Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Last Night

I first heard of this movie when Sam Worthington was cast last year, I thought the cast looks interesting. Worthington plays Michael Reed and Keira Knightley plays his wife Joanna, along with Eva Mendes and French actor Guillaume Canet as the objects of temptation for the couple. The movie is the debut of Iranian-American Massy Tadjedin, whose last work was the screenplay for the psychological thriller The Jacket, also starring Knightley and Adrian Brody.

The story follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he’s attracted. While he’s resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

I’m normally don’t find movies about infidelity appealing at all, especially those that seem to laud such act and practically glorifying cheaters. But the Last Night trailer seems to explore the subject matter with care, focusing more on the couples’ struggle with matters of fidelity and what it means to be faithful when temptation beckons. It’s a nuanced display of personal connections where a longing glance or a gentle touch speak more volumes that begs the question, “how far does one go until it’s considered cheating?”

Rope of Silicon‘s reviewer praised the movie, saying that “This is a fantastic film that will have audiences talking once they leave the theater, not only for the nature of the film, but in the way in which it is made. Tadjedin has crafted a beautiful film and damn near created a romantic thriller out of a talky film about fidelity. No, I’m not talking about slit throats and bloodshed, but that doesn’t mean the film’s subject matter hurts any less. Brilliant if you ask me.” I like what he said about how cheating can be as hurtful if not more than a violent physical act.

Cinematical posted the TIFF screening review on it and praised Knightley and Canet’s performance, “Knightley might be passionate about her period pieces, she’s never better than in modern moments, and as Joanna, she shows a real sense of maturity and presence. In scenes with Canet, their chemistry oozes from every shot.” But Worthington’s reserved acting didn’t wow her though, “It works, to a degree, for the aloofness his character requires, but in a film where subtlety is the driving force of the narrative, stiffness lessens the dramatic effect. In fact, considering how much Tadjedin revels in creatively relaying the story, it’s baffling why he’s in the role, when any number of actors could have given the proceedings wild depth.”

Hmmm, I was hoping this could be a movie that will showcase the Aussie actor’s dramatic chops, if he indeed has some. I’ve said several times that even though he’s got screen presence, Worthington just isn’t expressive enough. Canet however, is one I’ve never seen before but I would definitely love to see more after seeing that trailer! I heard about him before as he’s famous in France and he’s often photographed with his girlfriend Marion Cotillard. He kind of looks like a bit like Patrick Dempsey, only far more charismatic and beguiling.

I might check out this one if makes it to the indie theater in town, too bad we don’t know when this will get a US release because of the uncertainty concerning its distributor, Miramax (per BoxOfficeMojo). What do you think, folks? Any interest in this one?

24 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Last Night

  1. As you said, the topic isn’t a big draw for me either. The trailer makes it look like a really melodramatic film and although the cast is a somewhat interesting mix, it may be a little too middle-of-the-road to truly draw audiences. I would be interested in seeing Worthington’s performance though, just to see if he actually can do anything else but be a macho brick wall.

    1. I normally don’t go for this type dramas about infidelity, but it looks more like a character study instead of an all out sex romp (from the trailer at least).

      Yeah, I’m still on the fence about Worthington… I keep wishing to see his dramatic side, but so far, a macho brick wall is probably a fitting description.

  2. PrairieGirl

    Not so interested in seeing an entire film about infidelity, as you said. Don’t think I’d make an exception for this one.

  3. Vince

    OK – Keira is in it but what was Sam Worthington’s character thinking? Kidding aside, this looks like the ultimate chick flick with the classic French old flame to boot. Good date film I suppose. But I need me some Robocop action instead…

    1. Oh come on! You’d rather see another Robocop instead of this?? 🙂 I don’t know about a good date flick, it certainly could prompt an interesting discussion but probably not on a first or second date.

  4. Actually read through this script when it was optioned to the film company I briefly worked at three Summers ago. I read a lot of garbage back then, but this was actually the most memorable of all of them. Very Indecent Proposal. Interested to see how it turns out, but I’m not exactly holding my breath either.

    1. Hey cool, I didn’t know you worked for a film company… good for you! Do you still have access to the script? I’m curious now. Indecent Proposal was heart-wrenching… again, not my kind of movie given the subject matter but I did end up seeing it and was really impressed by the performances. That ending still brings tears to my eyes.

  5. Not my cup of tea I don’t think. I like that song they use on the trailer though.

    My prediction for the film is that it will end in one of two ways – the couple find that through infidelity they are drawn closer and end up together, or the troubled couple find they aren’t made for each other and find ‘true’ love elsewhere.

    Hey…Aiden…how does it end! 😉

  6. I share the same feeling as you toward movie that focus on cheating. This is totally not the kind I will watch.

    And reading this, it seems that Sam still hasn’t improved his acting performance

    1. I totally understand Nov… I don’t even want to watch Closer or Match Point because of that. We’ll see if I actually would see this one… maybe if Aiden has the script I might read that first.

      Yeah, Sam REALLY should kick it up a notch I think… not sure why a lot of filmmakers seem to love casting him in their movies.

  7. When i first saw the plot synopsis on imdb, i wasn’t too interested. It wasn’t because it focused on Infidelity, i’ve just found generally female characters who cheat are shown more favorably than male characters who cheat.

    But after seeing the trailer i have some slight interest in this movie

    1. Oh I don’t know about that Julian… but I do agree both genders should be treated equally in this matter and I feel that both men and women are also equally capable of cheating. A lot of people seem to think only when you sleep with someone that it’s considered cheating, but this movie explores that being emotionally involved can be as damaging.

      1. Wll i think the definition of “cheating” can vary from person to person. I remember some chick(who i think was/is a pornstar) said she doesn’t mind her partner having sex with other people but doesn’t like her partner becoming emotionally involved with other people, and i’m pretty sure there are other couples who don’t view sex with others as cheating, though obviously most people/couples disagree with this

        I feel a good litmus test of weather you are cheating or not is whether you can tell your partner about it. If you can’t tell your partner about it then it is probably cheating.

  8. Soooooo…………..I’m to the point where I’ll unapologetically watch Sam Worthington over and over again in a Payless Shoes ad again and again. He’s definitely let himself be typecast up to this point, buuuuuuuuut there might be something simmering below the machismo type roles he keeps playing, and if there isn’t I’ll watch a crappy rom-com or action movie because of his hunk quality and charm. I fall for the same damn thing with McConaughey, though I’ve lost much faith in him as he pretty much solely does the ROMCOM and no longer gives me my much needed action flick with him.

    *le sigh*

    1. He’s in a Payless Shoes ad?? 🙂 Y’know I really want to like Sam and I’ve always given him the benefit of the doubt as he was good in Terminator Salvation and Avatar, but I want more than his machismo persona… I like macho guys with a heart, who can cry or seem vulnerable believably whilst still retaining his masculinity. Sorry Heather, but I can’t stand McConaughey for some reason.

  9. It looks alright, but having a film rely on Eva Mendes, and Sam Worthington for acting may be a little bit of a mis-fire. But I’m glad to see that Griffin Dunne is back, he was always the man.

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