This Just In: Clash of the Titans Teaser Trailer

I must’ve been asleep all day yesterday that I completely missed this. The YouTube clip has been yanked off but luckily AOL still got it. Check it out below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well, well, well, that was one heck of an action-pack teaser. I’ve been waiting for this one ever since I saw the whimsical on-set featurette a couple of months ago. Initially, the teaser makes my head spin with all the mishmash of scenes jumping at me at unrelenting pace. But on second and third viewing, I actually quite like it. It’s as kick-ass as one would expect from a flix like this. Definitely enough to wet my appetite for the movie — which is what a teaser is supposed to do — before they come up with an in-depth version that reveal the story more and introduce the characters (for those unfamiliar with the story, check out my previous post on this topic). Sam Worthington as Perseus clearly looks believable as an action hero, unlike say Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia.

The comparison to previous swords & sandals flicks are to be expected given the subject matter, but I don’t think the similarities extend beyond the visual style and color tones. Here’s what Worthington said in the Empire’s cover feature article: “This is not what people originally thought, another 300. This is a romp. We’ve been trying to make it funnier. Originally they were saying, it’s gonna be gritty like Gladiator; dirty and brutal. It is dirty, but only because we’re in a mud mine! It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be buoyant.” Director Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) addedIt’s a family movie.” So based on that, we can safely guess the rating is going to be PG-13, and more in the vein of Iron Man than Gladiator. In that same article, Worthington also assured us that “we’re not in f-in’ Harryhausen mode anymore.” Now I haven’t seen that one other than the various clips here and there, so I can’t compare it other than to say I’m glad the stop-motion stuff is gone, as well as the cheesy lock of Harry Hamlin.

If I could pick on something, it’s the hard rock/heavy metal music playing in the background. They obviously went with the Nine Inch Nails type music in 300 (which worked really well), than the ethereal-sounding one in Gladiator. Who knows, maybe it’s intentional that the modern rock music ‘clashes’ with the ancient greek visuals? Beats me, but I’m not digging it. And another thing, what is up with the lame tagline?! TITANS … WILL… CLASH? Forget corny, it’s just downright retarded. Oh well, let’s hope they get it right in the actual trailer.

Final thoughts: The geek in me is still pumped to see this one come next March, but then again I’m a sucker for Greek mythology stuff. The flix also boast a great cast: Liam Neeson is Zeus, Ralph Fiennes is Hades; as well as Vincent Regan, Mads Mikkelsen and Gemma Arterton. Let the battle begin!

2 thoughts on “This Just In: Clash of the Titans Teaser Trailer

  1. Mike B.

    Ray Harryhausen, my idol while growing up, would be proud. Toss in a little “300” style dudes killing each other to capitalize on that franchise’s success and I’m liking this.

    Me thinks with all the scantly dressed beef-cakes I’ll be able to get my chick to go to this one in the theater …

    1. Ha! Believe it or not, the ‘scantily-clad beefcakes’ actually didn’t enter my mind, but now that you mentioned it… yeah, I bet your GF wouldn’t mind going to this =) If Avatar and Clash are a hit, Worthington is gonna be HUGE!

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