Oldies but goodies? High Fidelity

TGIF, folks! Just a few more hours before the workweek is over and I tell you three things I’m excited about this weekend:

1. My BFF is returning from Indo tomorrow after being home for over a month!
2. The AVATAR in 3D free-screening I’ll be seeing tonight at 7 – with sincere hope it’ll blow me away more than the recently released teaser trailer.
3. High Fidelity DVD

I’ll update y’all on #2 on Monday, so I’m going to suspend my two-cents of the trailer until then as well.

John Cusack as a record store owner
John Cusack as a record store owner

Now, as for #3, what’s to get excited about this one? Well, I’ve been wanting to see it ever for a while. And then I came across these posts: Top 25 Romantic Movies For Guys and Top 10 Chick Flicks Guys Like not too long ago. Of all the flicks on the list, something about this movie caught my attention. Not sure what it is exactly, as I’m not even a John Cusack fan. The lure of great dialogue & one liners plus great music certainly is a factor, but perhaps I’m just tired of the stereotypical chick flicks with predictable endings and banal over-sentimentality. From what I heard and read so far, this one appears to be neither. And the fact that it’s based on a Nick Hornsby book makes me want to see it even more. I quite like his book adaptation About a Boy, even if it stars the king of rom-com, Hugh Grant.

For those who’ve seen this, what are your thoughts on High Fidelity? Is my enthusiasm over this flick justified? No spoilers please …

5 thoughts on “Oldies but goodies? High Fidelity

  1. rockerdad

    All I can say is that this movie (Hi_Fidelity) seems to represent the abyss which is the “I’m a single guy but I love and know all the cool vinyl records and all the cool indie bands so chicks out to care…”

    Some acquaintances swear this movie rings true to their life – but that is what’s wrong with the typical hipster: all eggs in one basket. I will stop short of saying “I speak from experience”. K thought the book was interesting… Never read it though.

    Jack Black saves this one though.

    1. rtm

      After finally seeing it, I actually find Jack Black’s character annoying and appalling. There’s some funny bits there but overall I just don’t feel the love in this one, I prefer him in Nacho Libre.

  2. PrairieGirl

    After looking at the Top 25 list, all I can say is put High Fidelity on the back burner (haven’t seen it) and see Casablanca (#3 on the list). I know, I’ve said so before, and I know you’re not the classic movie type, but this is on the caliber with Gone With The Wind, and is one classic that just should not be missed – especially by someone like you! It took me a long time to see it too, but when I did I sure wished I hadn’t waited so long. Bogart is no Gary Grant, but somehow he makes it work any way. A Flixchatter Casablanca review, anyone? =)

    1. rtm

      I finally saw it last night. It’s an okay movie I guess, but yeah I don’t care for the language and some of the crude scenes (involving the disturbing Tim Robbins character, ugh!). Great dialogue throughout though, and John Cusack is perfect in his role.

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