31-Days Movie Meme: Day 1 and 2

Another month, another meme. Andrew over at Encore Entertainment posted this 31-Days Movie Meme on Sunday, and the idea is to post on a given topic daily, i.e. Sequel that should not have been made, Favorite romantic couple, Freakishly weird movie ending, etc. You can see the full list on his post.

I think this is a great idea for a meme, though I surely can’t commit to ALL 31 days! But I’ll do a post at least once or twice a week if the topics interest me. Well, without further ado, I’m starting with the Day 1 and 2 in one post.

Day 01 – Sequel that should not have been made
Now that would have to be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). I love the Indy franchise and who doesn’t love the rugged Harrison Ford in his best, funnest role ever, so when the movie came out I couldn’t wait to see it. Alas, other than the theme song, there isn’t much that the 4th sequel retain from its predecessors. Not even the great Cate Blanchett as the Russian villain could’ve made a dent in this movie, but the real blunder is the script, it’s as if that kid from the 2nd sequel had written it as a school paper! The ludicrous ending was the crowning atrocity of an already insufferable piece of work. Might as well just have the alien hand Indy a light saber and tell him “I’m Your Father” and the agony will be complete. The only good thing that comes out of this is that I don’t have to bother adding a fourth one to my Indy trilogy boxed set.

‘Honorable’ mention: Batman & Robin. Batnipples and Clooney’s idiotic, pesky grin. ‘Nuff said. But I expect a heck of a lot more from Spielberg and Lucas, so that made Indy 4 all the more painful to watch.

Day 02 – Movie that you think more people should see
Well, pretty much all five from this Cure for the common flix post I did last year. But the one I’d recommend the most is Return to Me, I dedicated a whole post for it, that’s how much I love that movie! Starring the under-appreciated Minnie Driver and the funnier-than-we-give-him-credit-for David Duchovny, I can watch this over and over again. Give it a chance. Trust me, it’ll restore your faith in the rom-com genre!

20 thoughts on “31-Days Movie Meme: Day 1 and 2

  1. Ted S.

    The first time I saw Indy 4, I liked it but when I watched it again a few months later, I hated it. Not sure what Spielberg and Lucas were thinking. They should have shot the film with the original script by Frank Darabont. Maybe I should write up a behind story on this film too since it’s been in development hell for years.

    1. It really is horrid, too bad as it should’ve gone out with a bang the way it was with The Last Crusade.

      Hey, I’d LOVE to hear the vision-to-film version of that, Ted! That’d be awesome.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah, one of the scripts has Indy looking for the lost city of Atlantis, which they sort of incorporated into the final film. I wish they did that version instead of the lame outer world city or whatever they called it in the film.

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  3. Indy 4 was truly an horrendous sequel to one of the best franchise of movies ever. I haven’t seen Return to Me yet but I added it to my Netflix!

    1. Yeah, what a pity since we both so love Harrison Ford! Oh, let me know what you think of Return to Me, Castor. I do hope you like it 🙂

  4. hahaha. I agree 110%! your comment about the alien handing Indy a lightsaber and proclaiming his fatherhood!!! Amazing! I felt that the only thing that made that film an Indy film was Indy’s hat! Enjoyable post…as always!

    1. Drive in! How fun, I have never done that before. Double feature with Iron Man, I hope that’s the second feature, so you can forget about the first one 🙂

      1. Yeah, it was. It was actually my husband’s first trip to a drive-in movie. Plus we’d already seen Iron Man, so we could leave when we got sleepy. Seriously, though, I thought Indy IV was a hoot, until the denouement, and then it almost ruined the whole thing for me. But before that, hey. Fun action, I dig Shia, and Cate Blanchett being ridiculous! There are worse things…

        1. I suppose there are worse things, but I still think if they had waited 20 yrs and that’s all they could come up with, why bother. I don’t mind Shia either, and of course Cate is my hero, so on the casting front, it’s not half bad.

  5. Totally agree. It was a horrid film. The first thing Spielberg should have done when revisiting this franchise is revisit the live-action special-effects he used to great effect in the first three movies. That would have made the film at least watchable!

  6. I’ve thought about doing this meme but with everything else going on I might skip it…ya never know. I could always just make time back up thanks to my scheduling feature lol.

    But I think Indy 4 was just sad. It was cheesy fun but there was just too much cheese and the whole fridge and alien thing just ruined it for me.

    And Return to Me is awesome.

    1. I know, seems like August is just a super crazy month! But if the topic is easy enough I’ll participate.

      Seems like the ending really is the worst part of that cheese-ball, I mean if it hadn’t been that bad I think the whole thing is more palatable.

      YAY! Glad to hear from a guy that my fave rom-com is awesome. You have excellent taste, good sir! 🙂

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