Random Thoughts: Overpaid A-listers & Sexiest Men Alive

The dis-honorable list of 2009

Forbes released their annual most-overpaid stars list last week. To create the list, Forbes looked at the 100 biggest stars in Hollywood. To qualify, each actor had to have starred over the last five years in at least three movies that opened in more than 500 theaters. Three of them were repeat offenders, including the ‘winner’ Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore and Jim Carrey, who were also on the 2008 list of overpaid-stars. Which begs me the question, why on earth would the studio still want to pay them the big bucks??! It’s also an amusing coincidence that last year’s topper Nicole Kidman — who earned a mere buck for every dollar she was paid — starred with Ferrell in the darn-awful Bewitched in 2005, which not-surprisingly only managed to rake $63 million of the 85-mil budget.

In any case, I’m hardly surprised with this list, with the exception of Ewan McGregor (#2 on the list) who despite his lower paycheck (in comparison to others on this list) still doesn’t make him profitable enough to the studios.

Fortunately, I have not seen any movies of these overpaid stars in the past year, as I’ve opted to see relative ‘unknowns’ on the big screen. Films I’ve seen and will line up to see consist of intriguing concepts with no-name actors, i.e. District 9, Star Trek, Avatar, The Young Victoria. Even my fave Gerard Butler still derives a response of ‘Gerard who?’ amongst people I work with, but his film Law Abiding Citizen has been on the top ten box office for six straight weeks, grossing $70+ mil so far compared to the 50-million production cost. No doubt with the success of the mega-moth teen vampire franchise that is Twilight, the laundry list of $20 million actors is being trimmed down. As Zdonk.com blog said, in today’s Hollywood, the A list actor with their gluttonous contracts isn’t as valuable to the studio as a marketable concept.


Now, People magazine is at it again with their pick of Sexiest Man Alive. I usually never bother with it as I hardly ever agree with their picks. Even last year’s chosen-one, Hugh Jackman, isn’t on my top five of sexiest men. I know, I know, he seems to have it all, after all he’s tall, dark and handsome… with an Aussie accent to boot! But for whatever reason, he just doesn’t scream SEXY to me.

Which brings me to this year’s two-time champion of Sexiest Man Alive: Johnny Depp. Now, I love Johnny and think that he’s a fantastic actor. But sexy? Um, I don’t think he would be my top picks in the sexy department. Even my friend Corinne who’s a die-hard Johnny fan admits that he sometimes look effeminate and foppish with his slender frame, stringy hair and delicate features. But before all you Depp-fanatics charge me with contempt, I still think he’s a much better pick than say Jake Gyllenhaal, or worse R-Patz! Looking back at the other sexiest-men-alive picks, none of them would get my endorsement: Matt Damon, George Clooney, Matthew McCougnahey, Ben Affleck and my least fave of all, Brad Pitt. The only one I thought was quite sexy was the late JFK Jr., who’s got that effortless sexiness about him.

My pick of sexiest man alive: Gerry Butler

For what it’s worth, the always on People’s honorable-mentions Gerard Butler is what I’d consider incredibly sexy. And y’know what, he’s been that way to me long before his 12-pack abs made headlines as he pranced around in a leather codpiece in 300. He was sexy when he was fully-clothed from head-to-toe in the Phantom of the Opera, as well as a mysterious stranger in Dear Frankie. His allure goes beyond how he looks — or his ruggedly manly hands. It’s in the way he talks, moves, walks, even the way he glances at someone he fancies. His raspy, throaty voice is sexy, too, and his sexiest traits of all? His intellect and sense of humor, in full display in virtually every interview/public appearances he’s in.

Apparently his British fans would agree as the Scot recently beat out Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale as Best British Actor in Hollywood. Other men on the top-ten list include fellow Scots James McAvoy & Ewan McGregor, and Englishmen Hugh Laurie and Jason Statham. According to IrishCentral, it was the result of a poll of more than 1,000 British film fans by the DVD rental service LoveFilm. He even beat out [gasp] R-Patz who came seventh despite the huge popularity of the Twilight vampire franchise. Helen Cowley, the editor at LoveFilm said: “And even though Robert Pattinson is getting some deserved attention, it’s the older generation of actors that still have sway in Hollywood.”

Hear, hear!

17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Overpaid A-listers & Sexiest Men Alive

  1. Samantha

    Amen, sister. I am always disappointed with People’s Sexiest Men Alive … they’re never on my list, even though some of MY top 5 (like Gerard Butler and Robert Downey, Jr.) often at least get some face time. They get bonus points for Ryan Reynolds as well … but Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe (yes, still and always), Clive Owen, and Nathan Fillion will always join Butler and Downey on magazine covers when I rule the world. 🙂

  2. Absolutely Sam, Russell & Clive were shamefully missing from that list!! Hope that’d change when Robin Hood arrives next year. Man, I can’t wait for that one!! So are you excited for Sherlock Holmes? That’ll be a fun movie, RDJ is the biggest comeback kid ever, good for him!

  3. PrairieGirl

    Butler certainly aces Depp in the sexy department, that’s for sure. Maybe he’ll make their hottest bachelor cover?! But Rufus Sewell will always be on top for me (pun sorta intended!)

  4. Samantha

    Oh, man, you shouldn’t have asked me that … it’s going to make me sound like I’m on my literary high horse again. I’ve been torn for a while, but I’m starting to come down on the side of NOT really being excited about Sherlock Holmes. I know it’s based off of a graphic novel, and I do enjoy Guy Ritchie’s style of directing, but I just … that’s not Sherlock Holmes. I think that RDJ is fully capable of actually playing Sherlock, and of doing it well, but this just isn’t it to me. I’m still going to go see it (Christmas holidays will be a busy time at the movies for me between Sherlock and Nine) but I can’t say that I’m really thrilled about what he’s done with the character. At least not from what I’ve seen of various previews and trailers. (I’m really not this psycho purist person, I swear. I’m quite easy-going, normally.)

    1. I see what you mean, Sam, I must admit I was quite surprised to see the first trailer and I’m not as big a fan of SH as you are. Ritchie is definitely taking the action/comedy/adventure spin of the story, something he knows best but not necessarily going to be embraced by everyone. Even just by letting him direct this already shows that they’re doing something ‘different’ with this adaptation, for better or worse. In any case, RDJ is probably going to be the saving grace of the flick with his charismatic performance.

      I’m excited about NINE, too. In fact, that and Avatar are what I’m looking forward the most this holiday season. The second NINE trailer couldn’t be more amazing!

  5. mcarteratthemovies

    Ryan Gosling was nowhere to be found in this list. Neither was Joaquin Phoenix. But you know the omission that really gets my goat? Bill Murray.

    (Dead silence. Cricket chirping ensues.)

    Yeah, I think Bill Murray’s sexy. Does this mean I need more therapy?

    1. As long as you didn’t say Harvey Keitel then no, you’re still perfectly normal 🙂 I can see that Bill Murray is sexy… I find him quite um… alluring (ok maybe that’s too strong a word) in Lost in Translation and even Broken Flowers. But Joaquin is definitely sexy, probably even more so when he’s at his most evil!

  6. katherine

    I agree Rufus Sewell is soooooooooo sexy. I had to know who he was after seeing him in the movie Tristan + Isolde.

  7. This is a nice topic I have been planning to write (I mean the second topic, not the 1st) for ages and yet something keep pulling me back…maybe one day coz I’m about to start my new monthly blog event.

    I agree in everything you’ve said…those sexiest men aren’t my sexiest men either. I didn’t Bale is British! he is one of my sexiest men 😉 … but I guess you know my number 2 sexiest man that comes from the same country as your sexiest man 😉

    I never could understand why my students think R-patz is sexy or hot. I’m grateful…really grateful that he is not going to be Kurt Cobain despite his effort to get close to Courney…Thank God.

    1. You should do it, Novia (finally found out your real name!)… I’m looking forward to your posts on the matter. It’s really subjective as you know, that’s what so fun about writing it.

      Yes, Bale is definitely sexy… sexier than Cillian for me (sorry!) 🙂

      I’m just too old to understand the Twilight phenomenon. R-Patz sometimes look ok I guess (i.e. those Vanity Fair photoshoot), but most of the time he looks like he could use a shower… or two.

      1. Well Novroz is also my real name 😉 (stands for NOVia ROZet)

        Yup, it is REALLY subjective…hehehe I remember going to cinema watching Batman Begin to watch Bale and ended up focusing my eyes on Scarecrow, at that time I was like “wow…who’s this man??” then I saw him again in 28 days later and fell completely in love with him. Cillian had stole all my attention from Bale.

        Argh…same here!! My students keep on saying how Edward this and Jacob that…when I look at the picture, I totally don’t understand what’s so good about them… then again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

        1. Novia is such a lovely name, I think I have a high school friend named that, too. He..he.. Mr. Jonathan Crane does have the most unbelievably gorgeous eyes, doesn’t he? Unfortunately I prefer my movie men rather built/buff, and Cillian is a bit on the skinny side. Sorry! 🙂

          1. It’s a pasaran name 😉 at 1 time, I have 3 students with that name…hahaha that’s the effect of naming someone based on month of birth.

            You bet!! Mr.Crane eyes is the best eyes I’ve ever seen. What can you expect from a vegetarian? he will never become buffy

            Hehehe when I finally write my top-5 men, you’ll see none of them is buffy….I guess it’s because I like Japanese men and most of them are skinny.

    1. No, no specific reason, I just don’t see what the fuss is about with him, look & talent wise. I don’t even think he’s a particularly notable actor, so it’s mind boggling that people and the media seem to drool all over the guy. Oh well, I guess ‘dislike’ is a bit strong, I’m just indifferent about him. There are so many other interesting actors I’d rather watch and talk about.

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