Conspicuous Trailers of the Week: Ondine & The Joneses

I’m breaking tradition with posting TWO trailers this week, but I talked about these back in September ’09 as one of TIFF’s buzz-worthy movies. While I’ve seen three of the movies I listed: Bright Star, The Young Victoria, and the Oscar nominated Up in the Air, a few others have not even been released, yet. I even sort of forgot about them until last week when their trailers surfaced. They both happen to be independent flicks but from two completely different genres.

The story of an Irish fisherman who discovers a woman in his fishing net who he believes to be a mermaid.

Director: Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire, Michael Collins, The End of the Affair)
Cast: Collin Farrell, Tony Curran, Stephen Rea, Alicja Bachleda

The Joneses

A seemingly perfect family moves into a suburban neighborhood, but when it comes to the truth as to why they’re living there, they don’t exactly come clean with their neighbors.

Director: Derrick Borte (debut film)
Cast: David Duchovny, Demi Moore, Gary Cole, Lauren Hutton

I think they’re both look interesting (read: worth-seeing), though Ondine looks kind of bizarre and Collin Farrell’s accent is a bit intelligible to get the real gist of what the movie is about. The Irish scenery once again makes it look forlorn, with a rather grim feel to it, similar to The Eclipse trailer that’s also set in Ireland.

The trailer for Leaves of Grass has also been released, which I actually been anticipating since last July, where Edward Norton plays a dual character of twin brothers: One an Ivy League professor, and the other a small-time pot grower. Written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, it also stars Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Sarandon, Keri Russell.

Unfortunately, the profanity-laden trailer of this dark comedy actually leaves me cold, though I have to admit Norton definitely pull off the dual roles really well. You can see it on YouTube if you’re interested.

12 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailers of the Week: Ondine & The Joneses

  1. I’m pretty pumped for the Joneses. Seeing David Duchovny back on the big screen after all these years is nice and it looks like a decent comedy. Chance of seeing in theater: 20% 😉

    1. I love Duchovny, that guy is versatile but grossly underused. Looks like Demi is doing what she does best, being a seductress career woman 🙂

  2. Samantha

    I might see Ondine sometime, if the reviews aren’t too bad, if only because Colin Farrell usually looks good with long hair. And I like his accent. 😉

    1. Ha! You must really love The New World then, he’s got long hair there and he’s on screen almost the entire time! His accent is nice, if only I could get what he’s saying though 🙂

      I might catch this one on DVD, the premise is interesting and unusual.

      1. Samantha

        Never watched The New World, actually. Colin Farrell doesn’t really rate an automatic watch, just because he’s pretty. That’s almost entirely reserved for RDJ. And I still turned off Gothika after about 20 minutes. I guess I was being somewhat facetious. 🙂

        1. It’s a super loooong movie, but worth seeing as it’s beautifully-shot. I have to admit though, my favorite part is the last 20 minutes with Bale. Gothika sounds like a weird flick, I won’t watch it even if Gerard Butler’s in it 🙂

          1. Samantha

            Meh, has all the earmarks of your standard horror-type flick. I’m a big chicken, even when adorably geeky RDJ with glasses is involved. Alas.

  3. Maria Pia

    I am looking forward to seeing David Duchovny on the big screen again. He looks w o n d e r f u l and Hoooooootttttt.
    The Joneses looks a really good film: smart and funny.

    1. I agree, Maria! He’s great in most everything I’ve seen him in, especially Return to Me and The TV Set. His dead-pan and wry humor is perfect for dark comedy, which this one sounds like it fits into that category.

    1. Hi Andrew, I do hope these two movies get a decent theatrical release. I’m usually meh about Farrell (though he’s good in Minority Report) and have yet to see In Bruges. But Ondine looks intriguing, and we can bet he and Alicja have amazing chemistry as she’s now the mother of his 2nd child! 🙂

      Hmmm, I haven’t heard about his two upcoming flicks. I just googled London Boulevard… he plays a South London criminal, fresh out of prison, who is trying to live the straight life… sounds tailor made for him. And I like Keira, too! Thanks for the tip!

  4. Both of the trailers look quite interesting. Ondine looks intriguing. Leaves of Grass is a really badly made trailer. I could hardly follow what the movie is supposed to be about…

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