Good bye Jacko!

No musical artist captured the attention of the world quite like Michael. His incredible talent is unmatchable, much like his knack for sensationalism. Though not much of a fan myself, I do enjoy his music and his uber imaginative videos. May he finally rest in peace after all he’s been through. We mourn the King of Pop, but surely his music lives on.

One thought on “Good bye Jacko!

  1. PrairieGirl

    Like rtm, not really a fan of the King of Pop, but can appreciate his artistry. My preference is for another royally named artist, Prince, Michael’s contemporary (both age 50). But the one I still miss, even after all these years, with no royal moniker needed: John Lennon. Check out their credits on IMDB, and even though John left us way too soon at only 40, his soundtracks (258) and credits as producer, director, actor, writer, composer and more bests both Jackson and Prince. What sheer child-like fun and joy a Hard Days Night was, and also quite possibly the beginning of modern pop culture media. From more than 10 pages of HDN comment: “Enjoyable at the time (as light entertainment) it becomes an important historical document now and every generation should see it. Your pop culture education depends on it.” Amen!

    Nothing like the passing of one great to bring back fond memories of another.

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