Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: The Switch

I first heard about this flick when I blogged about Jason Bateman last September when it was still called The Baster. Yeah, no doubt they went with a ‘safer’ title though it sounds so generic now (there are eight other movies with that exact title on IMDb!).
The plot: An unmarried 40-year-old woman (Kassie) turns to a turkey baster in order to become pregnant. Seven years later, she reunites with her best friend (Wally), who has been living with a secret: he replaced her preferred sperm sample with his own.
Hmmm, is it just me or this could very well be Jen’s own life story? It’s a terrible thing to say I know, but then again she looks like she’s playing herself here (what else is new). What is it about Jen that she keeps snatching my fave leading men: Clive Owen (
Derailed), Gerry Butler (The Bounty Hunter out tomorrow) and now Bateman. But you know what, the trailer made me laugh, mostly because of Bateman though, who’s probably the saving grace of the movie. In fact it looks more like his movie than Aniston’s.
The most amusing scenes are between Wally and Kassie’s cute munchkin (Thomas Robinson) who bears an uncanny resemblance to him – and perhaps share his neurotic problems. And check out the supporting cast: Jeff Goldblum (in a Judy Greer-type role as the ‘best friend’), Juliette Lewis, and Patrick Wilson.
The Switch
is released in theaters on August 20th. What do you think folks? Does this appeal to you in any way, shape or form?

11 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: The Switch

    1. Well this is a first. You like Jennifer, huh? Are you going to see The Bounty Hunter there, Mr. Dreher? I’m going with a friend though I’m kinda dragging it, but if anything it’ll compel me to write that open letter to GB to stay the heck out of rom-com!!

  1. Jason Bateman makes any movie at least bearable and I would watch this even though my distaste for Jennifer Aniston is starting to reach humongous proportions. You never know, she might develop some acting skills overnight.

    1. I won’t hold my breath, Castor. Jen has her own company and has been given chance after chance to do something worthwhile but she squashes most of them. There must be a gazillion really talented actresses still waiting tables out there who’d kill to have just a fraction of the gigs she’s been offered. Seriously, the least she can do is get some acting classes!

    1. Actually it’s dropped to 8 now, Dan, sheesh!! That’s a career low for Aniston, and that’s saying a lot given the duds she’s been in.

      But Prairiegirl, I’m keeping my promise in going just because we’ve planned this weeks ago, but my expectation for the movie is set waaaaaay low 😦 Oh well, on to better scripts for the Butler hopefully with Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher, and eventually the BURNS biopic!

  2. Marc

    I’d say I’m on board…although not going to stand in line at the box office to see it. Netflix for sure. But it has to be said, ya just can’t do wrong with Bateman, and good to see some renewed interest in Jeff Goldblum.

    Have to agree with Mill that the title is bad…and does anyone think this is a surprisingly lax take on some pretty serious subject matter?

    1. Yep, most likely it’ll be a rental for me, I tend to go for action flicks in the theater. But yeah, Bateman & Goldblum could be comedy match in heaven, hopefully Jeff’s role is a bit bigger than what we see in the trailer, that guy is a hoot!

      As for the subject matter, Hollywood is notorious for making light of a serious subject. There’s another similar rom-com in the works with J-Lo called The Back-Up Plan, but doesn’t have as good a cast as this one.

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