Hello, hello! Y’all are probably busy watching the Globes tonight just like me as I’m posting this. But hey, just like my hubby said, half of the entire 3+ hours is filled with ads anyway, which means you have more than enough time to get to your computer and vote for the debut of the glitziest award just entering the blogosphere. It’s none other than …

ScarletSp1der’s RED WEB AWARDS!

Cast your vote on ScarletSp1der's RED WEB AWARDS!Since the Golden Globes have not met up to his expectations (nor mine), the scarlet web slinger decided to host his own “Golden Globe Awards” of sorts, in which you get to help participate and choose the winners. This prestigious award, entitled The RED WEB AWARD, gives homage to the dedication, cinematic success, inspiration, and amazement of the nominees.

THANK YOU to the awesome blogger and personal friend Terrence, Mr. Scarlet Spider for letting be a part of the judging panel, along with Castor@Anomalous Material and three loyal readers of TheScarletSp1der blog.

So don’t wait a moment longer, cast your vote now by first clicking the image above. The polls will be open until Wednesday night. You can vote up until then. Results will post on Friday, January 21!