Wishing all a blessed Thanksgiving. Travel safe!

Clooney as the travel expert Ryan Bingham

It’s Thanksgiving eve… or here in America is also known as travel-headache day. Fortunately, I don’t have to travel anywhere this time, but I feel for all of my American friends who have to be on the road, be it by car, train or worse… planes! Air travel seems to be made worse this year with all that enhanced security stuff, which to a lot of people means enhanced groping 😦 Yeah, I know, I know… this is all for the sake of passengers’ safety. And considering the alternative, I guess I’d rather have extra security than no security.

Perhaps you might want to take some travel tips from Up in the Air‘s Ryan Bingham who travels constantly around the country firing people. You might not like the guy, but man, does this guy know how to travel! Not only does he’s extremely skilled in efficient packing (travel light is his mantra), he’s got some foolproof tips on getting through airport security. The movie is peppered with memorable lines, and this one certainly counts as one of them:

Ryan Bingham: Never get behind old people. Their bodies are littered with hidden metal and they never seem to appreciate how little time they have left. Bingo, Asians. They pack light, travel efficiently, and they have a thing for slip on shoes. Gotta love ‘em.

Natalie Keener: That’s racist.

Ryan Bingham: I’m like my mother, I stereotype. It’s faster.

Heh, I wonder what Bingham would think about all this pat down stuff. Anyway, just looking at the snow storm that’ll hit my neck of the woods any minute now, I’m definitely glad I’m not going anywhere. Definitely looking forward to a mellow 5-day break in town, hang out with friends, do some holiday shopping and catch a few movies. We have The Last of the Mohicans that’s supposed to be arriving from Netflix today. Been wanting to see that Daniel Day-Lewis movie for ages, not sure what took me so long. Oh, and we’ve also just got the Avatar: Extended Collector’s Edition recently (the packaging is sooo pretty!), so we might watch some of the bonus features there.

Well, to those who are traveling to be with friends/families this weekend, I pray for safe journey and may your travel headache be little or none. For comic relief, here’s a trailer from a classic comedy Airplane! from 3 decades ago. If anything, be thankful you don’t have to fly in THAT plane with THOSE nutty people 😀


20 thoughts on “Wishing all a blessed Thanksgiving. Travel safe!

  1. You waited that long to see The Last of the Mohicans? 😉 My plan is to see 127 Hours sometimes this (long) weekend as well as possibly HP7. Have a great Thanksgiving Ruth!

    1. I know, what’s wrong with me?! My brother loves that movie and the soundtrack… looking forward to seeing it.

      So you’re going to see 127 Hours after all eh? Well, don’t faint Castor 😀 Btw, if you decide to see HP7, you might want to brush up a bit on what’s going on (Dan’s got the HP guide over on his blog). I can’t imagine enjoying it without knowing who everybody is and what they’re all up to.

  2. Lucky for me, the wife and I are staying home and people are travelling to see us. So I’ll extend your travel prayers to them…thanks Ruth:)

    Don’t really have movie plans although I’m gearing up for this little “Kurosawa Christmas” I’m planning in the coming weeks, along with a bunch of my favorite Asian films. Maybe take up on Castor’s idea to see 127 Hours.

    But you take it easy and enjoy your holiday Ruth!!

    1. Hello Marc. Yes I’ll pray for your family/friends’ safety… that’s good that you & your wife get to stay in town.

      Wow, Kurosawa Christmas eh? Did you tell Univarn? I know he’s a huge Kurosawa fan.

      Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. PrairieGirl

    Your post today reminded me of one of my favorite holiday travel movies of all time: Trains, Planes and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy. A classic treasure, for sure. But couldn’t even consider going to see 127 hours – no way!

    1. I was going to put that one as it seems to be the quintessential road trip movie, it’s in practically every Thanksgiving movies list. I just thought Airplane! is such a hoot in light of all the air travel headache all over the news… they should remake that again with all the pat down and body screening hoopla.

      1. PrairieGirl

        Oh, of course I loved the Airplane clip, that’s a classic too, and like you say, very timely. Actually enjoyed see Lloyd Bridges, Jeff Bridges dad in the clip. I used to watch his Sea Hunt TV show all the time when I was a kid. Also makes me curious now to find out what other films he’s been in, probably because I just saw The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges in it last weekend.

  4. Ted S.

    I love Up In The Air and love that line from Clooney, that scene cracked me up when I saw the movie a week after I got laid off from my previous job.

    You should’ve mention The Last of the Mohicans when I saw you last, I have it on Blu-ray and could’ve loan it to you. Great film, saw it in theater when I was in 9th grade and still love it years later.

    1. Oh man, that’s gotta be interesting when you saw it after you got laid off. It was a very poignant movie that’s really well-done I think, and I don’t even generally like Clooney.

      He..he.. you are too kind, Ted… I think I’ve got too many of your Blu-day stuff as it is… but thank you for your offer. I’ve heard so much good things about that movie, plus who doesn’t love DDL!

  5. I hope that you and your husband have a very blessed Thanksgiving as well! I, of course, will not be travelling due to job requirements! Retail doesn’t lend itself to travel during the holiday season! haha Black Friday at the Blue Box is quite a sight! Take care!

    1. I had a nice, mellow Thanksgiving T… I’m thinking of you today on Black Friday. Hope all is well and things aren’t too crazy over there at the Blue Box! 🙂

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