My 16 Most Iconic Movie Images

Happy Friday everybody! I feel like ending the week with a less wordy post but nonetheless a very expressive one. Thanks to Nick over at Anomalous Material for the inspiration when he posted his 13 most iconic movie images, followed by Claire’s top ten days later.

What makes a movie still iconic is not only that the piece is beautifully/dramatically shot, but it has the power to takes us back to the the moment that captivated us when we watched that given film. They’re evocative as well as instantly recognizable, you know where it’s from right away without having to read the caption. So without further ado… here they are:

I could easily go on forever, but I picked these sixteen images (just to match today’s date) randomly, they just happen to come to mind at the time I’m posting this. Now your turn, please share your own favorite iconic movie image in the comments.