Weekend Roundup: Snowstorm makes for a cozy home theater viewing

Hello all, happy Monday! Well, well, well, Winter definitely arrived like a lion here in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Yes I still call it beautiful despite the grumbling of crazy weather swing from gorgeous Fall weather of mid 60s to a major snowstorm with about 8 inches of snow when it’s said and done Sunday morning. Beautiful because I absolutely ADORE snow-covered tree branches and I’m fortunate enough that my house have a lot of windows that overlook a bunch of trees behind our deck.

Take a peek at this cute photo of Fall colors meet Winter white taken last Saturday in Bloomington, MN, which is only within a half hour drive from my house.

Photo courtesy of Dailyme.com

Well, suffice to say we didn’t get to the cinemas this weekend, but then again I had zero interest in checking out the hit movie Megamind which earned top spot at the box office two weeks in a row (per BoxOfficeMojo). I guess the Denzel’s train movie isn’t so Unstoppable after all with a distant 2nd finish with $23 mil, but I guess that’s not exactly a flop either. Next week it’ll be a battle between Harry Potter and Disney (with Tangled)… well, I’m guessing it’s not so much a battle as HP7 probably reign by a pretty wide margin. You know I’ll be seeing Harry, Hermione & Ron battling evil Voldemort on opening night, though the modern take of the Rapunzel story of Tangled does look pretty good (especially voiced by Chuck‘s Zachary Levi). I might just wait for that on the dvd though.

In any case, I did do quite a bit of blogging this weekend and all of last week. There was the Groovers & Mobsters Bond event, have you read my Living Daylights write-up yet? And my fave Scot Gerry Butler turned 41 on Saturday, check out the two-part b’day tribute here and here if you haven’t already.

We also got to watch a couple of Blu-rays over the weekend. As promised and following everyone’s recommendations here, my hubby and I finally watched Master & Commander. Thanks to all who recommended this & Ted for lending the movie to me, it’s more than worth seeing. I agree with Prairiegirl’s comment that despite zero romance and the pretty dire setting in a warship during the Napoleonic Wars, I too was glued to it in its entirety. Russell Crowe’s performance is definitely a major highlight and what makes it so enjoyable, but I’ll write more about it when I review this movie. I see why this is one of Sam’s top five Russell Crowe movies! I think if I were to make a similar post, this might very well be make it to my top five!

The other one I saw last night was a completely different movie, Date Night. I was kinda bummed out that Michael Fassbender Roman thriller Centurion had a ‘short wait’ on Netflix, but it ends up being a good thing as I didn’t want to see another intense, battle-filled action flick. Castor said he enjoyed Date Night and I quite like Steve Carrell so I put that on my queue. It’s pretty entertaining, despite a bunch of plot holes as many as yellow cabs in Manhattan. But then again, it’s not a movie where you expect a whole lot of logic. You see it for Tina Fey and Carrell’s brand of comedy and to um, appreciate Mark Wahlberg’s workout efforts 😉 The scenes with Fey, Carrell & Wahlberg are hilarious, easily the highlight of the movie. It won’t end up as a comedy classics but it’s definitely worth a rental.

Well, what movie[s] did you end up seeing this weekend?