FlixChatter Review: HOBBS & SHAW (2019)

If you were to tell me back in 2001 that a simple action film about cops and robbers would’ve spawn several sequels and now a spin-off and became one of the most profitable movie franchises in Hollywood, I would’ve laughed in your face. But almost 20 years later, that’s exactly what happened. Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs …

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Weekend Roundup: Cabin in the Woods + Fast & Furious 6

I ended up venturing out of my comfort zone a couple of times this Memorial Weekend. Thankfully neither one is disappointing. On Friday night, we were debating between three movies, as you can see in my tweet below. Deciding between The Imposter, Cabin in the Woods or Kid With the Bike #whattowatchtonight — FlixChatter (@FlixChatter) …

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Guest Review: FAST FIVE

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are back in this fifth installment of the hugely successful Fast & Furious franchise. Also, back in the action are the surviving characters from the previous films. The story picked up right after where the last film ended. Dom (Diesel), Brian (Walker) and Mia (Jordana Brewster) are now fugitives and …

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