Look who’s joining the Academy!

Not only they’re extending the Best Pic list, the Academy has extended the invitation to comedian Seth Rogen, as well as his bromance pals Paul Rudd & James Franco. With members like this, looks like The Hangover just might score a nomination next year =) See full list of new Academy members here that includes Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, etc.

In any case, my colleague thinks the whole expanding the Best Picture list is just a marketing gimmick just to get more pictures labeled as “Oscar Nominated” so people will go to see them. There might be some truth there.

2 thoughts on “Look who’s joining the Academy!

  1. Mike

    And I consider myself proud to be your colleague!

    I’ve literally heard people talking about “The Hangover”. I guess it’s amazingly funny. And gosh knows we’ve all been there (well, perhaps you’ve not – so the jokes might not hit home as hard 😉

  2. rtm

    Hey Mike, I think you absolutely should see the Hangover, I’m surprised you haven’t yet. GB said everything that’s happened in the flix has in fact happened to him! Good thing he’s quit huh? I might check it out on DVD, the trailer’s hilarious!

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