Welcome to my debut blog!

Welcome to my blog debut, yeeha! I’ve been wanting to write a blog for as long as I can remember, but the old, tired excuses of being ‘too busy’ is holding me back! Well, this afternoon I had an assignment to actually design a blog for my client. After 15 minutes tinkering around in WordPress, voila, I did my first blog!

Well, not wanting to lose the momentum, I went home and start my very own. Believe it or not, a year ago I started jotting down the name I want for my blog (luckily it’s still available!) and what I want to put in it. Seems like I’ve always been emailing people about all sorts of flicks news so why not compile it in a blog? To those of you who’ve said I should write a blog on films, here ya go. So please post your comments, k? I’d REALLY appreciate it.


One thought on “Welcome to my debut blog!

  1. PrairieGirl

    Hey rtm – what a pleasure to see your insights and excitement about film get put to the “pen” for all to enjoy and be bemused by. I’ll be back often!

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