Best Fan-Made Poster of The Dark Knight Rises… so far

Happy Monday, all! I saw this over the weekend as my hubby was browsing his iPad during dinner. Have you seen this one? The poster was featured on one of the coolest sites I follow on Twitter, BitRebels, and I agree with the article writer that fan-made art are getting even more impressive lately, that they’re often better than what the studios actually churn out (case in point: these atrocious ones from X-Men: First Class).

Naturally, superhero movies are probably going to generate a lot more fan-art creations than regular features, especially one as highly-anticipated as Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3, a.k.a. The Dark Knight Rises. There are half a dozen great ones featured on this bitrebels article, some of them featuring the possible villains for the movie, but this has got to be my all-time favorite. I mean, WOW… just WOW!

Click to see a larger version in a new window

I’m not just mesmerized by how good this poster looks, but it also captures the ending of The Dark Knight perfectly, how Batman is now on the run from authorities. That broken glass in the bat shape speaks so much his predicament, surrounded by Gotham police helicopters as he makes his escape. I loved the dark, moody TDK’s posters with the blueish hue which is also incorporated into this version. I don’t know the name of the person who did it, but I found a quote from him (or it could also be a she?) from DeviantArt site that explains his rationale for creating the poster, and I’m even more impressed by the way the broken glass effect was created. Amazing stuff.

I had an image in mind of the bat symbol assembled from shards of broken glass – possibly a prophetic vision of how Chris Nolan will open The Dark Knight Rises…but likely not. In any case, I built on that thought to make this image, of Batman viewed through a hole in a smashed window, looking out into a brighter day against the cold gray of Gotham (the first two films were seemingly color-coded sepia and blue, so maybe the third will be in gray tones to symbolize the “shades of gray” that represent the justice system…but I’m getting ahead of things again).

The broken glass effect was made by scanning pieces of plastic wrap, then using select portions of those scans. Tiring stuff.

What do you think of some of the fan-made posters for Batman 3? Or if you’ve seen some other spectacular fan-art for this movie or other superhero flicks, do share.