Everybody’s Chattin’: Five blog links for your reading pleasure

Happy Friday, all! Man, I can’t believe this is the last weekend before Turkey Day. My company gives away free frozen turkey every year, and the voucher is already available for pickup.

I had a Harry Potter-related post for today but I couldn’t finish it in time, so save that for early next week. Anybody else excited for HP7? Well, you already know my answer… I hope I get to see it Saturday afternoon. I have deliberately been avoiding too much HP overload, no more clips or even trailer viewings in the past week, though I did peek at RottenTomatoes just to see what the critical reviews look like and it’s kind of on par with my expectation. I’m so excited for this as it’s going to be the first time I see a HP movie in the cinema, and having just discovered it this past Summer, it’s a good thing the other six movies are still somewhat fresh in my mind.

Anyway, instead of blabbing on about, why don’t I let you check out these fine blog posts from my blog friends around the world:

  • Well, though HP is probably on a lot of people’s minds, there are still people who have absolutely no clue about this kid wizard. Well, Dan has a comprehensive Harry Potter guide, pretty much everything you need to know about the franchise in one post, even jargon such as muggles, horcruxes, etc.
  • This week is definitely the week of trailers. ScarletSp1der has got a bunch of them in his Trailer Time Tuesday post so you can easily catch up on one you might’ve missed. I think the best one has got to be the sci-fi/western Cowboy & Aliens! Iron Man + John Wayne + 007 = strangely intriguing! 😀
  • If you need to catch up this week’s movie news, go no further than to my buddy Castor’s Weekly News Roundup. While you’re there, be sure to wish him a happy 1st blog anniversary!
  • In light of Darren Aronofsky working on the Wolverine sequel, Darren @ The Movie Blog ponders if indie directors are the best choices for superhero cinema.
  • Andrew at Encore Entertainment recently saw the Australian crime thriller Animal Kingdom starring Guy Pearce and had some nice things to say about it. Check out his review. I posted the gripping trailer back in May. It’s the one with the peculiar song choice of All Out of Love from Air Supply.

Well, before you go though, tell me what movie[s] will you be seeing this weekend?

15 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’: Five blog links for your reading pleasure

    1. Ahahaha… I don’t think so, Dez, but you know what, I think I’d like tofuturkey more than the regular one even though I’m not a vegetarian 😀

  1. We don’t actually have tofurkey here in my corner of the world 😦 but I heard about it 🙂 However we do have tofu and I like it a lot. Do you often cook dishes from your home country, Flixy?

    Now, in order not to make this a total off-topic comment 🙂 my favourite cooking films include SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, CHOCOLAT and JULIE AND JULIA 🙂

      1. Oh I did see No Reservations… Catherine is playing kind of a ‘plain’ woman but she’s kinda almost too glamorous for the role. Doesn’t matter though, I generally like her too and she has a nice chemistry with Aaron.

        1. I loved her role in it, because she played it dramatically instead romantically. She really gave some depth to her character, a psychological profile and inner being, which not many actresses do or know how to do.

    1. I’ve never eaten that either, Dez, it just sounds like a good idea. Oh man I LOOOOVE tofu! I have to eat tofu at least once or twice a week and if I go to Asian restaurants, I almost always order stuff with tofu instead of chicken/beef. And yes I do cook dishes from Indonesia very often, I shouldn’t say cook as I don’t make them from scratch… I buy the ready-made paste of various Indo flavors and just mix them with the meat of choice, most of the time chicken or tofu. How about you Dez? Sorry, I’m not too familiar with Serbian cuisine.

      I haven’t seen the first movie you mentioned, but I love the last two. Man, I’m so hungry after watching those two movies! Now, I have a confession, I’m actually not fond of chocolate unless it has some kind of nut in them (I’m nuts for nuts :D)… but that movie Chocolat almost make me change my mind! I like Juliet Binoche in there but Alfred Molina was such a hoot to watch.

  2. I must also thank you for the link! I love to share Trailer Time Thursday with as many as I can! The HP link from Dan proves to be a great resource before heading out to see HP7. Especially for folks like myself who have no clue abt what’s going on!

    Thank you once again! I hope you enjoy HP7!

    1. Hey there T, yeah I did enjoy it. My review should be up tomorrow. Did you end up seeing The Next Three Days? Well I suppose I’ll find that out when I visit your blog tomorrow 🙂

      1. I STILL haven’t gotten to TNTD!!! After work everyday this weekend I have ended up SLEEP ’til about 10pm or so. All my movie watching was after midnight…(HP7 and Tangled) this past weekend. Hope to make it to the movies tomorrow to finally see it. I will let you know when I do!

    1. Hi Matthew, sorry for the late response as I’ve sort of been taking a bit of blogging break this weekend. I’ll send you an email sometime tomorrow about it. Thanks again!

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