Robin Hood Stills & This Week’s DVD Releases

I had planned on posting a top ten list, alas, I didn’t get to finish it in time. So in the meantime, check out these new stills from the next Robin Hood flick (thanks to If you haven’t already, check out the trailer I posted last week.

Crowe's Robin prepares for battle
Robin and Marion riding together
Ridley Scott directing Cate and Russell

With quite a few days off until the end of the year, it’s been quite a mellow holiday season for me, a welcome rarity indeed! I just may catch Nine on Christmas day, or Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps Up in the Air, too. But with the chance of a white Christmas imminent (we might get a foot of snow by Saturday!), we might opt to stay in and watch some DVDs instead. Lots of notable ones being released this week. Here are the three already in my rental list:

DVDs releasing this week
  • 500 Days of Summer
    This looks like the antithesis of a typical rom-com – always a good thing. Comes highly recommended by friends, praising it for the fresh way of telling an unconventional love story. Being that it was on my must-see list that I haven’t got around to seeing, this is definitely one to check out.
  • Extract
    The trailer was hilarious, alas the reviews weren’t too kind on this flick. But I’m sure it’s still worth a rental for the always affable Jason Bateman. Plus Ben Affleck looks like a riot here as a stringy-haired dopehead.
  • District 9
    The surprise hit of the Summer just might be a hit on the DVD also. I gave this one a glowing review back in August, as well as praised the performance of newcomer Sharlto Copley (who should’ve been nominated for a Golden Globe, IMO). I’m intrigued to see how extensive the Special Features is. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of behind the scenes stuff.

What are you excited to see this week? Or perhaps you have some recommendations for ze blogger & fellow readers?