Gerard Butler’s hosting SNL this weekend!

I don’t normally watch SNL, but I’ll definitely make an exception this weekend. Check out this promo:

I’m surprised it took so long for SNL to invite Gerry to be the host. He’s downright funny and gregarious. Sure he’s known to play brooding, fiery and ill-tempered guy, even borderline psychopathic in LAC, but he’s such a good humored, goofy kind of guy in real life, well at least that’s his off-screen persona anyway. That’s why I look forward to every time his new flick opens, as that means he’ll be doing the talk-show rounds and delight us with his sense of humor. He never seems to run out of one wacky tale after another. You might not be sold on his movies, but it’s hard not to fall for his undeniable charm or be amused by his crazy stories and the way he’s telling them.

It’s tough to pick the funny GB videos on youtube as there are too many of them, but here’s a compilation of his hilarious moments:

One of my favorites was when he did an interview in Japan to promote Dear Frankie. The girl is hilarious, too, even GB was amused by her!

Anyhoo, TGIF! I’ll be off to Law Abiding Citizen tonight. Stay tuned for my review on Monday.

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