Casting & Misc. News: Superhero Edition

With the way Hollywood’s been at it these days, every news might as well be a Superhero edition. Here’s what’s been circulating so far, and let’s start with the biggest shocker of the bunch (and because I’ve always had a soft spot for the Man of Steel for as long as I can remember):

  • Christopher Nolan to ‘mentor’ the new Superman movie
    The famed Superman illustration by Alex Ross

    Most of you’ve probably heard and mulled over this one. As a Superman fan, I kind of have mixed feelings about this. The first time I heard it though, I took it as good news, as I adore Nolan and that everything he touches seems to be gold (clearly I have super high hopes for Inception). To those just tuning in, it’s been widely reported that the British director of the Batman franchise has been tapped by Warner Bros. to ‘save’ the Superman franchise, so more like an ‘advisor’ instead of actually directing the movie. Superman Returns has been regarded as a ‘flop’ (despite the $391 million worldwide gross) and critical dud by critics and moviegoers alike. Perhaps because of it that Bryan Singer’s moved back to the X-Men franchise, leaving the DC hero franchise in serious limbo.

    Anyway, now that I think about it, I’m not so sure anymore if bringing Nolan to reboot (ugh, I’m so tired of hearing that word!) Superman is such a grand idea. I was going to post my thoughts but this article kind of summed up my reservations about it, especially his first point that Supes isn’t a ‘dark’ hero like Batman is. I mean, in all seriousness, he wears his underwear on the outside for crying out loud. And he represents what’s good in society with his “truth, justice, and the American way” motto, and Clark Kent is a bumbling nerd (which is what I love about him), he’s the polar opposite of the sullen, conflicted but suave Bruce Wayne.

    Brandon Routh as Superman

    In any case, even long before the project secures an actual director, the rumor mill is spreading faster than a speeding bullet in regard to this burning question: Who should play the Kryptonian hero? Superman Returns‘ Brandon Routh’s contract has expired a while ago (though that didn’t stop him from making the most of his role in his guest stint in NBC’s CHUCK), and since WB is considering going to a whole new direction, I don’t think there’s any chance Routh will be back. Before I go on, let me just say that I actually think Routh is pretty good as Supes (particularly as Clark), but given that the movie is supposed to be a continuation of the first two of  Christopher Reeve’s version, he was simply told to ‘channel’ the late actor’s performance (a herculean task for any actor). Let bygones be bygones I guess. Some sites have started to post on Superman casting (such as  this one from The Geek Files blog and this one with some rather unconventional choices… I mean Joseph Gordon-Levitt?? Spidey maybe but Supes??). I must say I’m leaning towards The TudorsHenry Cavill, who’s almost cast as Supes (he even wore the cape according to MTV movie news) that ended up going to Routh. As I said in a previous post, Cavill also lost out to Daniel Craig as Bond. Check out this fan-made Photoshop work of Cavill in the blue suit. Well, he certainly looks the part, and the fact that he was considered by Singer might give him an edge. Who knows.

  • Batman 3 in motionhmmm, really?
    There’s probably no other film of any kind as buzz-worthy as Batman 3. Even as soon as The Dark Knight is released, the rumor mill hasn’t let off! Well, the latest ‘news’ is that Nolan will still to be at the helm as soon as he wraps Inception. According to /Film, his brother Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer (who co-wrote Batman Begins & The Dark Knight) are currently working on the draft of the untitled Batman flick based on Chris Nolan’s story idea. I don’t particularly care who the villain(s) are going to be, just so long as Nolan and the original cast are in, that’s good enough for me. 

  • James Cameron to assist Marc Webb in bringing Spiderman to 3D
    I mentioned in my last news post that (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb has been tapped to reboot the Spiderman franchise. Well, looks like the relatively newbie director (500 Days was Webb’s debut) gets a mighty collaborator in bringing the web-ed superhero (pun intended) into the third dimension. It’s no secret that Cameron is a huge fan of the franchise, even as far back as early 90s, he even did a storyboard of it. But I guess now he’s happy enough to live his Spidey directorial dream vicariously through somebody else. Reportedly, Cameron is a big fan of Webb’s work, ““Jim loved (500) Days of Summer,” according to [Avatar producer] Jon Landau. “It’s not something that you would think is necessarily in his wheelhouse, but he really enjoyed that.”(Collider).
  • Sam Worthington is the next Bond? Say it ain’t so!
    Not another week go by without rumor of Sam Worthington in some new project. Ok, I like the guy and he’s probably one of the most promising young actors working today but seriously, must he be involved in e-v-e-r-y single project out there?! The last few months alone, he’s been rumored to be get this: Captain America, Dracula, Flash Gordon, and now… James Bond? Well, according to this article, the Aussie actor might step into Daniel Craig’s shoes as he’s delayed shooting the latest Bond film to do other projects (he’s currently filming Dream House in Toronto with Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts). Ah, even without a Bond movie he’s still surrounded by beautiful women. Sorry I digress.
    I’m not too keen on this idea. I think even though Quantum of Solace is kind of a mess, I still think Craig makes for a great Bond and it’s just silly to replace him after just two outings. Especially with Sam Mendes directing, it definitely has a lot of potential. As much as I like Worthington – and he may be all right in the role – I really hope this is just a pesky rumor and that the Bond producers have the good sense to think this through.

So what do you think about any of these news, folks? I’m particularly curious what you think about the whole Superman reboot with Nolan.

11 thoughts on “Casting & Misc. News: Superhero Edition

  1. Mike B.

    I’m old enough to remember the first BIG Superman movie back in the 70’s, with Brando as his Superman’s Dad. Frankly, I’m not sure that story is really worth doing over and over again. It’s a bit dated. Perhaps like the Terminator franchise, the punch lines are well known, thus have lost their entertainment value …

    1. Superman is my first crush… I was only 4 years old and I couldn’t get enough of it (must’ve seen Superman I a couple of dozen times since then).

      I think it’s worth doing, I mean the Batman franchise is just as old and people still can’t get enough of it… Supes fan-base is equal that if not more, which makes it all the more tricky to get it right.

    1. Besides, I’m not certain Worthington can pull off a convincing British accent, which is absolutely crucial in a Bond role. After Craig’s done a couple more Bond movies at least, Cavill (again) might be a good pick, he’s also donned the tux when he auditioned for the spy role.

  2. I would be surprised if Daniel Craig jumps ship from Bond, at very least I expect one more movie out of him to finish the story arc from the first two. As for his plans at the moment who can blame him for sloping off with Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts! This is the Bond film Craig should make:

    Not really a superman fan, I think they should let that one rest for a while and reboot it completely in ten years or so. Until then this should be Superman’s next movie appearance:

    I hear The Terminator is going to get the reboot treatment as well!

  3. I am a massive Superman geek, and as such had my ears perk up when I heard the Nolan news this week.

    I don’t think it’s such a bad idea, since Supes has just had pretty crap treatment at the movies ever since the end of SUPERMAN II.

    I for one will scream in agony if they decide to go the complete reboot road…since I think between the movies, TV’s “Smallville”, and a half-dozen comic books over the years, Kal-El’s origin story has been told to death.

    Bring on Braniac! Bring on Bizarro! Bring back Zod! Hell…Bring on Doomsday if you really want to make things interesting.

    Here’s hoping that if nothing else, Nolan points whatever director WB settles on in the right direction, by doing what he did and combing the property for the best stories.

    That is of course…if WB gets this up and running fast enough, before they soon lose the rights of Supes entirely!

    1. I’m with you about Nolan initially too, Hatter, I mean that guy can elevate any project given his track record. But that article has some valid points about Supes going ‘dark’ though it’s not absolutely certain he’s going that route. That’s why I loathe the word ‘reboot’ because Hollywood just throws that word around as if it’s the grand solution to every problematic franchise, while good writing and adequate time spent to build the right ‘vision’ is probably all it needs.

      I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he said, the reason The Dark Knight worked so well was because largely because of The Joker. Supes needs a worthy villain that’ll really make for a compelling story. Terrence Stamp’s Zod comes to mind, but it’d be cool to see a whole level of brilliance that can make Supes’ skin crawl (so to speak).

      And yeah, get to it fast like you said, as we fanboys/girls can’t wait forever! 🙂

  4. mcarteratthemovies

    No times 1,000,000,000,000,000 on Sam Worthington as the new Bond! Daniel Craig brought the part back to life after Pierce Brosnan killed it (sorry, but I never liked him as Bond), and now it might go to someone else? Worthington is decent as an actor, but Craig has put his unique stamp on it.

  5. Marc

    Man, I hope the Worthington rumor is just that, he’s too young to play the MI6 super spy. Plus an Ozzie 007? What is the world coming to? What’s next, Gerry Butler playing Sinatra:P

  6. Julie Tan

    Oh my….not a fan of Superman myself….I agree with fandangogroovers….let’s put that one to rest for now…and the comeback will be sweeter.

    As for the Bond-ponder moment, how about Denzel!!?? Haha!

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