Updates on FC’s Top Ten Most Anticipated 2010 Flix: Part 1

I wrote this top ten list of most anticipated movies back in October, and lots of stuff have changed since then. Either I no longer anticipate a given flick, or simply the release date has been pushed back to next year, etc. So here are updates on the first five on my list.

1. Clash of the Titans (April 2, 2010)

This one turns out to be quite a disappointment, glad I didn’t pay the 3D fare! Read the full review.

2. Immortals (TBD 2011 – see updated news)

The most notable update is the title has been changed to Immortals, changed from Dawn of War/War of Gods. The main lead actor to play Theseus remains to be Henry Cavill, but this flick has since expanded the cast: Mickey Rourke (as the villain), John Hurt, Stephen Dorff, Frieda Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), and Luke Evans (Apollo in Clash of the Titans), among others.

Luke Evans has been cast as Zeus

This FirstShowing article reveals a very promising small details of that, courtesy of British actor Evans who’ll play Zeus in this movie (quite an upgrade from playing Apollo, eh?).

[Immortals] really plays on the human side of the battle, whereas there are so many monsters in Clash of the Titans. This film really is very strongly based on Earth, I would say, and it is about the human battle. The gods have a very strong presence [in it] and it’s a much bigger action film; this is way more action. Whereas the gods in Clash do very little but stay in Mount Olympus, in [Immortals] they are hands-on — especially Zeus. I’ve had training in every weapon you could imagine a god using.”

He’s also got this to say about the Indian director Tarsem: “What’s great about Tarsem is you only have to spend 10 minutes in his company to know the man is a visionary and a genius. If you know his work, you know how beautiful and visually stunning it can be. Tarsem sets an amazing scene and allows the actors to feel completely immersed in the world — we’ve walked on to the sets and they’re superb. The details of these sets are spectacular, and you know Tarsem has had a hand in every decision.”

With that said, this will also end up in my inevitable Most Anticipated 2011 Flicks blog post 🙂


3. Inception (July 16th, 2010)

You bet this is still one of my most anticipated flicks, in fact, this has risen to the top of the list! Five things I’ve learned so far:

  • According to Leonardo DiCaprio, the plot didn’t even make sense to the actors when they did the film. “We had to do a lot of detective work (laughing) to figure out what the movie was about.”
  • Nolan originally wrote this as a heist movie, realizing that “… traditionally [they] are very deliberately superficial in emotional terms”, but later realize he needed to “raise the emotional stakes
  • DiCaprio was integral in Cobb’s character development. “I’ve incorporated a huge number of his ideas. Leo’s very analytical, particularly from character point of view but also how the entire story is going to function and relate to his character… I think it’s improved the project enormously. The emotional life of the character now drives the story more than it did before.” [LA Times Blog]
  • This is the thinking-person’s Bond movie: “I grew up watching James Bond films and loving those and watching spy movies with their globetrotting sensibility…. We get to do that here, not just geographically but also in time and dimensions of reality as well. We get to make a movie that’s expansive, I suppose you’d say, in four dimensions.”
  • Inception is Nolan’s biggest challenge yet: “This is the biggest challenge I’ve taken on to this point… We’re trying to tell a story on a massive scale, a true blockbuster scale – the biggest I’ve ever been involved with. We tried to make a very large-scale film with The Dark Knight and with this one we wanted to push that even further.”

    [the last two bullets are courtesy of LA Times Hero Complex Blog]

Here’s the enigmatic second trailer. If there’s a flick that’ll blow Avatar out of the water, this’ll be it. Surely this is by far the best trailer of the year!


4. Toy Story 3 (June 18th, 2010)

A decade an a half after the first one came out in 1995, this time it’ll be in 3D! I’m a huge fan of the first two, and as if having Woody, Buzz and the gang back isn’t enough to anticipate this, they throw in a new toy voiced by none other than Timothy Dalton!! The Ken/Barbie thing looks pretty funny too, I seriously doubt I’ll be disappointed with this one.

All fourteen characters of Toy Story 3

Screenrant also have a handy guide to all fourteen new characters in Toy Story 3.

5. Iron Man 2 (May 7th, 2010)

The first one was sooo much fun and judging from the trailer, the sequel definitely ups the ante with plenty more action. I’m not totally stoked with Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard, nothing against Cheadle — granted he’s a great actor — but I just think Howard suits the Rhodes role better, and he’s got a nice rapport with Robert Downey Jr.  RDJ himself is still as mischievous and fun-loving as ever, this role is tailor-made for him as much as the suit is to Tony Stark. Oh speaking of the suit, who doesn’t dig the awesome briefcase suit?

This featurette centers specifically of Stark and his assistant Pepper Pots … it’s a testament to how great RDJ is because he even makes Gwyneth Paltrow looks so darn likable!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “New Behind-the-Scenes Featurette and …“, posted with vodpod


Look for Part 2 sometime next week. Now, any one of this is on your anticipated list?

24 thoughts on “Updates on FC’s Top Ten Most Anticipated 2010 Flix: Part 1

  1. Inception is my only anticipated movie from your list.

    I’ve just watched my other most anticipated movie, Peacock, but it was a disappointment…the story is too slow, tho the actors/actress play brilliantly.

    1. Of course it is, Novroz, Cillian’s it it 🙂 I remember you talking about Peacock, what’s the story about again? Doesn’t it suck when the movie you anticipated turns out to be a disappointment? I hope the rest of this list live up to the hype!!

      1. Just re-watched peacock (plus taking snapshots for my blog)…it turns out to be good movie afterall. I think the 1st time, I was hoping for a full thrilling movie and it didn’t live up to my expectation. The 2nd time I watch it with open mind and hey…surprise surprise, it is a good movie!

        I wish I don’t have to work 2morrow so I can edit my snapshots and write my review 😦

        The story is about split personality and Cillian plays so brilliant…John is very shy (Cillian does not look hot at all) and Emma is more open (Cillian is so beautiful…he is prettier than I am). You will see as if both characters are played by different people. He uses brown contact lens, so we can’t see his blue eyes.

        Yeah I realy hope Inception will live up to its hype 🙂

  2. I had to skip everything you said about Inception since I don’t want to know any thing more about it until I see it! This my most anticipated movie of the year!

    Iron Man 2, the more I know about it, the less excited I am to see it. Sure it will be entertaining but I’m less and less hopeful that it will be as good as the first one.

    1. Oh don’t worry Castor, there’s nothing about the plot in my post… well, even the stars probably still don’t know what it’s really about! I’m just fascinated by Nolan’s conceptual thinking about the project and the influences he had (I didn’t know he was a Bond fan). Yes, I don’t think I’ve anticipated any movie as much as this one!!

      Well put there about Iron Man 2, it probably won’t be better than the 1st (I for one am not crazy about ScarJo), but RDJ is just so darn fun to watch as Tony Stark!

  3. Marc

    So no to The Expendables (previously an Honorable Mention), Robin Hood (previously #7) and Tron Legacy? And I thought we were making progress Ruth:(

    Or will these be on part II?:)

    Either way, count me in for Iron Man II, Inception and TS3!!!

    1. He..he.. this is just Part 2, Marc, it’ll be too long a post if I put all of ’em in. Summer’s gonna be a busy moviegoing event for sure, which is a great thing for us movie bloggers, right? 🙂

    1. Hi Heather! I think Inception is on everyone’s must-see list. It just might beat TDK or even Avatar? I mean the cast alone is reason to watch it.

        1. It’s hard not to be over excited when it comes to Inception, isn’t it? I mean the trailer alone just makes me drool… and thinking about the cast, OH MY! But so far Nolan has not disappointed me, I didn’t love The Prestige, but can’t say I dislike it either.

  4. Iron Man 2 is what I am looking forward to most at the moment. Inception looks pretty good and Toy Story 3 is long awaited from the 2nd installment I guess, but have a feeling it is going to be a slight let down.

    Eat, Pray, Love is another I am really looking forward to. As from the trailer it looks as though Julia Roberts is back in great acting form.

    1. Hi Caz, I might’ve told you this on your blog. I guess I should’ve been more excited about Eat, Pray, Love as it’s partly shot in Bali. The trailer kinda ticked me off though… they mention she’s going to Italy, India, and Bali… as if it’s a freakin’ country!!! But then again if they say Indonesian, some people might say, ‘where??’ [sigh]

  5. Inception and Toy Story 3 are pretty high on my list. I grew up watching Toy Story and the younger version of myself would punch me in the face if I didn’t watch the third one. I’m trying to stay away from any kind of promotional material for Inception because I’m trying to have the purest first experience when I watch it.

    1. Hi Dan, luckily, most of the things I’ve read so far doesn’t say anything about the plot or even what kind of film it is. Nolan said he initially wrote it as a heist movie but not sure what he ends up with. I’m sooo glad the trailer keeps it obscure as well, like a lot of people, I also want to be surprised when I finally see this.

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  7. I just can’t get “Inception” out of my head. Each new piece of information that is revealed just makes me want to experience it more.

    As for “Iron Man 2” goes, I am looking forward to it mostly for Mickey Rourke. I wasn’t blown away by the first “Iron Man,” and the trailers haven’t impressed me to any extraordinary extent, but I still think it could be solid entertainment.

    1. Hi Danny, luckily Nolan’s very wise about not revealing too much plot info. Handled by less capable hands, it has high potential to be too convoluted, but I have faith in Nolan.

      The reason to watch Iron Man for me is RDJ, everyone else is just icing on the cake. You’re right there, I think solid entertainment is in the can, but whether it can rise above that remains to be seen.

  8. Oh, I just can’t wait for the IMMORTALS. I’ve been regularly covering that movie over at HOLLYWOOD SPY for more than a year now. I’m a huge fan of Tarsem Singh, I believe the man is the biggest visual genius ever. THE CELL and THE FALL were amazingly stunning visually, and he also has a great sense for picking up the actors for his movies. I adore Henry Cavill, so this is going to be the best movie in 2011.

    1. Absolutely, Dez. I actually like the name change, too. I haven’t seen The Cell but he floored me on The Fall. Looks like he has a knack for casting handsome unknown, as I swooned over Lee Pace in The Fall. But Henry is even better, I think you’re right. This is easily in the top 5 of anticipated flicks of next year!

      1. Oh, you should see THE CELL. Those were the good old days when nobody hated J.Lo and when she was still charming (because we didn’t know she’s a freak who loves wearing poor dead animals on her back).
        THE CELL is one of the visually most stunning movies of all times. It has such fantastic dream sequences with so many vivid colours and sensational details, that it just stays with you forever.

        TEH FALL was also amazing visually, and the story was great, although that were little something something missing in the whole movie to make it breathtaking. The mother of little Katinka Untaru who plays the main role beside stunning Lee Pace is actually my friend. Great cast in that movie.

        1. i loved little Katinka Untaru-she’s an amazing actress! Almost like she lives the part, as she’s saying the lines-like there’s no line between reality and fantasy-stunning!

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