it was uber cool.

      Sorry I’m slacking in my response but hey, thanks for linking it from your blog!

  8. Gahhhh! I was so thinking of a post for best trailers. If I get to it, I think I’d be including:

    1) Black Swan
    2) The Social Network
    3) Tron Legacy
    4) Inception
    5) Never Let Me Go

    Great picks.

    1. Hey, no reason why you can’t still post your list, Luke.

      Agree with all your picks. Never Let Me Go was so mysterious, in a good way. THey did a wonderful job in not revealing too much like a lot of trailers do.

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      1. I burst out laughing when I saw that “Red Riding Hood” trailer. I was a good 30 seconds into it before I was convinced that it wasn’t a joke or something created for

  10. Remember when i said you can call me out on me going crazy over Deborah not having a big part?

    Well, after seeing the “Mothers Day” trailer i think you can do that now. I kept looking for Deborah in it, and she had only 2 scenes in it.

    And while i agree that the “Red Riding” trailer was too twilight-ish, i am still hoping that is due to marketing.

    1. Ahah, you’re too funny Julian. Well, now you really know how I feel about The Tourist trailer then 😀

      Yeah you’re probably right about Red Riding Hood trailer is marketed for Twihard, but it certainly did its job as I have no interest in seeing it now.

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