31 Days Movie Meme Day #7: Least favorite movie by a favorite actor

You should know by now how I feel for Gerard Butler and the answer without a doubt is: The Ugly Truth

When I sort of reviewed it last November, I said it wasn’t atrocious. Well, I was being overly kind as the more I think about it, the movie really was bad with a capital B. It’s one of those project of ‘only a mother could love,’ which I’m guessing would be painful for even Gerry Butler’s mother to watch! I don’t mind so much that GB  had chipmunk cheeks the entire time or that his eight-pack abs from 300 was gone, as I’ve always thought of him as more than a pretty face and a hard body. But there’s hardly a cringe-free moment watching this movie, mostly the fault of such an inept script and totally uninspired directing. Seriously, after Monster In-Law and THIS, I don’t know how Aussie director Robert Luketic is still getting any work! Don’t even get me started with the Barbie doll that is Katherine Heigl, suffice it to say I won’t watch any more movie of hers if I can help it. This movie should come with a label: For die-hard fans only. As I’m not willing to die for any actor or anything remotely close it, I won’t even recommend this to anyone (well, maybe only those I don’t like so much, ha!). Well, at least the teaser poster was pretty clever, even if it isn’t wholly original.

[Dis]honorable mention: The Bounty Hunter
Another blond co-star, same vapid flick. It’ll remain the movie that sparked my open letter to the Scottish actor.

27 thoughts on “31 Days Movie Meme Day #7: Least favorite movie by a favorite actor

  1. Julian

    Lol that i don’t plan on ever seeing. And so far the only Jennifer ANiston movie that has sparked my interest is “the God Girl”, and thats because it seems like she does actual acting in that movie

    And also, is the noteworthy actress list coming soon?

    1. You mean the Good Girl? Can’t imagine what a ‘God’ girl movie is like with Aniston 🙂 Sorry I’m being facetious.

      Oh I’m flattered that you want to see my picks, Julian, sorry I’m a bit behind on that. I have my five actresses picked out, just have to write a blurb for each of them. Y’know, a list isn’t a list unless you don’t have a rationale why you choose them over others. This week I promise! 🙂

      1. Julian

        Yeah, meant Good Girl..hate when i make typos like that. But anyways, its the only movie she’s done so far that i have any interest in. And i have a couple of actress’s i want to show my love for,although i am also interested in your picks

        And while i don’t have anything against Katherine Heigl, that girls needs to get herself a new (and better)agent. I can’t think of one good movie she’s starred in.

        1. Oooh, would love to see what your picks are! I’m hoping to get it done by Wednesday.

          Not sure if Heighl needs a better agent or just better acting skills. Y’know when I first saw her as Steven Seagal’s daughter in Under Siege 2 (goodness, can’t believe I even saw such a flick!) I thought she had so much potential.

          1. I know this reply is uber late, but there is one good movie she was in, which was Knocked up. I actually didn’t mind her in it. And i put the Good Girl on my dads netflix dvd que. I’m hoping Jennifer will surprise me

            1. Hi Julian, there’s no such thing as a ‘late’ comment 🙂 I heard that Good Girl was one of her best roles where she really stretched her acting muscles. Not sure why she doesn’t do that very often if she really has it in her.

  2. I love Robert Luketic (in more ways than one) for some unknown reason, so I don’t really know why people hate this movie so much, even though it wasn’t a stunning film 🙂 I guess I liked the charming chemistry between Gerry and Katherine. And they did use POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE, the super charming song from Natasha Bedingfield as the movie theme, so they bought me with that 🙂

    You already know, that my least favourite movie by mu favourite actor is I’M NOT THERE with Blanchett (even though her performance was stunning as always).

    1. Sorry Dez, but I don’t see the chemistry between the two. I bought that they don’t get along, but when the script ‘force’ ’em to start liking, no loving each other, it just fell flat. I don’t usually pay attention to songs in movies but that hardly ever affect how I feel about a movie. The only good thing I can say about this one is the tango scene is pretty fun to watch, and GB does have some manly hands 🙂

      1. I think Gery is one of the rare actors who has chemistry with pretty much any cute actress, because he is such a womanizer so it’s easy to believe he’s really into his movie partners. Unlike Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, Leo De Caprio who never have any chemistry with anyone on the screen …

        The tango scene was worth reenacting in real life :)))

        1. Well, since I’ve seen a lot of GB movies, I’d say he’s got more heart-wrenching chemistry in the small, quick glances thrown at Lizzie in Dear Frankie than that whole make-out session in the elevator in TUT. Anyway, I don’t want to overanalyze it, maybe I just dislike Heigl.

          Yes, what I would give to do the tango scene with him… as in dance, Dez, I’m a married woman 😀 I saw a still photo of it a year before the movie came out and yelled ‘yowza!’ But the scene was ten times better!!

          1. so you and your hubby didn’t make a list like Ross and Rachel from THE FRIENDS when she let him make a list of five female celebrities he has a huge crash on, whom she would let him have sex with :))) His list included Princess Leya :)) and Susan Sarandon if I recall. Your hubby should be a true sport and let you put Gery on such a list of yours :))))

            1. He..he… no, it never occurred to me to do such a list, but I think his list would include the likes of Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, Jessica Alba… he…he.. But in reality, I wouldn’t trade my hubby for anyone, not even GB!

  3. Duh!!!! Absolutely terrible movie, second worst movie I have seen last year. I was mostly indifferent to Katherine Heigl before this but this movie was just one to many. Hopefully, she will Hollywood history a year or two down the road!!!!!!!!!!! And Gerard Butler, damn man, what are you doing in a movie like this?

    1. I forgot what was the first Castor? I was indifferent to her too, but hard to stay that way after this.

      As for GB, let’s hope this and TBH will be his last two rom-coms for at least a decade! I’d say unless the script comes from Chris/Jon Nolan or Paul Haggis and involve someone like Cate Blanchett, stay away from that genre!

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  6. Mike B.

    My GF paid good money to see both the Gerry movies you bemoan. And she’s dying to spend some more on this forthcoming Jenny A movie which is just more of the same. Horrible rom-coms are like soaps, they’ll always sell with a rather large demographic of mostly women (that drag their men along with them).

    1. I don’t mind a good rom-com, but they’re hard to come by! I guess my hubby’s lucky as I never drag him to see movies like this. Wait, I take that back, I did took him and another guy friend to see P.S. I love you but they ended up really enjoying that one.

      No idea what’s the Jenny A movie you’re referring to??

  7. PrairieGirl

    Well, rtm, as you know my movie taste is not nearly as sophisticated as yours, and I really didn’t mind either movie, they both were good for chuckles. I admire the fact that GB can sometimes be utterly tasteless in his picks for films! But as I said to you earlier, if it was Rufus in either one of these roles in these flicks, I think I might be cringing too! ;-0

    1. I don’t mind silly movies every once in a while but TUT especially just pushing my tolerance level to the max. I don’t think admirable is what I’d describe his picks of late, but hopefully that is changing as we speak. Rufus definitely is more selective in his choices, some of his movies might be peculiar but at least they’ve got some substance.

  8. Hahaha this is a good meme!! I could think of some bad movies from Keanu ;p

    I haven’t watched the ugly truth yet…some people said it was good…but I’ll take your words compare to them…because a fan speaking is more reliable. I’ll watch it if they play it on TV (watching for free)

    1. I’m sure every actor has a couple of duds, nobody’s immune.

      Yeah, watch TUT for free, or just fast forward until the tango scene 🙂

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