LAMMY AWARDS 2012 – For Your Consideration

Woo hoo! The LAMMY Awards are here! I think from the banner name above you should figure out what this is all about. Well, for us movie bloggers, particularly the 1275 [and counting] members of LAMB, this is a chance to honor our fellow bloggers and acknowledge the work they’ve put into blogging about movies. When I say ‘work’ of course I meant labor of love as we won’t be doing this if we don’t love it, right? 😀

Last year I was thrilled to get enough votes to win the runner-up for Best New LAMB. The winner is the ever so deserving Cinematic Paradox, ran by the witty, 16-year-old New Zealander Stevee Taylor. She made an awesome FYC poster for this year, too!

Thanks to Dan and Joel who’ve kindly encouraged me to post my For Your Consideration campaign this year. So in that spirit, I’d be honored if you’d think of FlixChatter when you’re voting on these categories:

  • Best Design
  • Most Prolific
    (I post on average 5 days a week with a weekend break)
  • Best Movie Reviewer
  • Best Ratings System
  • Best Running Feature
    (Five for the Fifth and the 007Chatter Monthly Series)
Well, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to cast your vote on this year’s LAMMYs!

To those of you who have voted for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May the best LAMB win! 😀