Happy Birthday Sandra Bullock!

Yesterday Sandra Bullock turned 46, so happy belated birthday, Sandy!

This has been quite a year for the affable actress, winning an Oscar and losing a marriage in the same year, which is tough enough in and of itself even without a heinous scandal associated with it. Yet, the gorgeous actress continues to carry herself with grace and class through it all. I’ve always liked Sandra, even if I don’t always like her movies, and that’s because in a town where narcissism run amok, she still comes across as a genuinely nice and humble human being

The night before she won her Best Actress Oscar on March 7th, she actually showed up at the Razzie to accept not one, but two Raspberry trophies she ‘earned’ for both Worst Actress and Worst On-Screen Couple for All About Steve. You’ve probably seen the video at the Razzie award where she hauled a wheeled wagon full of the chastised All About Steve dvds and delivered a speech equally gracious as the one she delivered for the real honor! You’ve got to hand it to her for that self-deprecating sense of humor and her ability to laugh at herself.

As my tribute to the lovely actress, here five of my favorite Sandra Bullock movies (in order of release):

  • Speed (1994)
    This is one of the movies Bullock and Keanu Reeves will be remembered for. I love this action flick when it first came out, it was so much fun to watch and both of the leads have a nice chemistry together as they flirt their way through the terrorist scheme of the late Dennis Hopper. I did swoon over Reeves in his hunkiest role, but Sandra is so darn likable as the ordinary hero Annie, it’s no surprise this movie made her a star.
  • The Net (1995)
    This movie is so dated now, and it’s asking a bit much to have us believe that someone as pretty as Bullock is a reclusive geek who has no friends or boyfriend. But if you can just get past that absurd notion, the movie itself is quite enjoyable. Of course having a baddie in the form of the tall, dark & handsome Brit Jeremy Northam can’t hurt 🙂 Sure this movie doesn’t hold up well now, but Bullock’s sincere performance and non-stop action sequences kept me in suspense.
  • While You Are Sleeping
    I’m not a huge rom-com fan, but this one still gets me every time it came on TV. The movie truly hinges on Sandra’s likability factor, but it was so easy to root for her character, even if we don’t agree with everything she does. A train fare collector who’s a hopeless romantic, she has a massive crush on a dashing commuter, and pretends to be his fiance when he was knocked unconscious. With a premise like this, you need a leading actress who can sell it. Sandra definitely passes with flying colors. Heck, she’s able to make even Bill Pullman seems so irresistible! 🙂
  • The Proposal (2009)
    Another rom-com, I know. But this one actually comes pretty highly recommended that I was curious enough to check it out. One thing I notice is Sandra definitely ages well, this is over a decade after Speed and she still maintain that youthful radiance and lithe figure. The movie also benefits from Ryan Reynolds’ casting, an actor equally affable and funny, and though I don’t quite buy the chemistry between the two, it’s still fun to watch the two banter with each other, not to mention the hilarious scenes between her and Betty White!
  • The Blind Side (2009)
    This is one that I’d get flak for even including in my list. Yeah, I know a lot of people are still enraged over her winning Best Actress Oscar, but it’s a given that moviegoers disagree with what the Academy picks. I for one thinks it’s well-deserved, it might not be the best performance of the year, but it was Bullock’s strongest and most nuanced role yet. As I said in my review, the movie works thanks largely to Sandra Bullock’s assertive but guarded performance, and again she comes across very genial and relatable.

Well folks, what are your favorite Sandra Bullock movie(s)?

45 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sandra Bullock!

  1. PrairieGirl

    Miss Congeniality is very near the top of my list of her movies. Loved Michael Cane’s part in it too.

    1. I forgot Michael Caine is in it! Yeah, it’s quite enjoyable because Sandy is just so naturally… well congenial. Nobody else can play that role as well as she does. If only the script is halfway decent though.

  2. I do love Sandy. I still don’t think she’s quite Oscar-worthy, but sometimes you just get that great role. *shrug*

    Anyway, I’m going to be pretentious and throw out a couple of semi-obscure Bullock movies that are interesting/potentially worth a watch.

    My favorites:

    5. Gun Shy. This is a bizarre little film also starring Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt. It’s very oddball, but fun. An early producing credit for Ms. Bullock.
    4. The Proposal. Better than expected!
    3. Miss Congeniality. She is a rom-com genius, after all.
    2. Practical Magic. I freaking love this movie, despite its many problems. One of my best friends hates it bc she says they ruin the book. I don’t see it. Oh well.
    1. WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING. I saw it in the theater, already in love with Bill Pullman, and it is an automatic “plunk down on the couch and watch regardless of scene if it’s on television” winner. Love love love.

    Honorable mention: The Vanishing. Weird, creepy little movie that actually belongs to Kiefer Sutherland and Jeff Bridges. Recommend.

    1. Ohhh, some great suggestions here Sam. I will check out Gun Shy. It’s got Liam and Oliver? How could I have missed it? Sounds like fun.

      WOW, a lot of love for WYWS! Rockerdad just told me he liked it too. I’m not a fan of Pullman’s but he’s great in this movie, and you can’t help to root for him to get together with Sandy.

      What’s The Vanishing about? Weird, creepy movie?? That’s more Rockerdad’s alley 🙂

      1. It’s about a guy (Sutherland) whose girlfriend (Bullock) vanishes while they’re stopped at a convenience store. Sort of psychological thriller, I guess. It’s pretty good. If anyone remembers the lovely Nancy Travis (3 Men & a Baby, So I Married an Axe Murderer), she’s also in it.

        1. Ah I see. I don’t mind psycho thriller actually. Oh yeah, Nancy Travis, she does more TV work now I think, right. Last time I saw her in a movie was in Jane Austen Book Club as Hugh Dancy’s sister.

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  4. MAJOR guilty pleasures for me – her rom-coms from the beginning of the millennium are big favorites. LOVE her in “Miss Congeniality” and “Two Weeks Notice;” I’d give her an Oscar for either of these before I gave her one for “The Blind Side.”

    1. Hi Marshall, yes a lot of her flicks are guilty pleasures, except for The Lake House. Gotta draw the line somewhere. Wow, lotsa love for Miss Congeniality I see, I thought it was fun but not exactly my favorite.

  5. Happy B-day Sandra. The only two movies I’ve ever liked her in are WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING and off course one of the most amazing movies ever CRASH (in which she and Brandan Fraser showed that they have serious acting skills as well not just the comedian ones).

    1. I was going to include Crash on my list, but it’s more of an ensemble cast, not a Sandra Bullock movie. Sandra definitely has acting chops, but y’know Brendan’s been making lots of very questionable choices of late I don’t know what to make of him anymore. He’s so good in The Mummy, but it all went down hill from there. Too bad as he’s quite a likable actor.

      1. yep, he has movies in which he shows brilliant acting (I mean dramatic) skills such as THE CRASH, GOD AND MONSTERS, THE QUIET AMERICAN …. but for some reason he chooses to do more of the crazy comedies and adventures. I think he has a big child in him and that’s why he loves doing those family movies.

      1. Well glad I inspired you in a way. Perhaps you should write an open letter like I did for GB. Funny, they’re both big, tall, charming guys who’ve been making some awful movie choices… but GB seems to have made some progress with Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher. Now come on, Brendan!

    2. Crash is interesting since it put two reviled, underrated people together as a couple and showed the world they could act. I don’t think the movie’s Citizen Kane, but I could never understand the hate against Crash.

      And if Bullock lived in the 1930’s, she would have been better praised.

  6. Vince

    Alright – the first movie I saw Sandra Bullock in was Demolition Man and she was pretty damn cute – I had no idea she’d become the serious actress she is now.

    1. Yeah, I did see Demolition Man! Wasn’t she Sylvester Stallone’s girlfriend in that? Believe it or not, I used to like Wesley Snipes, he was great in this one, Passenger 57 and of course, Blade. I’m still waiting for someone to spoof that with Twilight 🙂

  7. I love Sandra Bullock!! She is the ONLY actress that I follow around…I mean I tried to watch all her movies and so far I’ve watched 90% of her films. I guess you know how obsess I am with Cillian Murphy…and I am equally obsess with Sandra Bullock.

    I once wrote about 180 degree Sandy, when she won both razzie and oscar.

    Hmm narrowing her movies to 5 is a bit difficult for me…let’s see…

    #1 Speed
    No question about it. This movie is the reason I love both Sandy and Keanu. I give my full blessing if they ever got married one day 😉

    #2 While You Are Sleeping
    I wan to see this movie again. The localTV used to play it every chrismast, but they never play anymore now 😦

    #3 The Blindside
    I was literally jumping up and down when she won the award…I’m so happy for her. Her speech is beautiful, too bad her marriage gone wrong after that (now, I’m praying she’ll get together with Keanu, lol)

    #4 The Proposal
    I like the chemistry between Sandy and the other guy. She really looks like an annoying boss in here. Did you know that our beloved SCTV copycat this movie?? I was so furious when I saw it.

    #5 Ms. Congeniality
    it’s hilarious. My love for Sandy increased when I saw this movie. I always like a beautiful woman who doesn’t to look bad in a movie.

    I am planning to write this top 5 (top 5 of all my fav actors and actress) in my blog one day…but not yet.

    1. I was too excited writing this comment and when I read it again…wow, I typed so many mistakes. Oh well I believe you understand what I’m trying to say 😉

      1. No worries, Nov, you’re fine, there are worse offenders out there 🙂 Ha..ha.. Sandy and Keanu might not be a bad idea, though I believe they’re friends so if there ever was a thing we’d have heard about it by now. I think Sandra’s been with a few of her co-stars before, i.e. Matthew McCaugnahey (though I’m glad it didn’t work out, can’t stand that guy!) I just hope that she finds love again, she so deserves a great guy!

        As for SCTV, isn’t EVERYTHING on TV there is pretty much carbon copy of Hollywood movies? 😦

        1. I agree…she really deserves a great guy, she is such a down to earth. Tho she has a little guy in her life now 😉 and I think he’ll keep her happy for now.

          Not really, Hollywood movies are their recent copycat project…it used to be Japanese Dorama lol

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  9. I can’t really approve of her script-picking skills but Sandra Bullock certainly is one of the classiest lady in Hollywood and should be a model for all starlets to follow in terms of how to live under the spotlight.

    1. Well put. I don’t really like her as an actress or the roles she takes and think she doesn’t really even have a lot of talent… but she does seem to handle stardom very well, with class, humor and an effortless air which makes her a charm look up to.

      1. I agree with what you said except this “…she doesn’t really even have a lot of talent” There is a difference between lack of script-picking skills (as Castor put it) and lack of talent. I think she’s proven herself even before her Oscar that she could act.

    2. Well I think a lot of decent actors have made their share of questionable role choices, but hopefully Sandra’s more selective now. Yes, she definitely is a model for any actress, that you don’t have to b***h or sleep your way to the top or thinks that the world revolves around you just ’cause you’re a celebrity. Go Sandy!

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  11. Mike B.

    Loved the Proposal! Her co-star is actually one of my fav funny guy actors. He’s in the Green Lantern I believe that’s coming up. Sandra isn’t one of my most loved actresses, but as a human being, she’s pretty cool. Great post!

    1. Yep, Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern, that guy has the bod of a superhero! I thought you’re tired of comic book flicks, Mike? 🙂

  12. where’s the love for the Lake House?
    hehe, saw your comment on my love for it RTM
    i honestly think its a great movie, and i dont even particularly like Sandra Bullock
    While You Were Sleeping is great too
    Peter Gallagher… one of the great movie sleepers

    1. Sorry Ross, but it is what it is… I really wanted to like it because I like both Sandy & Keanu, but it was just too darn boring. Peter Gallagher should do more movies, whatever happen to that guy??

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  14. Really nice tribute Ruth!

    I love Sandy as most of you know. I totally agree on Speed (her best film), The Net (prob. one of my biggest guilty pleasures).

    I would have included Miss Congeniality and 28 days its really underrated and probably her best dramatic performance so far.

  15. Hi Joel, yeah I really enjoyed The Net. The technology aspect doesn’t hold up at all though, but still I like Bullock and Jeremy Northam in it.

    I’ve never seen 28 Days, that’s the one with Viggo right? I should rent that one!

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