Conspicuous Trailer of the Week – The Boys Are Back

Clive Owen takes a break from being a gunslinging action hero with a tender fatherhood tale that’s based on a true story. The plot centers on a wisecracking sportswriter Joe Warr who’s suddenly thrown into single parenthood in the wake of his wife’s tragic death. Forced to raise not one but two boys, a curious six year-old and a rebellious teen from a previous marriage, he struggles to take care of them in a household bereft of any feminine influence. Ultimately, father and sons alike must find their own way, amidst tumult and grief, to grow up and draw closer as a family.

Brought by the director of Shine and producer of Billy Elliot (which I absolutely adore!), the film is also executive produced by Owen himself. I teared up just watching  the trailer, Clive looks like a natural in what’s promised to be a poignant family drama. Oh, and the scenery of South Australia countryside is breathtakingly gorgeous. Here’s wishing Clive will never again do anything like the atrociously preposterous Shoot ’em up. Ever.

One thought on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week – The Boys Are Back

  1. Mike

    Great review. I’d prob pass on this one as I’m sure it’s not going to get that much press. As a single parent this one might be fun to check out …

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