Machine Gun Preacher Clip and Soundtrack Preview by Chris Cornell & Aaron Hendra

Happy Fiday, all! I’m certainly looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend and hopefully catch The Debt at the cinema tomorrow, been anticipating that one for a while.

Well, speaking of anticipated movies, we got some new preview clips from Machine Gun Preacher. You know I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. If you haven’t already, check out the trailer and official poster, and previous updates about the movie. Relativity Media also released a second version of the poster for the faith community, which is certainly a lot more serene than the first one.

This ‘death comes at night’ clip below shows Gerard Butler as Rev. Sam Childers when he first saw. the Sudanese kids who came by the hundreds to sleep outside his living quarter. His friend, played by Souleymane Sy Savane, told him ‘… you can’t save them all…’ but Sam was so moved by what he saw that he invited them in to sleep inside. It’s become a catalyst of what the real-life preachers is doing now with his Angels of East Africa ministry.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There is also another exclusive clip at which shows Butler yelling at a banker. This film is sure to showcase Butler’s undeniable intensity as well as his more tender and dramatic side that a lot of people aren’t accustomed to if they’ve only seen him in 300 and the rom-coms.

The studio also announced the soundtrack for the movie, which includes a song from Chris Cornell. His You Know My Name song for Casino Royale is one of my fave Bond title songs, and I really like this one as well. Here’s a quote from MGP director Marc Forster from Rama Screen, “We were thrilled when Chris wrote this beautiful and heartfelt song for us. The first time I heard ‘The Keeper,’ I immediately saw it in the movie. Chris was able to articulate the essence of Sam’s story.” Cornell debuted the song on his official website and partnered with Childers’ ministry so a portion of the song’s proceed goes towards Angels of East Africa.

Take a listen of the song below:

Now I’m not sure if this one is going to be on the soundtrack or not, but Australian musician Aaron Hendra recorded a song specifically by request by Childers himself, it’s called One Man’s War, which is the name of Childers’ book as well. According to Hendra’s Facebook page, the sound of kids singing the chorus of the song are from the 300 Sudanese children now living at Childers’ orphanage! I found the video of the song that shows photos of the preacher and the kids singing the end chorus. I love, love, love the song, Hendra’s got such a soothing voice and the lyrics and melody is wonderful, I’ve been humming it all day long 🙂

I am beyond stoked for this film and there is even a rumor that this movie might be shown at this year’s Twin Cities Film Fest? I’m not going to get too excited until I hear a confirmation but my, oh my, I’d be so thrilled if I could see this one ahead of its limited release on September 23!

What do you think of the clip/music? Are you planning to see this movie?