THIS JUST IN: AVATAR Full Theatrical Trailer

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for this ever since a bunch of sites/blogs announced that the 3.5-minute trailer will be released in theaters. I wish they’d just circulate it online at the same time, alas the bootlegged version hit the web a few days ago but I refused to see it. I’d rather see the full glory of the HD version, without the Thai subtitle that some blogs have embedded.

I’ve been psyched about this James Cameron’s movie for quite a while. I’m probably one of the few people who actually dug the clips they showed on AVATAR Day last August (boy, has it been that long?). Ok so the teaser trailer was rather underwhelming, but the 3-D footage on the big screen truly blew my mind!

In any case, this new trailer definitely invigorates my interest in the movie BIG TIME. It sets up the storyline nicely, as well as reveal a bit more of the characters and the real issues brewing between humans and the Na’vi people they call ‘savages.’ The lead character Jake Sully really came into focus here. The wheelchair-bound marine gets a fresh start and finds that ‘single thing worth fighting for.’ Little did he know it would take place remote from earth, in a distant world called Pandora where he later commiserate with and eventually love. Worthington’s definitely got a screen presence in the vein of fellow Aussie Russell Crowe, no wonder he’s been offered so many high-profile roles including rumors he’d be in the 4th installment of Mad Max, the post-apocalyptic action saga.

The music by Titanic’s composer sounds rather familiar to Gladiator, but you know what, it fits the movie somehow so I’m not going to complain. This is the kind of fantastical, film spectacle escapism I go to the movies to experience. Even with some cliched bits here and there, overall the trailer fills me with a sense of wonder.

What do you think folks? Are you as psyched as I am on this one?

5 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: AVATAR Full Theatrical Trailer

  1. Cameron is known to be capable of weaving a compelling story within his CGI-packed flicks, i.e. The Abyss, so I have high hopes for the movie beyond just the visuals. I was intrigued then, I’m definitely psyched now!

  2. Corinne

    This movie looks really good. And 3-D footage to boot!! I’ve really enjoyed pretty much every James Cameron movie there is. I only have one small reservation. I hope it doesn’t end up looking like a video game cartoon. Like what happened in the Star Wars movies, bla. Anyway, good luck James, I hope it’s a winner!!

  3. I am SO excited about this film, it looks awesome. Defnitely one for the big screen.

    Am I the only one who sees a bit of an Iraq comment in the fact that they’re going ot war with this country so that they can take contril of a valuable raw material?

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