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I wish I could be in San Diego this week, ComicCon sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s increasingly becoming as much for movie lovers as comic book fans. One of the most buzzed about upcoming movie this year is Disney’s Tron: Legacy. I’ve become increasingly intrigued by this movie, and the new trailer just shot my excitement up through the roof. Check it out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

As I said in my previous post, this is the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi film Tron, starring a much younger Jeff Bridges. Instead of a dream world a la Inception, this time much of the movie takes place in a digital world created by Bridges character Kevin Flynn, a former premier video-game developer. Flynn’s been missing for 25 years and his estranged son is pulled into the virtual game world as he searches for him, a mesmerizing cyber universe full of neon lights and shiny objects! LOVE that Lightcycle, forget Batpod, I want one of those! According to the Collider, this movie’s broken a record for being present at the conference three years in a row! But this year’s the first time Con-goers are shown actual footage from the film (the previous two years they were presented with only the 2D and 3D test footage, probably to test people’s interest?). The cast and crew were present in the film’s panel Q&A session, including Joseph Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey, TRON creator Steven Lisberger, and stars Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, and the dude himself, Jeff Bridges! I’ve never heard of Kosinski before, but according to this FastCompany article, sounds like he knows what he’s doing despite his lack of filmmaking experience. He apparently has a master in architecture design from Columbia and also founded a Web-design firm where he created short-films made entirely on the computer.

Kosinski directing his cast on set

As for casting, Bridges actually plays the same role twice, well, kind of. When I saw the trailer, there’s a guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to him but looks half his age of 61, and I wondered who the actor is. Well, guess what, Matt Goldberg at Collider is saying that character is actually CGI, “…I don’t want to jump the gun, but from what I saw today, it looks like they’ve cracked the technology to de-age actors digitally.” THR HeatVision also mentioned about the ‘de-aging’ technology, here’s what Bridges himself thought about it: “One of the things that always bothered me as an actor was when you have to play your self at different ages is that you have an other actor playing you. Now that’s no longer the case. You can play yourself at any age. To be in this groundbreaking movie, where it’s done for the first time, is cool.”

I’m not sure the story will be a compelling one, but visually speaking I’m hooked. I was practically ooh-aah-ing as I’m watching this trailer, like a fly mesmerized by bright lights 😀 Now this is one that’s meant to be seen in 3D come December 17th.

How about you, is this one in your must-see list?

18 thoughts on “Upcoming Flix Spotlight » TRON: Legacy

  1. I remember falling asleep many times during multiple efforts to watch the classic TRON, but the new remake is a must see thanks to Olivia Wilde. I absolutely loved her on banners, posters and in the trailers.

    1. I haven’t seen the original yet, Rockerdad’s going to lend me the dvd next week. I’m curious to see it before this one comes out. Yes, Olivia is stunning indeed, looks great sporting that short bob.

  2. Ted S.

    I saw bits and pieces of the first film, I guess the effects were just too lame for me. Not sure if I’ll see the new film, but I’m a sucker for IMAX so I might check it out on the giant screen.

    1. Yeah well compared to this new one, we’ve come a long way technology-wise. I’m still intrigued to see the story which will help me understand the new one I think. Yeah, you love those IMAX don’t you, it gives me a headache actually. But I will see this one in 3D for sure!

  3. The trailer is not very appetizing. I’m not sure what the film is about! I agree with you that visually, it does look interesting but would that hold my attention if that’s all there is? I doubt it. Obviously, this is only a teaser so let’s hope it gets better from here 🙂

    1. Funny, that’s how I felt the first time I saw the teaser, but the last full trailer got enough going for it, story and visually speaking, that piqued my interest. I’m sure they’ll release another trailer between now and Dec, but I’m already hooked anyway 🙂

    1. Hi Dan, are you a fan of the original as well? I have yet to see it but will do soon. Yeah, definitely one to look forward to in the Winter time … (heh, I don’t want to hear that dreadful word just yet!)

  4. I’ll certainly be going to see this! I like their use of 3D purely for the Tron world. I was reading an article earlier today that described it as using 3D the way The Wizard Of Oz used colour.

    1. Hi Róisín! Yeah, this is the movie where the 3D use makes total sense and the fact that it was MADE for 3D, not converted into it is a good thing. Interesting that they compared the groundbreaking technology to the Wizard of Oz, it’s amazing how fast CGI has evolved!

    2. It is 🙂 Scaringly fast!

      I’m with you on the non-conversion being a good thing. And I’m not normally overly keen on 3D, but I reckon this one will be an exception!

  5. It wasn’t on my list, but it is now. Talk about eye candy, this looks as though it’ll be a feast for the senses. Interested to see whether the story can hold the weight of the tech. Maybe I’ll check out the original.

    1. Eye candy is right, Ronan! I haven’t seen the original either, but I’ll check it out before this new one comes out. I do hope the story is on par with the visuals and all those CGI.

  6. The original Tron and I have a long and strong relationship – it being one of the first actual movies that I was able to actually get familiar with by seeing more than once. Now that it’s back, I worry constantly about how much reverence they’ll have for the source material, or whether the source material in even relevant in this day and age.

    As for the de-ageifying stuff – they were able to do it to some extent with Patrick Stewart in X-Men 3 and Wolverine, looks like they’ve improved on the process for Tron Legacy, but even if it is a little choppy, CLU is only a computer program himself, he’s supposed to look a little CG’d.

    Tron and I’m sure it’s successor are among the few movies to handle computers properly, as more of a symbol or metaphor, rather than trying to quantify it and therefore hopelessly date the film, making it obsolete within years. That’s the main thing I felt Hackers had over The ‘Net…

    1. Hi Steve! Yeah, I can see your point about relevancy, but from what’s been released, seems like they were able to modernize it and make it look more cutting-edge, but the story remains to be seen.

      Ah right, I did remember seeing Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen’s younger selves in X-Men 3, but I thought that they look very CGI-ed. They did a much better job with this one as I thought it was a real actor who bore an uncanny resemblance to Jeff Bridges!

      Yes, The Net is very dated indeed. Haven’t seen Hackers yet so can’t comment on that.

      1. Much in the same way that Inception dealt more with seemingly epic consequences contained in a minuscule world (contained within the cabin of an airplane) I wouldn’t have a problem with Tron Legacy having consequences contained within in the computer world, without grave consequences spilling out to the world outside. If they took that approach, it would cut down on the need for present-day relevancy. The first Tron sort of had conquences in the “real world” but I don’t think we were too concerned about it – we got caught up in the “human” struggle of Tron and Flynn.

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