TV-Watching Mondays: Chuck, The Event & Hawaii Five O

With the Fall season upon us, all kinds of new shows are coming out of the woodwork. For some reason, my TV watching has dropped significantly the past few years. In the 90s I watched a ton of ’em: Wings, Frasier, Friends, News Radio… man, those were fun! But last night I spent a whole THREE hours straight in front of the telly with my hubby, something we haven’t done in ages.

Chuck Season 4
I caught on to this one in the second season, but I kind of tuned out about halfway into the 3rd season for whatever reason, despite Brandon Routh being on the show. But when the news of Timothy Dalton guest-starring for a few episodes on Season 4, I can’t help but tuning back in! Plus, Chuck is a fun show to watch anyway, Zach Levi is such an adorable dorky spy and his co-stars are pretty great, too: especiallyΒ  his doofus BFF Morgan (Joshua Gomez), the endearingly burly Casey (Adam Baldwin), and his love interest, the sexy but lethal Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski). Season 4 promises to be more action-packed and mystery-laden, with Linda Hamilton also guest stars as Chuck’s spy mother (well, what else, a housewife?). Dalton’s character’s supposed to be a mysterious stranger who has a history with her. Chuck exec producer Josh Schwartz promises a big arc for his character… well, according to his Tweet anyway: “So excited that Timothy Dalton is going to be on CHUCK! First Bond I saw in theaters and a great comic actor as well. Big arc!!!” Bring ’em on, Josh! I can’t wait!!

Check out this fun fan-vid tribute to Dalton joining Chuck:

Hawaii Five 0
Season Premiere

The only reason this show is even on my radar is Alex O’Loughlin. If you follow FC long enough, I have a soft spot for this Aussie, so his shows are pretty much the only ones I’ve been watching: Moonlight, Three Rivers, but CBS kept canceling them! I wasn’t too bummed about the 2nd one being canceled, it was pretty dull and whoever hired people like O’Loughlin AND Daniel Henney only to put ’em in hospital scrubs definitely have no business being a casting agent! Well, looks like third time is the charm for the Aussie looker. First a vampire detective, then a doctor, now a fearless Navy SEAL officer Steve McGarrett. This role suits him nicely, nothing too dramatic, but PLENTY of opportunities to flex his muscles. Plus, eye candy alone won’t make a good show. Luckily he’s got a fun chemistry with his partner, Detective Danny “Danno” Williams, a sardonic Jersey cop played by Scott Caan, who’s got a similar on-screen wisecracking’ persona as his dad James.

Nice to see two Asian actors got pretty decent roles here, too. Lost‘s Daniel Dae Kim (who didn’t have to move from Hawaii from his last job) and Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park round up the cast, and the four of them make a good team. Well, the pilot was a blast, so suffice to say, I’ll keep on watching. Fingers crossed this show will be around for a while!!

P.S. O’Loughlin isn’t the only former vampire on the show last night. James Marsters, who played a blond vampire in Buffy, guest starred as the villain. So during the fight scene, I kept expecting their fangs would come out πŸ˜€

The Event Season Premiere

Good thing I don’t watch any TV so I hadn’t been bombarded by all the promos for the hyped-up new shows. I actually noticed this one from their radio promo, so at the end of Chuck, I was curious enough to stay and watch. Billed as a conspiracy thriller, it follows a young man named Sean Walker (Jason Ritter, the son of late actor John Ritter) who, while investigating the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend, begins to discover the biggest cover-up in U.S. history. I’m guessing the ‘cover up’ is alien in nature, which would be cool as I like sci-fi thrillers. What’s more audacious than having an extraterrestrial group saving the President of the United States? So it’s kind of like Independence Day meets West Wing meets 24 πŸ˜€

The Event‘s cast look pretty familiar, Blair Underwood plays a Black (or is he supposed to be Hispanic? His name is Martinez??), as well ER alum Laura Innes, Gilmore Girls‘ Scott Patterson and that guy from the horror flick Candyman. NBC definitely needs a hit like Heroes a few years back, and it’s obvious they’re hoping this would be the new Lost. I gotta admit I was pretty intrigued after the pilot, but not sure I’ll have the patience to see what the “event” is actually all about. We’ll see.


Well, did you watch any of these last night? What shows are you watching this Fall season?

25 thoughts on “TV-Watching Mondays: Chuck, The Event & Hawaii Five O

  1. PrairieGirl

    Ok, get ready for dullsville. While spending the evening putting together my Christmas wish list at ;-), I like to watch the first episode (ONLY) of Dancing with the Stars, just to see who’s who. They actually have some people I’ve already of heard of this time. But won’t watch again till maybe the finale. Then because of inertia, Castle came on next, and I didn’t change the channel. Kinda just wanted to see how Castle and Beckett would reunite after the summer, so enough of this show for me too. Next week it’s back to my favs: American Pickers and Pawn Stars on the History channel.

    1. Oh I did peek at DWTS for a bit, and saw that David Hassellhoff is one of the ‘stars’ this season, it’ll be a HIT in Germany πŸ™‚

      Castle is fun too, I saw a few minutes of it as it’s on the same time as Hawaii Five O.

      I have no cable, so I’ve no idea what your other two shows are about.

      1. PrairieGirl

        American Pickers: Travel along with the American Pickers as they scour the country’s junkyards, barns and basements for hidden gems.

        Pawn Stars: Long before banks and ATMS, there were pawn shops. Step inside the colorful world of today’s pawn business with Corey, Rick, Old Man and Chumlee.

        Neither would be your cup-of-tea, but combine real life with history and lots of chuckles, they both beat network TV hands down for me ;-D

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  3. I was just talking with a friend how thisFall season is horrible and extremely noncreative, nothing new and interesting came this season, but the first half of 2011 should be packed with excitement with a bunch of great new history and fantasy shows.

    HAWAII FIVE isn’t my cup of tea, but it has a superhot cast. I’ve noticed that this summer when they started adding hot actors to their list πŸ™‚

    1. I’ll just take your word for it Dez, I don’t watch that much TV to compare this season to others. What are the shows you’re looking forward to??

      Y’know, I didn’t think Hawaii Five O is my cup of tea either, but I ended up enjoying it.

      1. ended up enjoying the show or Alex? πŸ™‚
        Well, ya know I’m all into fantasy and history so I can’t wait for CAMELOT with Joseph Fiennes, GAME OF THRONES with Sean Bean, THE BORGIAS with Jeremy Irons, GODS OF ARENA …. I’m now watching MERLIN third season and PILLARS OF THE EARTH with RufRuf πŸ™‚

        1. He..he.. Alex is fiiiine, but as I said, eye candy alone isn’t enough. I like all four of the main cast, and Scott Caan is growing on me… so hopefully CBS has a hit with this one.

          Oooh, those sound like great shows. I hope they’re not on Cable TV, but shows like that usually aren’t on the network channels so I have to rent ’em when they’re available on DVD. I’ll rely on you for all the info, Dez!

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  7. Mike B.

    I’m all over Five O. They’ll never capture the original, which I never missed growing up. But still, the vibe of a cop show on the islands with a little “book’m Danno” here and there can’t be all bad.

    1. You’ll like this one Mike, the vibe is definitely fun and Garrett will probably say ‘book ’em Danno’ in every episode. Grace Park is a nice eye candy for you I’d imagine πŸ˜‰

  8. The two shows that i am most looking forward to returning is Supernatural and Fringe. The only new show that i have started watching is Nikita, and that is still on its trial period IMO.

    1. I’ve never seen either one you mention, but have heard good things about Fringe. It’s a bit like X-Files right?

      As for Nikita, when is that on? I really want to see it but forgot when it’s on. I heard Maggie Q is great in the role, and being Asian myself it’s nice to see someone of my race (well, half at least) kicks butt on screen πŸ˜€ Hope the show is actually decent and will last longer than one season.

      1. Yeah, Fringe does bear some similarites to X-files, abut i think it has some unique elements. And NIkita is on thursdays on the CW.

        And i realize this reply is kind of late, but i thought i clicked the “nofity me” thing, but apparently i didn’t and forgot about it.

        1. Oh thanks. Too bad I have a Zumba class on Thursdays, but I might catch up on it online. I think I saw bits and pieces of Fringe one night, it’s not my thing though.

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  10. Susan

    Love the blog, R. I watch Chuck, too, and I love it. I can’t believe you didn’t watch last year with Brandon Routh! I love him. I also loved the guy who played Bryce Larkin.

    1. Hey thanks Susan, appreciate your comment! I can’t watch Chuck tonight as I have a closing appt for refinancing my house, but I’m soooo excited to see Timothy Dalton (my all-time fave classics actor) who’ll be guest-starring on the show along with Linda Hamilton.

      I did watch several episodes with Brandon Routh, it was like hunk overload as the guy who played Capt. Awesome is tall, dark & handsome also. Isn’t the Bryce guy now has his own show in USA? Yeah he’s muy caliente indeed! πŸ˜‰

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