Indie Trailers Spotlight: Main Street, Oranges & Sunshine, and Toast

Woo hoo, TGIF! I usually don’t post trailers on a Friday but tonight is our monthly Girls Movie Nite with my girlfriends, which had been on hiatus all Summer, and we’ll be watching a British indie called Starter For Ten. It’s a coming-of-age comedy starring James McAvoy, Rebecca Hall and Benedict Cumberbatch. I love the cast so I’m excited to see this one. So in honor of independent films, here are three trailers that caught my interest when I saw Midnight in Paris last Friday.

Main Street

Several residents of a small Southern city whose lives are changed by the arrival of a stranger with a controversial plan to save their decaying hometown. In the midst of today’s challenging times, each of the colorful citizens of this close-knit North Carolina community, will search for ways to reinvent themselves, their relationships and the very heart of their neighborhood.

All right now, I’ve got to admit the premise doesn’t immediately grabbed me but the cast surely does. Two British heartthrobs Colin Firth and Orlando Bloom attempting their best Southern accent, even that alone is worth a rent. I read somewhere that his natural accent is South East English, but he’s got a distinctive nasally voice that’ll always going to sound like Colin Firth no matter how hard he tries to alter it. Bloom’s American accent seems a bit more effortless though he’s not that convincing as a cop IMO, but we’ll see.

Another reason to see it is the fact that this is Horton Foote’s final screenplay before he died in 1995. He’s a Pulitzer as well as Oscar-winning playwright and writer who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird and Tender Mercies.

Oranges and Sunshine

ORANGES AND SUNSHINE tells the true story of Margaret Humphreys, a social worker from Nottingham, who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in recent times: the organized deportation of children in care from the United Kingdom to Australia. Almost single-handedly, against overwhelming odds and with little regard for her own well-being, Margaret reunited thousands of families, brought authorities to account and worldwide attention to an extraordinary miscarriage of justice.

When this trailer finished playing at the theater, I nudged my hubby and said ‘I have to see this one!’  I love films inspired by true stories so that alone is compelling enough, and this one kind of reminds me of Veronica Guerin and in some ways Sam Childers (the real Machine Gun Preacher) in that Margaret felt compelled to take up a cause and made it her own problem when others turn a blind eye. The story is based on Humphrey’s book Empty Cradles, and directed by Jim Loach, son of director Ken Loach (Wind That Shakes The Barley, Looking For Eric). This is Jim’s first feature film debut.

The mix of British and Aussie cast is fantastic, too. I LOVE Hugo Weaving and Emily Watson, and David Wenham should be getting more roles as he’s a pretty talented actor. I figure he’d be a good Aussie import alternative besides Sam Worthington?

Anyway, this looks really good. I hope I can catch this at the local cinema in the next couple of weeks.


Based on the award-winning book by Nigel Slater, TOAST tells the story of how the young Nigel falls in love with food as a little boy. It’s the ultimate nostalgia trip through everything edible in 1960’s Britain.

Oh my, Freddie Highmore’s now grown up! You’ve perhaps remembered him as the little tyke in Finding Neverland, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, or August Rush. This time he plays a boy who’s in love with food and this is the kind movie that’ll leave one desperately craving for pie when the end credits roll!

This looks like a heartwarming British comedy. It’s nice to see Helena Bonham Carter playing someone who looks ‘normal’ for a change and not so dark. She’s quite a comedienne so I reckon it’ll be fun to watch her colorful and playful character as the cleaning lady who bewitches Nigel’s widower dad.

What do you think folks? Any of these look good to you? If you’ve seen one of these films, please share your thoughts.