Five for the Fifth: APRIL 2015 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Since this months’s edition falls on Easter Sunday, I think it’s the perfect time to highlight films with redemptive themes. They don’t have to be spiritual films per se, it could be from any genre, so long as it contains films where the character realize the error in his ways and become a changed person. Some of the ones that have memorable redemptive themes Road to Perdition, Michael Clayton, Schindler’s List, Gran TorinoLéon: The Professional, Children of Men, Star Wars, those are just at the top of my head.

But the one that I always find profoundly moving is the finale of Ben-Hur


Judah: Almost at the moment He died, I heard Him say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Esther: Even then.
Judah: Even then. And I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand.

It’s a perennial favorite around Easter time, but really, I’d recommend one of the greatest epics in cinema history any day of the year.

Which film(s) with redemptive theme resonate with you most?


2. Check out the FIRST LOOK of Steven Spielberg‘s WWII drama Bridge of Spies.The name refers to a bridge across the Havel River in Germany used by the Americans and Soviets for the exchange of captured spies during the Cold War.  


This marks the fourth Spielberg – Tom Hanks collaboration and the Coen brothers are apparently polishing the script originally written by Matt Charman. Wow, with such a pedigree and an intriguing premise, I can’t wait to see this! 

Too bad John Williams won’t be scoring the film though, apparently due to “a minor health issue that’s now been corrected,” (per EMPIRE) and replaced by Thomas Newman. The article also provides a caption of the image we see above: James Donovan (Hanks), a lawyer who was pushed headfirst into the Cold War during the 1960s when he had to negotiate for the release of downed U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers after the airman was shot down over Russia. Alongside him is Mark Rylance’s Rudolf Abel, a suspected KGB spy who was defended by Donovan in a US courtroom in 1957.

What’s your initial thoughts of Bridge of Spies?

3. I just read this over at Slash Film that series creator Steven Moffat wants a crossover of Doctor Who and Sherlock. Now, though I’m not obsessed with either show, I totally get the appeal and I think both are fun and well-written. Crossover ideas are nothing new in pop-culture, we’ve seen ’em in a lot of comic-book adaptations like CW’s Arrow and The Flash, and of course the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe are full of them.

Photo courtesy of Geek Tyrant

Well, apparently Moffat is the only one excited for the crossover idea as the lead cast Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman, as well as the series’ co-creator Mark Gatiss aren’t keen on the idea, saying “Look, it will never be as good as they think it’s going to be.” You know what, I kind of agree with them. It seems like a fun idea, but whether it’ll actually work or not is another story. Though if there’s anyone who could somehow make it work, it’d be Moffat. So never say never I guess.

What do you think of this Sherlock/Dr.Who crossover or other crossovers on film/tv?


4. This question is inspired by my recent roundtable interview with the two lead cast of The Longest Ride: Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood (I will post the transcript next week). Also, I saw A Woman in Gold last week in which Max Irons has a supporting role (I first noticed him in The Riot Club trailer) and Colin Hanks was just on MPR’s Wits, a live public radio show filmed here in town. Well, just looking at the last names, you might be able to deduce that all three have famous dads who are practically screen legends: Clint Eastwood, Jeremy Irons and Tom Hanks. Boy, they all seem to be splitting images of their dads, aren’t they?

Scott Eastwood, Max Irons, Colin Hanks

Now, I haven’t seen enough of their work to judge their talent as an actor, but they seem to have a decent career so far in Hollywood. It made me think of other famous Hollywood actors’ offsprings who’ve made it in showbiz. There are no shortage of them, and some have even match or even surpass the success of their parents, Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas, Jeff Bridges, those are just a few that come to mind.

So I’m curious, who are your favorite famous actors’ offsprings?

5. This month’s Five for the Fifth’s guest is Stu from Popcorn Nights blog!


The Final Cut of Blade Runner has just been re-released in cinemas in the UK, and stands as Ridley Scott’s definitive version of the film, and far better than the 1982 cinema release. Here’s the trailer:

Which director’s cut of a film do you think is the biggest improvement on the original work?

Well, that’s it for the April 2015 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

53 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: APRIL 2015 Edition

  1. 1. The ones you mentioned are definitely excellent examples so I don’t think I have anything to say about that.

    2. I think this will be good although I’m still iffy about what Spielberg will do since I haven’t been overly fond of his recent films.

    3. I have no opinion on it since I haven’t seen either of those TV specials.

    4. Jeff Bridges, son of Lloyd.

    5. I can’t say for sure as there has been a few filmmakers that I’ve covered like Terry Gilliam, Michael Cimino, and Sergio Leone who fought to have their versions of films be presented. Yet, films like Brazil, Heaven’s Gate, and the films that Leone did since The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly have been seen and preferred in their original versions rather than the truncated versions so they’re not really considered director’s cuts. As for Blade Runner, I’ve only seen 2 of the 3 cuts of the film. The theatrical version w/ Ford’s voiceover and the much preferred 1992 cut w/o the voice-over and more ambiguous ending. The final cut version is the one I haven’t seen so I can’t really say. It’s kind of complicated depending on who is the filmmaker and what film it is. I have heard that the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven is vastly superior to the theatrical version which I want to see. Yet, I’m still unsure since Ridley Scott has also made different cuts of his recent work.

    1. Hi Steven!

      Y’know, I can’t remember which Spielberg film impressed me lately, it’s been a while, but the idea of him collaborating w/ Hanks again PLUS the Coens brothers intrigues me.

      I haven’t seen a lot of directors cut to have an opinion, but yeah the Kingdom of Heaven’s directors cut is much better than the theatrical version. Hope you get to see that soon.

  2. 1) Schindler’s List was the first one to come to mind. Roland Joffe’s The Mission, with Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons is another one that immediately comes to mind. Ennio Morricone’s score paired with the gorgeous visuals contains some of the most beautiful set pieces in all of film.

    2) Spielberg and the Coens always have my interest piqued so I’ll be keeping an eye out.

    Personally I’m actually a bigger fan of Newman than Williams. While Williams is certainly more iconic I find Newman more interesting in repeat listenings. Just my opinion. This is my favorite piece of his from Newman’s Men Don’t Leave. Especially the solo piano section at the 2:35 mark.

    3) Now being a huge fan of Sherlock I’d be curious to see what they’d do with the crossover. While Dr Who is a bit too silly for my tastes but Gatiss and Moffat are tremendous writers and could have a lot of fun with it.

    4) Of recent note I thought Colin Hanks was really good on FX’s Fargo so he seems like he’s a chip off the old block. Josh Brolin has been pretty great too.

    5) Orson Welles had Touch of Evil taken away from him by the studio in ’58. In ’98 it was restored by Oscar winning editor Walter Murch, at the behest of Universal, according to a 58-page memo Welles wrote outlining how he would have edited the film. Sadly Orson wasn’t alive to oversee the project. How bad did Universal originally butcher the film? They originally removed street level music and overlayed opening titles over what is generally considered one of the greatest tracking shots in film history.

    Like ninvoid99 said above that Brazil doesn’t really count as a director’s cut but there’s a rollicking account of Gilliam’s trouble with the making of Brazil by film critic Jack Matthews entitled “The Battle of Brazil”. Required reading for any film buff. The multi-disc Criterion release is also required viewing on Brazil.

    1. Hi Dave!

      Hard not to think of Schindler’s List when it comes to redemptive films. Oh yeah The Mission is a great one, such a fantastic and heart-wrenching film. I’ve highlighted the score in one of my Music Break posts, I especially love the Gabriel’s Oboe theme.

      I think Newman is a very talented composer, though I can’t say he tops Williams yet. That Men Don’t Leave score is gorgeous though, I agree!

      Yeah I think maybe for one episode I’d like to see how the crossover would work, I think both of those writers are insanely talented!

      It’s incredible how much Colin looks AND acts like his dad. Josh Brolin seems to have a bigger career than his dad, that’s for sure.

  3. Dan

    Really looking forward to Bridge of Spies, not least because it’s Hanks and Spielberg but because I feel Spielberg’s obvious interest in the period lends itself to some of his best work (okay, let’s not mention 1941).

    1. Yeah I think both Spielberg & Hanks seem to love historical stories so I think this’ll be good. Besides, w/ the Coens’ involvements, maybe they’ll add a touch of dark comedy.

  4. Thanks again for asking me to submit a question!
    1. I think a few of the titles I’d pick are ones you’ve already mentioned. Some great films there and I’m a sucker for a redemptive theme.
    2. This looks really good. Pretty confident with the talent involved that it’ll be worth seeing,.
    3. I’m one of thew few people that dislikes Doctor Who and I didn’t actually care for Sherlock either, despite the critical acclaim. A combination of both sounds like my worst nightmare.
    4. I can think of a few examples but it’s interesting you mentioned Scott Eastwood. I just heard a track from Kyle Eastwood, another son, this morning on the radio. He’s a good jazz bassist and it sounded good to me, so I’ll be checking his music out further I think.
    5. Is it OK to answer my own question in a roundabout way? A director’s cut that I’m really looking forward to seeing is Mark Christopher’s revised version of 54. The original was panned (and rightly so) but the fault for that has often been attributed to Harvey Scissorhands, who cut a load of material out about the three main characters after audiences in test screenings reacted badly, and forced Christopher to shoot a load of new material. The released film was a mess, but Christopher has finally been allowed to put out the film he intended to make this year, and there’s been a lot of praise for it. I’ve even seen it described as a good east coast companion piece to Boogie Nights.

    1. Hey Stu, thank YOU for taking part, it’s an honor to have you!

      I love films w/ redemptive themes, we need more of that in Hollywood.

      Ahah, well I suppose if you don’t like Sherlock nor Dr Who, I could see why the crossover would be a nightmare to you 🙂 I’m actually not into either one of them that much, it’s nuts how insanely popular they are.

      Oh wow, I didn’t even know another Eastwood son is in showbiz too. So he’s a guitarist or also a singer?

      Hey, of course you can answer your own question 😀 I can’t say I have seen 54 yet, nor Boogie Nights, which I should put in my next year’s Blindspot!

  5. 1. Good question. I’ll go with Blood Diamond and Unforgiven.

    2. I’ll wait for the trailer before making my assumption about Spielberg’s new flick. I was hoping to see Robopacalypse by now but I know he’s still trying to fix the script to the way he likes, which is a good thing.

    3. No comment here since I’ve never watch the shows.

    4. I’ll go with Jeff Bridges since I’ve seen a lot of his films.

    5. I like the final cut of Blade Runner but I still prefer the international cut and I didn’t mind the voice over. Kingdom of Heaven and Troy were the two best examples of films that improved over its theatrical version.

    1. Hi Ted! I forgot about Blood Diamond, but I still need to see Unforgiven. If you have the BD may I borrow that?

      I want to see Robocaplypse too but yeah, better get that script right first.

      I like the directors cut of Kingdom of Heaven over the original. I didn’t even know TROY has a final cut version. Was that on the disc you gave me? I should check that out.

      1. Oh yeah I have Unforgiven on Bluray, it’s actually one of the first Bluray discs I bought when Bluray players came out in 2006!

        The last Spielberg I saw was War Horse and it bored me to death, I have yet to see Lincoln. I hope this reunion with Hanks will be a good one and hopefully he’ll get back to working on Robopacalypse soon.

        Did I give you TROY Bluray? I was wondering what happened to it, I was going through my BDs a while back and I knew I bought the disc, ha ha! But yeah that’s the director’s cut, I thought the theatrical cut was awful, the new cut was much better.

        1. War Horse was super boring and overly sentimental, I didn’t even bother reviewing it. I don’t know if I want to see Lincoln, I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep.

          Yeah you lent me the TROY BD, sorry I should’ve told you! Ok so let’s meet up next weekend or something so I can give you back some of your discs and I can lend you The Machine.

  6. 1. In Bruges is one off the top of my head. Colin Farrell’s character Ray seeks redemption after he accidentally kills the little boy, though I’m not sure if he’s fully redeemed in the film.

    2. Can’t wait! I’m a fan of every Spielberg/Hanks collaboration so far.

    3. I don’t like it, but that’s only because I don’t watch Doctor Who. The references to and characters from Doctor Who might be difficult to get into for a newcomer.

    4. Apart from the ones you mentioned, I can only think of Scott Caan, but I haven’t seen many of his films.

    5. I prefer the first director’s cut, but I’ve only seen it and the original theatrical version. Maybe I should watch the final cut.

    1. Hi Josh!

      Oh yeah, In Bruges definitely fit this category, both of the lead characters had a change of heart, one even went so far as sacrificing his life for his friend!

      Yeah, that’s one collaboration that seems to consistently deliver!

      I hear ya, they probably only work for a comedic episode. I definitely prefer Sherlock to Dr Who in general.

      I only like Scott Caan in the Hawaii Five-O series 😀

  7. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Intriguing topics!

    #s 1 &2/: Since you seem to be on a Spielberg and Hanks kick. I’ll throw out ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Even though Mr. Hanks’ Boston accent is iffy and intermittent at best, The film began growing on me after a second and third viewing, As DiCaprio’s forger leads Tom and the FBI on a merry chase before becoming a consultant, himself.

    #3/:Benedict Cumberbatch would have been a fine pairing with Matt Stone’s or David Tennant’s Doctor. I don’t think the present Doctor, Peter Capaldi has the patience for Sherlock’s long winded explanations.

    #4/:I’m with ninvoid and Jeff Bridges, Also Scott Caan. Who has his dad’s intonations and pauses down pat! While Colin Hanks has his dad’s looks and chops. But uses them in his own, even more everyman ways.

    #5/: Never been a fan of later “Director’s” or “Final” cuts. I believe that a director should get one shot to get his project the way he wants. Anything more (Hello, George Lucas. Who has never left well enough alone!) smacks of uncertainty. Or worse, money grubbing!

    1. Hi Kevin! Oh Catch Me if You Can is a great pick for redeeming film. I forgot that was a Spielberg film!

      You’re quite right Capaldi just doesn’t seem patient enough for Sherlock’s explanations and his antics, ahah.

      Scott Caan has his dad mannerism so perfectly, it’s sometimes hilarious watching him. Very true about Colin Hanks, he just needs his big break though.

  8. Plenty of good stuff as always. I’ve always been a big fan of the Aliens director’s cut; it adds real depth to the original. That and the LOTR extended editions of course!

  9. Cool post as always!

    1. American History X
    2. Not really interested
    3. HUGE fan of Sherlock but have never seen Dr. Who, so can’t say I’m excited for a crossover
    4. So jealous you got to be in the gorgeous presence of Scott Eastwood, the most beautiful man alive! Well, actors’ offspring that I like? Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlotte Gainsbourg come to mind

    1. Thanks Fernando!

      Ahahaha, you think Scott Eastwood is the most beautiful man alive? Really? Well he’s good looking but not like drop dead gorgeous or anything. It’s nuts how much he looks like his dad when Clint was younger though. I didn’t know Gainsbourg’s parents are actors, I have to look that up.

      1. Well, I don’t know if sexiest man alive. That was probably an overstatement. But yes, I do think he’s drop dead gorgeous. Haven’t seen his mother (who I bet is stunning), but she took Clint Eastwood’s genes and made them even more beautiful! haha

        Yes, her mom Jane Birkin (is, was?) an actress and her dad is a singer.

        1. I had no idea his mom was Jake Birkin, wow! Btw, I just posted the interview w/ him & Britt Robertson, I also got to take a photo w/ him 😉

  10. 1. Wonderful list of yours, Ruth. Ben-Hur a fine top pick. Here would be mine, starting with my favorite:
    • The Shawshank Redemption
    • It’s a Wonderful Life
    • Rain Man
    • Man on Fire
    • Best of Times

    2. Another Spielberg film starring Tom Hanks? I’m so there for this.

    3. I’m curious. A good story is always a good story. Hopefully, they’ll have one here.

    4. Angelina Jolie is probably my favorite. Second fave is probably Michael Douglas. Can’t forget Liza Minnelli, though.

    5. I very much appreciate Ridley Scott’s DC for Kingdom of Heaven. But it’s much easier to improve upon a so-so theatrical cut. The best I think is one that actually improved upon a truly fine one and made it definitive. That’d be James Cameron’s for ALIENS.

    1. Hi Michael! Oh I love your picks, though I still need to see the last two.

      Not to mention the Coens, I mean talk about a trifecta of amazing talents!

      You’re right, if the writing’s good, ANY idea could work!

      Oh yeah, Liza Minnelli is just as famous as her dad. As for Jolie & Douglas, I actually like them more than their dads.

  11. I’m going to answer these backwards:

    5) My favorite is probably Bergman’s director’s cut of Scenes from a Marriage…it’s so beautiful, so intricate, so honest. It’s funny though, because I was just talking to a friend about the director’s cut of Original Sin…because it’s got like 20 extra minutes of Angelina Jolie naked. That’s a good one too!

    4) Speaking of Jolie…

    3) Crossovers are interesting. Like, I’d love to see more actually. My favorite crossovers are the one’s in Bret Easton Ellis’s novels, but they were never really strung together well enough in the films. Maybe one day.

    2) I just predicted (alongside Josh) that this film would sweep the Oscars, so I’m interested to see if we’re right 😛

    1) Redemption is a great topic in film, and there are so many examples. UGH…I feel like I really need to think about this one, but there are two performances that develop redemption that come instantly to mind…Norton in American History X and Watts in The Painted Veil. Stunning performances.

    1. Hello Drew!!

      Ahah, well why am I not surprised you love THAT director’s cut 😉 Miss Jolie is well, très jolie, first time I saw her in GIA I thought wow, she’s so stunning!

      Ah I didn’t think that crossover also happens in novels, but yeah I think if the writers can pull it off, it could be very interesting.

      I sure hope it’ll be GOOD, but yeah, w/ those talents I’d think that Oscar will pay attention.

      Oh I LOVE your answer about The Painted Veil!! Why didn’t I think of that! Watt’s character’s transformation is poignant and moving.

  12. 1 – Gonna have to second Andrew there on Norton. That movie still sticks with me. I’d also mention Ruffalo in Infinitely Polar bear but its seemed to have gotten limited release, which blows.

    2 – Have not read much about the movie, but there are a serious amount of Spielberg films that I just don’t like at all. A few I loved, but for the most part…. I dunno. But if the Coens can rub enough of their influence into the project, it could be great.

    Then again, they supposedly polished the script of Unbroken, and it was TERRIBLE, so I’m not counting any chickens just yet

    3 – Don’t know anything about either so can’t really comment. And crossovers in film, all I can think of when I hear that is the stupid Marvel ‘universe’…. sorry its not stupid but it really hurts my head at times. Plus most of the time such ventures are only about the money – and money and art do not mix well.

    4 – Would not even be able to give you a name.

    5 – Requiem For A Dream, without doubt. It is subtle but its different, and better for it. The atmosphere, my GOD the atmosphere in that movie……

    Great post Ruth! Cheers from down undah! 🙂

    1. Hi Jordan, glad you can take part in FFTF, the fifth is always my fave day of the month 🙂

      Glad that Andrew mentioned The Painted Veil, it’s such a great example of redemptive message. Just read you review of Polar Bear, love Ruffalo!

      I hear ya, I guess we should reserve judgment until we see the movie but I love that kind of espionage stories and Spielberg’s been good w/ WWII films!

      “money and art do not mix well” You got that right! Well anything purely motivated by greed rarely turn out well, but in some cases it could work.

      Is it Autumn right now where you are? Well, greetings from good ‘ol Minnesota! 😀

      1. Haha yeah! That Polar bear film is a tale of redemption to go up with the solid ones you listed. I knew Ruffalo, hadn’t seen heaps of him, now he is one of my favourites. Easily.
        True what you say re- Spielberg. I do love SPR although I do kinda see it as a bit to…. patriotic lets say. Band of Brothers though I fucking LOVED though – from memory that was done with Tom hanks wasn’t it? That was some good shit, you are spot on that he is good with this material. I hope the Coens can have more influence cos its really hard to believe they worked on the Unbroken script. They sure as shit didn’t have much wiggle-room, no character in that film says anything of interest. Which is not Coen-like at all. It will be interesting to see how it pans out, I hadn’t heard about it.
        I’ll keepo the 5th of each month in mind 😉 Great post, and greetings and happy easter from South Austraaiiiiilia mate! And re season – Nah we are totally opposite from you guys, your winter is our summer. It was actually nice this year, we were lucky, no 5-plus day stretches of 42 degrees celcius, thank god! All I know its a lot over 100 in your language.
        Cheers Ruth!

  13. Abbi

    I really don’t think introducing aliens into the Sherlock universe is a good idea plus Doctor Who hasn’t been good since 10.

    1. Ahah well maybe not the aliens but I think for one special episode the Doctor could get mixed up in one of Sherlock’s cases or something. I don’t think it’ll work beyond one episode though.

  14. This is a great 5 for the 5th Ruth 🙂

    I’ll pass on number 1, Waiting for number 2 as I like both Spielberg and hanks.

    I WOULD LOVE to see a crossover of Sherlock and Doctor Who…BUT only in one episode. Don’t make it a whole series just for fun in one episode. More than one episode will be bad.

    I don’t think Jeremy Iron’s son looks like him, at least IMO his father is more charming than him. Colin looks exactly like Tom 😉

    The digital ear sure has developed so much! The retouch on Blade Runner is amazing. I would love to see it on the cinema (if it gets played here) . I think what they did on Blade Runner is better than remaking it

    1. Hi Nov! No redemptive film you can think of? Boy there are sooo many 😀

      Yeah I agree w/ you that Dr Who/Sherlock conversion would only work for one special episode.

      Oh yeah, I think Jeremy Irons is far more elegant n charming than his son, but that comes w/ age I think, Max is still young. One thing for sure, Clint Eastwood is far more appealing & talented than his son. Colin is indeed like a replica of his dad!

  15. I hope they release Blade Runner in cinemas in my area, dying to finally see that on the big screen.
    In terms of best director’s cut movies, I prefer the longer version of The Abyss (1989) with the epic waves by the ocean.

    1. Hi Chris! I hope it opens in my area too, I mean that re-release trailer looks amazing! Where do you live btw? It’s too bad that re-release like this usually opens in bigger cities. Oh I haven’t seen the longer version of The Abyss, I love that film and the underwater visual is stunning!

      1. @Ruth: Yep, the new trailer is amazing. I’m from Denmark, apparently there is a re-release in May in my country, so hopefully it gets shown not too far away. Hope you are able to see it on the big screen as well.
        Last year I got to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at the cinema which was a dream come true.

        1. Wow I never would’ve thought you’re in Denmark!! I thought you’re in the US somewhere, pardon my oversight.

          That’s so cool that you got to see 2001 on the big screen. That’s on my blindspot this year, still waiting to borrow my friend’s Bluray.

  16. You know my answer I love me some Scott Eastwood. But omg Max Irons he is gorgeous I didn’t know that was his son. I have seen him before, I just googled him. I saw him in Dorian Gray that’s it. Have you ever seen that movie by the way?

    1. So you didn’t know Max Irons was Jeremy’s son? Yes he’s gorgeous, though I’ve only seen him in a supporting role in Woman in Gold so far. I haven’t seen Dorian Gray? Are you referring to the movie w/ Ben Barnes?

  17. Tom

    1) There are a ton of films that are great redemptive stories, but I’d have to go with ‘American History X’ as the one that stands out more than most. Tragic film but incredible redemptive arc for Derek Vinyard

    2) You have broken the news for me about ‘Bridge of Spies.’ I have to say that the acting talent and the fact that the Coen brothers are penning the script has this at an official must-see level for me. 🙂

    3) I don’t watch a lot of TV at all, so I can’t really comment here. . .

    4) Haha! I always think it’s kinda funny seeing the offsprings in the biz. Colin Hanks in particular is basically a carbon copy of his dad, if not talent-wise then physical appearance. Of those you have listed I’ll go with Colin. I really enjoyed him in ‘Orange County.’ It was a good performance and a story that really spoke to me.

    5) Stu’s got a great question but unfortunately I don’t think I’ve seen very many director’s cuts vs. the original cuts at all in my fledgling film watching career. I’m sure there’s been a few but I can’t really put a finger on one. I know that Mel Gibson re-cut his Passion of the Christ, conscientiously editing out some of the more violent scenes and I’ve been curious as to how that might play out. . .

    1. Hello Tom! Thanks for taking part, as I often say, there’s no such thing as a late comment 😛

      American History X is the one w/ Ed Norton right? No doubt he was good in that.

      So you haven’t heard about that before this? Cool! I like to be the one to break the news once in a while, ahah

      Heh, I thought I’m the only one who don’t watch much TV! I can only do like a couple of shows a year, unless there’s a real motivation to see something, like BORGIA.

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