Special Anniversary Post: Nine Wonderful Movie Husbands

Today is my 9th Wedding Anniversary. Can’t believe we’ve been married that long, I feel like we just got married a few years ago! I’ve been blessed  to marry my best friend Ivan whom I still adore him as much — if not more — as when I first met him when I was only 19. I don’t really believe in the notion of a ‘soul mate’ but maybe he is mine as we’re both from the same hometown, went to the same Jr High, but yet we found each other thousands of miles away years later in Minnesota 😀

Ivan and I in a gorgeous day in Venice

Now, I don’t mean to rant on my anniversary post, but as I was looking for a good list of great husbands in movies, I couldn’t find any. I did find some list of WORST movie husbands full of cheaters, psychopaths or wife beaters! There’s really not a lot of films depicting healthy marriages either, but you’ll be sure to find a plethora of those depicting troubled/doomed unions. Heh, I find that disheartening. But in any case, this post is my tribute to my gorgeous, loving husband who seems to only get better with age 😀

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you might notice that I included the four husbands I included in this list from Thanksgiving 2009. I added five more movie husbands that I think any woman would be blessed to have. The movie itself may not be perfect, but the husband portrayed here certainly seems that way.

John Rolfe – The New World

The Pocahontas-inspired story actually centers on her love affair with Capt. John Smith (Colin Farrell). But it’s the last twenty minutes of the 2.5-hour movie that touched me the most. Christian Bale’s John Rolfe fell in love with the grieving young woman after losing her first love, and eventually married her. His brief scenes with her show how patient and loving he was towards her, even until the end when their love is tested. Their scenes together are definitely one I can watch over and over again. It’s a testament of that Bale can play a hopeless romantic convincingly. I wish he’d tackle this type of role more often!

Paul Child – Julie & Julia

I just love Stanley Tucci, the man can do anything. Now this is one of his underrated roles which my friend Paula guest blogged for me in this Flix Character Spotlight. This movie is definitely all about the heroine that is Julia Child. But just like the phrase ‘behind a great man, there is a good woman,’ the same can be true vice versa. Paul Child was a loving and sympathetic husband who stood by Julia even before she became famous, and even when fame beckoned, he’s still supportive of her instead of becoming jealous of it like a lot of men would.

Duke – The Notebook

I’m probably the only woman on earth who isn’t head over heels in love with The Notebook nor Ryan Gosling. I do like parts of it, and mainly the love story of the older characters. James Gardner’s Duke shows how love transcends devastating circumstances. He never gave up reading their love stories over and over again to his Alzheimer-stricken wife Allie (Gena Rowland), giving us a whole new meaning and inspiration to what ‘in sickness and in health’ marital promise is all about.

Gerry Kennedy – P.S. I Love You

Gerry Butler might be a confirmed bachelor, but he sure can play a dreamy husband, dead or alive. Hilary Swank’s Holly can be quite a pill but Gerry handle her rants and mood swings in stride and sense of humor. His love for her even transcends death as he leaves notes from the afterlife to help her move on. Plus, any husband who’s willing to do this silly but sexy strip dance absolutely deserves to be on this list.

Oh btw, I LOVE this deleted scene when Gerry booked the vacation for his wife days before he died. They did a good job making Butler look frail and sick, but even in this delicate condition he still hasn’t lost his sense of humor!


Bob Rueland – Return to Me

In this movie, David Duchovny doesn’t play the role of a husband for very long but in those brief scenes, he makes for such an adorable and supportive partner to his zoologist wife. He’s funny, charming, and sweet as can be. When he suddenly lost her, his grief was genuinely moving and heartbreaking that we all root for him to find love again. When he does, he was the epitome of a perfect boyfriend, too, which is a far cry from the womanizer role he plays in Californication.

Prince Albert – The Young Victoria

I always love a good period drama and this one is one of my favorite films about British Monarch. It takes a humble and loving man to take up the role of a queen’s husband. But Albert loves Victoria so much that it hardly matters. In fact, right from the start when they were playing chess, he understood her predicament and knew what a woman in her position would need.

Princess Victoria: You don’t recommend I find a husband to play it for me?
Prince Albert: I should find one to play it with you, not for you.

It’s a heartwarming love story and it’s clear that Victoria relies on her husband’s support and love to carry through such a heavy burden of ruling a monarchy at such a young age. In fact, he’s instrumental in helping her build her self-confidence. It seems that there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his wife.

Michael Green – When a Man Loves a Woman

I saw this years ago and I was quite taken by Andy Garcia’s performance. The film is quite heartbreaking, as do films that deal with any kind of addiction. Now, his behavior might not always be wise as he loves her too much to put his foot down and confront her addiction, but what matters is he sticks by her. He abides by the ‘through thick and thin’ vow of his marriage that’s often forgotten by people as soon as trouble strikes. I think even if addiction is not involved, anyone can relate to this story as no marriage is ever perfect.

Walter Fane – The Painted Veil

Now if you’ve seen this film, you might initially disapprove of Walter’s decision to take his unfaithful wife Kitty to China. It seems like a punishment for her initially and there’s perhaps an element of that in Walter’s mind but he obviously loves her so much and wants their marriage to work. I reviewed this film a while back, saying that it’s rare to find a movie that tells a wonderful human drama without being too cutesy or overly romantic. I do think that love is more than a bed of roses or candlelit dinner in fact, it’s best experienced when you’d least expect it. The journey that these two go through together sends a hopeful message that nothing is beyond repair if we’re willing to take a personal reflection and seek forgiveness.

Carl Fredricksen – Pixar’s UP

I’ve featured this scene a year ago on this day for my 8th wedding anniversary, so Carl Fredricksen definitely has to be on this list. Who says animated films can’t contain a profound message, certainly Pixar films have done so and it’s filmed in such a delightful, charming way. Of course it’s not always a picture of marital bliss and sometimes it’s downright tragic. But the real beauty is how they shared every moment of sorrow, disappointment, as well as happiness together. I certainly hope Ivan and I will grow old together like Carl and Ellie 😀

Now, I’m not one to give advice but if I could give just one tip to anyone looking to get married… it’s the same as the one I said last year and the years after that: ‘Marry not just the one you love, but the one you LIKE spending tons of time together with.’ 

Thank you my darling Ivan, for putting up with my antics, mercurial moods and endless blogging hours 😀

So to help me celebrate this special day, do tell me what’s your favorite film that depicts a healthy marriage. Bonus if you could name your favorite movie husbands 😀