Question of the Week: What’s your current cinematic obsession?


  • the state of being obsessed with someone or something.
  • an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

Ok this is not just another excuse to talk about Toby Stephens… as if I needed one, ahah. Seriously though, my weekly question is usually inspired by something that’s been on my mind. Well, I think you all know what or specifically who that is 😉

My long-lifeless tumblr’s been set ablaze again

Men like Toby ought to come with a warning label similar to those cigarette boxes: Dangerous, highly-addictive content. Proceed with caution. I have a bit of an obsessive streak in me. I don’t drink nor do drugs, seems that my *drug* of choice is British actors 😛

Surely I’m not the only one, I mean tumblr is pretty much filled with obsessive people, ahah. It doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a TV show/movie/game, whatever. I know Sati’s been engrossed with Game of Thrones and Keith with the noir classic Casablanca. It doesn’t happen very often for me, well not THIS intense anyway, so when that happens I sort of relish in it. Fortunately with Toby, he’s covered pretty much every medium, theater, TV, movies and radio, and he’s a delight to watch as well as listen to. It’s funny how a new-found crush/craze adds an extra spring in your step, which helps me cope with this dreadful faux-Spring weather (complete with SNOW people!!).

So fess up folks, what/who are you obsessing about right now? And what started it all?