A Snownami Weekend Roundup

Our local paper calls it Snowmaggedon or Snowmygawd… and some tweets call it a Snownami. Anyway you call it, the blizzard condition practically crippled much of the state, forcing many TwinCitians to hibernate all day Saturday. A couple of my neighbors’ got their cars stuck just yards away from their house. What were they thinking trying to drive with over a foot of snow on the road?! Even the plow trucks were ordered off the highways due to visibility. According to StarTribune, about two feet of snow had fallen by Sunday morning around the metro area.

Click on image to see more photos on Startribune.com

The weather also gives sports fans a heck of a lot of stuff to chatter about. As it’s made national news yesterday, you probably have heard of the roof collapse of our football stadium. It apparently fell overnight, but luckily there are no reports of injuries. Man, I’ve never seen anything like it… snow was all over the dome floor and seats. So the game that’s scheduled to play there tonight has been moved to Detroit instead, though early reports says the snow’s likely going to follow them, ahah! Sooo much drama for the Vikes this season… it’s certainly one for the history books (though not exactly for their stellar performance :().

Now back to movie chatter, I mean, isn’t that why you’re here 😉 It was a relatively balmy, 25-degree evening when I went to see The Tourist Friday. Despite the dismal reviews, my girlfriends and I still went for it as we’ve been anticipating it for months. I probably enjoy it better as I had a fun time hanging out with my girlfriends, but as I said in my full review, it’s way more style than substance and it’s anything but a gripping thriller I was hoping for. But no, it’s not as terrible as the critics make it out to be. I mean, it certainly was more enjoyable than The Expendables, which garnered a much better rating on Rotten Tomatoes (41% compared to 2o% for The Tourist, seriously?!). In any case, suffice to say I won’t be seeing an Angelina Jolie flick for a while, I think I’ve had my share of staring into that chiseled-cheek-boned face to last me at least half a decade! Johnny Depp however, is still as likable as ever… I bet he won’t ever co-star with her again after this!

I got to see a couple of movies on hibernating-Saturday, and coincidentally, both have Nathan Fillion in it. Apparently I had put Waitress on my Netflix queue and our Firefly complete-series Blu-ray discs just arrived from Amazon, yay! Waitress is an interesting indie flick starring Kerri Russell as an unhappily-married pie-shop waitress in the South, whose unwanted pregnancy tampers with her plans of leaving her controlling husband. She ends up falling for her handsome doctor (Fillion, natch) and initially thinks it’s her last chance at happiness. If you like pies, it’s guaranteed to make you drool over the sumptuous shots of Russell making every kind of pie imaginable. It’s a poignant and personal film from actor/director Adrienne Shelley, who was murdered shortly before the film’s selection for Sundance (per Netflix dvd info). I found out later on IMDb that an illegal immigrant construction worker killed her when she saw him robbing her and staged her death as a suicide. Oh boy, how tragic!

We’ve managed to see only the pilot of the Firefly, but I’m definitely intrigued. I quite like Serenity, but we’re kinda a late comer when it comes to TV series. We just watched the entire Battlestar Galactica last year and really enjoyed it. This Josh Whedon sci-fi series has a similar vibe but is much more lighthearted.


Well, how was your weekend? Seen any good movies?

23 thoughts on “A Snownami Weekend Roundup

    1. Yeah, isn’t it? It was written on the Netflix sleeve, too, but I had to find out more details about it. It was kinda sad seeing her in the movie, she seems like a nice person.

  1. ah, there’s nothing better on a snowy day than a healthy dose of Nathan Fillion 🙂
    I’ve heard about stadium roof collapse over at another blog today. What a weird thing to happen!

    Shall I drop by later over to your place so that we could make some snowmen in front of your casa? 🙂

    1. You got that right, Dezzy.

      Well apparently this has happened a few times before, you’d think they’d repair it with something better. I mean, hello… it’s Minnesota, tons of snow isn’t exactly something new!

      Why yes Dezzy, do stop by! Don’t forget to invite all the people whose dazzling photos gracing your blog 😀 😀

  2. I had a borderline dead movie weekend. I did manage to get through the first season of “The League of Gentlemen”- six episodes or so of British sketch comedy. It takes awhile to warm up to it but once it gets going, it’s pretty funny stuff.

    1. I thought you were busy compiling your 100 best list? 😀 I’ve never heard of that series but after a quick glance on Wiki, it sounds hilarious, well as British comedies usually are.

      1. heh… the 100 Best list was partially done on Thursday, Friday morning, and Friday night. It was a collaborative effort.

        I agree about Brit-coms. Black Books, Spaced, Knowing me/Knowing you, I’m Alan Partridge, Big Train… All good. I’m sure I’m forgetting a handful.

  3. The very best things about blizzards like that is that it makes for a perfect excuse to do nothin’ but stay in and watch movies.

    Loved WAITRESS when I saw it the first time – gotta love a film that can make your stomach growl like that. We had to pause it midway, so I could run around the corner to a local cafe and get some pie for Lady Hatter and myself!

    1. You got that right, Hatter. Looks like we’ll be able to make such an excuse for the next 4 months 😉

      Ahah, good thing I’m not a fan of pies. But even I was tempted to try some of her delectable creations. Fun pie names too, I love this one ‘I CAN’T HAVE NO AFFAIR BECAUSE IT’S WRONG AND I DON’T WANT EARL TO KILL ME PIE’ So what pie did you and Lady Hatter get?

  4. I saw Waitress a whole ago. While i remember the acting being phenomenal i’m not sure i liked the movie as a whole. I think i found that the comedy elements and the dramatic elements didn’t quite come together for me(I feel Funny People did a great job of mixing comedy and drama without feeling the the writers were simplifying things for the sake of the comedy without becoming too serious).

    Anyways, this weekend i finally saw Inception, which was great. I am planning to check out the special features at a later time. I also saw The Human Centipede, which was rather disturbing. But i kind of expected that(and i don’t think disturbing equals bad). I also saw a comedy about a fictional porn director, which wasn’t bad. And lastly, i saw the live action Popeye(yes, it does exist). I’m not sure how i feel about that one

    1. Yeah, the acting is really good. I haven’t seen a lot of Kerri Russell’s work but she’s really strong in this one and able to carry the whole movie. Didn’t think it was as funny as I thought it’d be but was very moving. Haven’t seen Funny People but curious to see Eric Bana in his comic mode (he used to be a stand-up comedian).

      Glad you liked Inception. Are you gonna review it? I loved it despite (and because of) all the mind-bending aspects, but haven’t got around to seeing it again.

      1. Maybe. When i get some time, but i am hoping to do a special edition of my quick picks since i’ve seen a bunch of movies that i want recommend since the last time i did one.

  5. I drove on that Saturday 😉 My car got stuck on snow banks like 6 or 7 times. On two occasions when it was really stuck badly, some good Samaritans came to give me a hand. There is some good people out there! I also shoveled snow for a couple hours over the weekend and the pile of snow next to my driveway is about 12 feet high muahahah

    1. Castor you crazy dude! Glad you’re safe now man. I read about all the good Samaritans coming out and help people, I guess this weather did bring the good in people. My hubby did walk out with his shovel trying to help our neighbor but he was about ready to give up and walk back into the house. So I guess you don’t even need to go to gym with all that shoveling eh? 🙂

  6. mcarteratthemovies

    I LOVE “Waitress,” although every time I watch it it makes me so sad that Adrienne Shelly can’t make any more films. This one isn’t perfect, but it’s sweet and funny and quirky, and you can Shelly put a lot of heart into it.

    1. Hi Meredith! Long time no see 🙂 Yeah, I kinda feel bad seeing how sweet and lovely she is in the film, too. Her character could easily become those run-on-the-mill BFF part but yet she infused it with such quirkiness that made it so endearing.

  7. I was at work when we saw the news of the collapse! Wow! Craziness! Looks like it’s way past time for the hot chocolate and coffee!

    Interested in seeing how you like FireFly! I enjoy it so much, but when it comes to the end…..let’s just say I was super glad that Serenity came out! How does it look on Blu-ray?

    1. I really enjoy Firefly. My hubby got me hooked on it as he’s seen the entire series but he wants to see it again now that we bought the Blu-ray. It looks good, but then again I don’t have anything to compare it to as I’ve never seen the dvd version. I like the humor and the banter between the cast… and the funny thing is, it’s kinda like a sci-fi western. Even the music sounds like a western flick, so I guess Cowboys & Aliens isn’t that groundbreaking after all 🙂

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