Conspicuous Trailer & Poster of the Week: Made in Dagenham

I’ve been watching quite a few movies set in retro UK lately—Nowhere Boy, An Education—it’s an interesting period of time and this one is no different. Made in Dagenham is based on a real life event in 1968 where a group of female workers at the Ford Dagenham assembly plant went on strike for equal pay and against sexual discrimination. It’s a serious subject matter but delivered with humor to entertain as well as inspire.

It so happened that yesterday was Bob Hoskins’ 68th birthday when I came across this movie. He plays a sympathetic union representative in this comedy drama, along with a strong female cast led by Sally Hawkins, Miranda Richardson, and Rosamund Pike. Hawkins and Pike are actually both in An Education but they didn’t share a screen together. Hawkins won a Golden Globe last year for Happy Go Lucky, which I still hope to see one of these days. The movie I did see her in was BBC’s latest adaptation of Persuasion which was decent but not nearly as good as the 1995 version with Ciaran Hinds. I haven’t seen Nigel Cole’s previous movie Calendar Girls either, which I heard was a hoot. He also did the off-kilter comedy Saving Grace starring Craig Ferguson which was pretty hilarious, judging from the trailer, looks like this one captures the same whimsical spirit.

The poster is cheerful yet defiant. She may be feminine and dainty, but her pose suggests her no-nonsense attitude and of course, red is a bold, valiant color. I love the vignettes behind the main focal point, it balances things nicely and the vibrant color scheme looks so fresh and playful. This is one to watch for the fun 60s costumes, too!

Looks like fun. I might check it out with one of my girlfriends when it’s out on limited release on November 19. How about you?

4 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer & Poster of the Week: Made in Dagenham

  1. Vince

    I loved Sally Hawkins on Happy Go Lucky!!! What a great performance. She should’ve gotten an Oscar nod for that! Silly Hollywood.

    1. I know! The Academy is so out of touch because she won the Globes! I’m putting that movie in my Netflix queue, that’s cool that you saw that flick in the theater.

  2. PrairieGirl

    Not a fan of Happy Go Lucky, it gets pretty disturbing over its course. But what a hypocrite, you say, because I liked Downloading Nancy, so when Rufus Sewell is in an even more disturbing movie, somehow that makes it OK ;-). BTW, Friday, October 29, is Rufus Sewell’s 43rd birthday – Happy Birthday Rufus!!

    1. Hmmm, two opposing views… makes me even curious to see it. Yeah, people seem to tolerate things more when their fave are involved right? 😉

      Roof is already 43? Man he’s like fine wine… just gets better with age!

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