CORIOLANUS official poster and report from Empire’s BIG SCREEN event

One of the biggest movie event in the UK just wrapped up last week. My friends Scott Lawlor and Claire Packer were lucky enough to attend the festivities. Click on the link to their respective blogs to read their reports of the event.

Now, one of the panels was Lionsgate Studio, presenting a bunch of movies including Coriolanus. I asked Claire to give me a report on it and she kindly obliged. So here it is below:

From boxing brothers to the legendary Sigmund Freud, the films showcased at the Lionsgate panel at Empire Presents… BIG SCREEN were a very mixed bag. Held at the O2 in London, BIG SCREEN was a three-day event giving film fans the opportunity to see new films, meet the stars and take part in all manner of film-related things. During the event I had my picture taken with C-3PO and R2D2 as well as taking part in a Padawan training session!

But, back to Lionsgate. Included in the trailers and extended footage were Abduction, 50/50, A Dangerous Method, Warrior and Coriolanus. Starring three of my favourite actors, I am very much looking forward to A Dangerous Method. Viggo Mortensen takes on the role of Sigmund Freud while Michael Fassbender is Carl Jung. Keira Knightley plays Sabina, a young woman rumoured to be having an affair with Jung.

Before I put up the report for Coriolanus, first check out the newly-released official poster (literally just hours ago):

Whoa, I guess we definitely can expect tons of mano-a-mano scenes between these two intensely macho Brits… like this bloody knife fight perhaps? I must say I’m a bit nervous about all the gruesome violence that will no doubt fill this film… but I’m still looking forward to it nonetheless.

Ok, back to Claire’s report:

Coriolanus is one to look out for, too. Starring and directed by Ralph Fiennes, it is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy. Three lengthy clips from the film were shown at BIG SCREEN. The first one showed some intense scenes of Fiennes – who takes on the titular role – and the army quelling a group of rioting civilians. The second clip showed Fiennes squaring up against his sworn enemy, Tullus Aufidius (Gerard Butler). The final clip saw Fiennes receive the honour of the name ‘Coriolanus’. Among the assembled dignitaries are his mother (Vanessa Redgrave) and wife (Jessica Chastain).

Vanessa Redgrave as Volumnia

What I failed to mention is that in each of the clips the characters were using Shakespeare’s original words – quite surreal considering it is set in modern day Rome. With this in mind, I would suggest reading up on what Coriolanus is about. I’m an English graduate but have always struggled with understanding Shakespeare!

Apart from the fact that Fiennes was in each one, each clip had something else in common: a sense of brooding and unease. To be honest, I’m not sure how easy it will be to watch – it does hold an R rating. The riot scene was very graphic and in the clip where he square up against Tullus, Fiennes’ shaven head was covered in blood – no doubt someone else’s.

With an all-star cast, Coriolanus is definitely one to keep your eye on. It’ll be out 2nd December 2011 in the USA and 20th January 2012 in the UK.

Report by Claire Packer – Follow Claire on Twitter

Well again thank you Claire for the awesome report! I can’t wait to see this even more now.

So what do you think of Coriolanus and the new poster? Share your thoughts below.