Monthly Roundup: March Movie-Watching Recap

Though I've been blogging for over 2 years now, I've never actually done a monthly movie-watching recap before. But I've been inspired by Eric, Andy, Diana and Andina so from now on, I'm going to do this on the first or second day of the month. Like Diana said on her post, I too feel so diminutive …

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FlixChatter Review: The Hunger Games

It's quite rare that I watch a movie adaptation within a year of finishing the book, but that's exactly what happened with Hunger Games. I've told you in this post on Friday that I found the Suzanne Collins' book to be quite a page turner, but fortunately, this is the one occasion where the film does the …

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Weekend Watching Plans? Odds are definitely in Hunger Games’ favor

Happy Friday all!  After a very slow late Winter months, Spring is starting out with a bang in the movies! Hunger Games is here! This is the only major film that opens today, as the Indonesian-based action thriller The Raid (which I talked about here) only opens in limited release. So that means box office-wise, …

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