Upcoming Flix Spotlight: Tarsem’s ‘War of Gods’ is now renamed ‘Immortals’

So now that we’ve got the story of Perseus, we’ll see how the other Greek mythology tale is going to pan out. As I’ve outlined in the Battle of the Greek Mythologies and an updated news item on this project, this one centers on Theseus. He’s a demigod (half-god, half-man), the son of mortal parents King Aegeus and Aethra, who’s also said to have been conceived by Poseidon, God of the Sea, who slept with Aethra the same night – is it any wonder the kid’s got issues?

Anyway, the project was called War of Gods or Dawn of War for a while, but based on this Montreal Gazette article,it’s been renamed Immortals.

When we met earlier this week (the article was dated April 2nd), Welsh actor Joseph Morgan had just finished a full read-through of the script for Immortals (formerly titled Dawn of War) with most of the cast, including Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff, John Hurt, Freida Pinto, Kellan Lutz and Luke Evans. The big-budget epic set in ancient Greece, which is set to start filming in Montreal on Monday, also co-stars Mickey Rourke, who is not yet here.

Tarsem Singh

The story line sounds very similar to Clash of the Titans, Immortals follows young warrior Theseus, who leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat evil elder gods of the Titans in order to save mankind. I have high hopes that director Tarsem Singh can put his unique spin on this and make something truly stunning visually, as well as have some weight on the story. Even though I’ve never heard of the screenwriters – two Greek-American brothers Charley and Vlas Parlapanides from New Jersey – I really think the script can’t possibly be any worse than Clash, I mean come on, that would be even more tragic than all Greek tragedies put together. I also hope that Henry Cavill will be more convincing as the hero, and that he’d have a strong chemistry with Frieda Pinto as Phaedra.

Just a few notes on Mr. Singh, he was a renowned music video and commercial directors before he went into movies (his first flick was the J Lo’s sci-fi fantasy/horror The Cell), winning numerous awards including MTV Music Awards, Grammys, and a couple of Cannes trophies for his commercial work. But his most famous one is probably this ‘Gladiator-inspired’ Pepsi commercial with all the pop stars like Britney, Pink and Beyonce. But in order to REALLY appreciate how talented this guy is, you have got to see The Fall (see trailer below). Apparently he’s been “…obsessed by the idea of telling a story about storytelling for 27 years…” according to this MPR article, which also fulfilled his craving for world travels (the movie was shot in 24 countries!). It’s also said that “… he wanted to use real places, not models or computer generated special effects”, so judging by that statement alone, I’m hopeful Immortals will NOT be a run-of-the-mill action flick.

Now, if there is one flick I’m curious to see in 3D, that’d be this movie. But then again, it’d have to be originally shot in 3D, not converted after the fact, so come to think of it, better to just leave it the way it is.

Have you seen The Fall, folks? If so, please chime in and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Flix Spotlight: Tarsem’s ‘War of Gods’ is now renamed ‘Immortals’

  1. One thing they need to make sure of is that it feels like an epic movie. It can’t be this 90 minutes condensed action fest. It’s Greek mythology, it has to feel epic to succeed.

    1. Yes I agree, Castor. We’re not expecting a history lesson surely, but in order to appreciate a movie we need to care about the characters. Simply injecting us with one bombastic action sequence after another just won’t cut it. I hope Tarsem reads some of the dismal reviews of ‘Clash’ and learn NOT to do the same.

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