Random Thoughts: Whatever happened to Emmy Rossum?

I was just browsing IMDb and noticed it’s Emmy Rossum’s birthday today. I can’t help wondering whatever happened to this once promising young actress. Her first major role is in Phantom of the Opera as Christine, and she was actually nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. Believe it or not, in between moments of being mesmerized by Gerry Butler’s Phantom :), I actually noticed her smashing performance and wonderful singing voice. I was floored to learn she was only 16 when she was got the role (half Butler’s age) as Joel Schumacher wanted a youthful cast for his POTO adaptation. For someone so young she was able to portray both the innocence of an Opera ingenue and the sensuous object of the musical genius’ affection, and judging from this screen test, it’s obvious she is a talented young lady with lots of potential:

But then I realized she hasn’t been in anything prominent since Poseidon back in 2006, whilst she did both Phantom and The Day After Tomorrow in 2004. I kind of forgot about her and seems like she’s sort of disappeared from acting?? I did notice her in magazines’ fashion section once in a while but that’s about it. Not sure what’s happened to her and I don’t really have any theory of my own, I just want to reminisce a bit on how good she was as Christine and how well she portrayed that iconic role in a young age.

Well, what do you think of Emmy? Or have you ever felt the same way about another actor whose performance impressed you but then suddenly, poof, you never see them in anything else since?

25 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Whatever happened to Emmy Rossum?

  1. Well, if you ask me I’m not sure why they even chose her for PHANTOM in the first place since she has a remarkable absence of charisma and is extremely unnoticeable. But mediocre faces often get their time under the spotligths, like that Noomie actress these days (I forgot her surname), who is absolutely boring and not at all interesting but she scored a few great roles in Hollywood last week including the lead in SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 and HANS AND GRETHEL with Jeremy Renner.

    1. Well, to each their own I guess Dez. I think she’s got enough charisma to pull of the role to me. Christine is such a formidable role to play, and for a 16 year old to sing AND act at the same time I thought she did a good job. I think Gerry mentioned one time that during the screen test he was impressed by her so much and said, ‘that’s Christine!’

      Btw, you’re referring to the actress playing The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, right? I might not see that movie but she does seem to get rave reviews for her performance. More so than Emmy did when she did Phantom.

  2. She is so beautiful, and there’s something familiar about her in relation to Trini Alvarado. They look so similar, and speaking of whatever happened to her to? I loved her when I was younger.

    1. I had to google Trini, Heather. I’ve only seen her in Little Women as Meg. It’s interesting how many actors just come and go, acting is really such a ruthless business.

  3. Hmm. Promising? I guess we’ll just have to disagree. I don’t think she’s much of an actress. She has a decent voice, is all. I think what happened is that she got hired a couple of times when somebody sweet and innocent w/a big singing voice (see: Songcatcher, Phantom) was needed and then when she tried to do movies without singing, she wasn’t all that.

    Having said that, I do recommend Songcatcher. Kind of an odd duck, but enjoyable.

    1. Well, she probably is a better singer than she is an actress, but I don’t think she is horrible. There are far worse actress who somehow got better opportunities than Emmy IMO. I do remember she wasn’t at all memorable in Poseidon though, but it could be just the way the role’s written.

      I’ll check out ‘Songcatcher,’ that does sound intriguing. I was sold by “…a treasure trove of ancient Scots-Irish ballads” πŸ™‚

    1. Well that’s certainly possible, Castor, she is still so young after all. Is she the lead in Shameless? Seems like more and more movie actors are going to TV, so perhaps she finds more opportunity there.

  4. jennie

    She released an album of pop music that she wrote herself in 2007. She also did a couple of films in the last few years. Of those I recommend Dare (2009). It’s an indie drama and plays a very un-“Christine” role! She’s also starring in the new Showtime series “Shameless” which debuts in January. It’s a lead role opposite William H Macy and Joan Cusack

    1. Hi Jennie! Oh you know, I think I might’ve seen the cover once at Barnes & Noble. Well, good for her, I know she’s a trained singer. Thanks for the info.

  5. For me one actress that i think should have a bigger career right now is isabelle Fuhrman. She was mesmerizingly creepy in orphan, and i think for a actress to pull off a role like Esther with such nuance is something to be commended. I was shocked when i found out how young she is

    I honestly don’t understand why her career didn’t take off after that. She gave a grade A performance in my opinion

    1. I think I remember you mentioning her before, yeah I heard she was astonishing. But she’s only 13 so she might still ‘take off’ later if she continues to find work. Emmy is much older and I’d think there’s a lot of roles for someone her age… I was thinking she could have a career like Amanda Seyfried for example.

      1. I hope she does. If all goes well eventually she will find a breakout role.

        And actually Amanda is on the fast track to becoming one of my fav actress’s, along with Dakota fanning

  6. Last time I heard about Emmy Rossum, it was when she released that song where she was rolling around, while trying her hand at an Imogen Heap impression.
    I’ll see if I can find the link…..


  7. Her most recent movie was Dragonball Evolution.

    I didn’t like her as Christine either. Sure she can sing. But her performance was pretty empty, not much passion and desire there. Like a lost little girl, especially in those frocks.

    Maybe she’s one of those that shouldn’t do costume pics too.

    1. She’s supposed to be a lost young woman… torn between her puppy love to Raoul and the sexual-awakening attraction to the Phantom. I thought she was quite convincing to me, especially in the Music of the Night scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHAauiJwwmU She was properly mesmerized by the Phantom (as is every girl watching this scene :D) Perhaps a more experienced actress might’ve been able to take it to a different level, but the fact that she’s only 16 at the time, I’d say her performance is more than adequate.

  8. She’s like one of stars of Beautiful Creatures next year. They are positioning it as the next Hunger Games/Twilight since it’s based on a YA series. Seems like they should get her plenty of work.

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